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  • Good news for jazz lovers!
    Music By Mail adds 3 important distribution sources to its working platform:
    + Ayler Records: and Silkheart Records: are two labels based in Sweden. If Ayler is more focusing on avantgarde jazz and also to some extent rescued historic recordings, Silkheart " is dedicated to recording improvised music with the final touch that lifts it to the sublime heights of creativity", as they present themselves.
    + Les Allumés du Jazz. The collaboration with this association will open you the doors of many great French independant jazz labels. To name a few: Label Bleu, Deux Z, Nato, Hopi, Evidence, In Situ ....
    + Igloo Records are based in Belgium and for 25 years have been providing a platform for independant European jazz.


  • Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: Un'idea Che Non Puoi Fermare. Sony. 25/09/14. Available either as 2CD or 3LP, this new album wishes to be "on the one hand a tribute to Di Giacomo and on the other the milestone of a new start" as stated Vittorio Nocenzi on a meeting with the press on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. A transition album? It offers a selection of live tracks (most unreleased) from 2012 - 2013, tightly interspersed with shorter new compositions set in relief by new vocalists, coming and taking the lead in homage to Banco's hard-to-forget singer; guitarist Rodolfo Maltese is back too - a good sign after his long period of health problems - and so is Banco's original drummer Pierluigi Calderoni!
  • Roberto Cacciapaglia: Generazioni Del Cielo. 2LP+CD Mirumir (MIR100730). Nov. 2014. is a contemporary musical work in the form of oratory; it is born from a development of matured musical language across polyvalent experiences, that range from classical composition to the production of music widely listened to. Remastered at Glance Studio.
  • Roberto Cacciapaglia: The Ann Steel Album. LP+CD Mirumir (MIR100731). Nov. 2014. Cacciapaglia is an Italian musician who specialized in electronic composition after starting his career in the early 1970s on the edges of the krautrock scene. Steel is a Michigan bred singer who spun into Cacciapaglia's orbit during a trip to Italy in the 70's to do some modeling. The Ann Steel Album is the one-off result of that happy accident, a record so full of joy that it's a surprise they weren't tempted to go back for another bite once it was in the can. New reissue with 2 bonus tracks and lyric sheet insert. Remastered at Glance Studio.
  • Daal: Dances of the Drastic Navels?(AGLA-CD08). 2015. Occupying a particularly dark corner of the Italian Prog scene, Daal, a duo comprised of Alfio Costa (with an army of vintage and modern keyboards) and Davide Guidoni (an assortment of acoustic and electronic drums/percussion), couldn't be further away from traditional RPI sounds. Instead, they favour a varied mix of very modern sounding dark electronics, classical sophistication and avant-garde sophistication in their music and their fifth release since 2009 offers their heaviest, most gothic flavoured work to date.
  • I Cancelli Della Memoria: Tributo Anni '70 a Franco Battiato. AMS 235 CD+DVD. This legendary tribute concert to Franco Battiato by Cancelli della Memoria had been held at the Teatro Dante in Castellanza on November 26th, 2010. It includes tracks from the Fetus album, almost everything from Pollution?and "Sulle Corde di Aries"?and a song from Clic. The boxset, offered in a valuable gimmick package, contains a folded poster (23x35cm) with the flyer of Battiato's Pollution concert held in Bologna in Piazza S. Stefano in 1972. The DVD also includes an outstanding 40-minute bonus with interviews of some of the protagonists from the 70's, as well as Battiato himself, telling us facts and anecdotes from the glorious period.
  • Il Fauno Di Marmo: The Rebus Years 2001-2012. Andromeda Relix (AND 40). 2CD. Nov. 2014. After numerous requests, this Italian quintet has decided to release on a double CD, the two popular albums issued long time ago as self-productions under the name "The Rebus" for the unknown small label Gneur Records in just 400 copies and long sold out. Those are "The Rebus" in 2002 and "Acroterius" in 2005, both influenced by Italian prog rock of the '70s (Balletto di Bronzo, Quella Vecchia Locanda, Nuova Idea ...), but with an original repertoire. The two albums are completely remastered to improve the audio quality, enhanced by a bonus track and a special 16-page booklet, with the original information and photos of the time.
  • Il Tempio Delle Clessidre: Live in Seoul. Black Widow (BWR168). 2DVD. This Double DVD is a 4 Hours documentary of Il Tempio delle Clessidre, "Lupo" Galifi Era, starting with their concert at Sohol Art Hall, Seoul, on October 8th, 2011, where they performed in its entirety Museo Rosenbach's classic work Zarathustra - a fantastic tribute - followed by the rendition of their own debut album (after a short break to change costumes). Extras include extra Seoul footage, Exposè Live Review and a photogallery. The 2nd DVD begins with the first live appearance of the band at Teatro della Gioventu in 2009, followed by some other cuts from their concerts during that period (including performances from Veneto's 2 Days Prog +1 and NearFest).
  • Italian Progressive Sony Reissue! In jewel case with remastered sound. Here's the list:

    Acqua Fragile: Mass-Media Stars
    Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: Donna Plautilla
    Cervello: Melos
    Colombo, Roberto: Sfogatevi Bestie
    Esposito, Toni: Processione Sul Mare
    Esposito, Toni: Rosso Napoletano
    Formula 3: Dies Irae
    Formula 3: Formula 3
    Formula 3: La Grande Casa
    Formula 3: Sognando E Risognando
    Libra: Musica & Parole
    Museo Rosenbach: Zarathustra
    Nuova Idea: Clowns
    Nuova Idea: In The Beginning
    Nuova Idea: Mr. E. Jones
    Osanna: Suddance
    Pierrot Lunaire: Gudrun
    Pierrot Lunaire: Pierrot Lunaire
    Premiata Forneria Marconi: Miss Baker
    Premiata Forneria Marconi: Performance
    Premiata Forneria Marconi: Serendipity
    Premiata Forneria Marconi: The World Became The World
    Premiata Forneria Marconi: Ulisse
    Radius, Alberto: Radius
    Reale Accademia Di Musica: Reale Accademia Di Musica
    Rocchi, Claudio: La Norma Del Cielo
    Rocchi, Claudio: Viaggio
    Rocchi, Claudio: Volo Magico N.1
    Rustichelli, Paolo: Opera Prima
    Volo, Il: Il Volo

  • La Coscienza Di Zeno: La Notte Anche di Giorno. Fading Records (FAD017CD). Feb. 2015. Third album by this band from Genoa. Now with a wider ensemble, enriched by a string-quartet and with distinguish guests such as Simona Angioloni (Hostsonaten, Aries) and Joanne Roan (Hostsonaten). Two long suites with plenty of evolutions and colors develop for more than 20 minutes each ... like in the old time!
  • La Nuova Raccomandata Con Ricevuta Di Ritorno: Live in Elba. AMS (AMS242CD). Jan. 2015. Covering tracks from their two albums - almost 40 years distant from each other - this album was made during an event in 2013, that took place at Teatro Napoleonico dei Vigilanti in Portoferraio, under the flag of Italian progressive rock, and also seeing the participation of La Maschera di Cera (not featured here). The historical members Luciano Regoli and Nanni Civitenga are joined by some of the best musicians in today's Italian jazz/rock panorama
  • Lagartija: Amore di Vinile. Lizard (LZ0108 CD). Oct. 2014. This third album is an eight pieces mosaic of melancholy songs which differ from the previous album "Particelle" in its songwriting vein, but still with the excellent voice of Sara Aliani and as ever in vintage style (Fender Rhodes, Farfisa organ, sax are strong ear-prints in the sound of Lagartija).
  • Locanda Delle Fate: Homo Homini Lupus. AMS (AMS241CD). Oct. 2014. Originally conceived and scored at the turn of the previous century, more than twenty years after its initial release, the band - in its nearly original line up from the 70's - decided to reissue it and to update their sound towards more modern paths, without losing the feeling at the base of their own compositions. Guitars and keyboards sound much more (hard)rock, but that does not mean that the quality of the songs has dropped: the musical research, in fact, is much more varied than in the past, with dashes of folk, world, ethnic and new age.
  • Maalavia: Frammenti Compiuti. Ma.Ra.Cash Records (MRC043). Nov. 2014. New album, following the recent band's regrouping.
  • Mangala Vallis. The debut album "Book of Dreams" is now reissued by Ma.Ra.Cash as a 2LP+CD package (MRCLP006).
  • Moongarden: Voyeur. Ma.Ra.Cash (MRC047). Dec. 2014. New concept album from Roversi & band! Elements of classic progressive rock intersect constantly with atypical influences in genres such as Alternative or Post Rock, electronic music, Heavy Metal, Funk and Pop Synth without ever losing sight of the main goal: to write and propose "good songs for easy listening".
  • Murple: Il Viaggio. AMS239CD. Oct. 2014. This album marks the return of the legendary Murple on the scenes of the renewed Italian progressive rock panorama, six years after "Quadri di un'Esposizione", which saw them reform in 2008. The historic core of the band, consisting of Pier Carlo Zanco (keyboards and vocals), Duilio Sorrenti (drums) and Mario Garbarino (bass guitar), is now officially accompanied by the young guitarist Mauro Arno and singer Claudia d'Ottavi, initially included in the line-up for their live shows and now an integral part of the group.
  • Perigeo: Antologia. 8CD + 1DVD + Book. Sony. Dec. 2014. This package from Sony gathers the 6 original RCA albums (1. Azimut / 2. Abbiamo tutti un blues da piangere / 3. Genealogia + 1 bonus track, live performance of Via Beato Angelico, recorded live at Teatro Trianon in Rome during the spring of 1975 and released on RCA as a double LP "Trianon '75 Domenica Musica", album never released on CD / 4. La Valle dei templi / 5. Non è poi così lontano / 6. Live at Montreux (out of stock since long time), the double album Live in Italy 1976, released on the Contempo label and not to be found even in the rare records market and one DVD: Perigeo: images from an adventures with unreleased video clips from Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, July 10th, 1993 (30 min.), Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma September 30th, 2008 (22 min.), Casa del Jazz, Roma January 19th, 2008 (20 min.) and an interview with the band. The 52 colour pages book features a new and detailed history of the band throughout their discography, written by Marco Giorgi with really rare photos.
  • PFM: Il Suono del Tempo. For 2014 and 2015, the new project by the Italian aims at the celebration of the 40 years anniversary of their first three albums! To this purpose, they will record five incredible live albums, performing the original LP tracklist in their entirety for the first time ever. At the end of 2014, two of them are already released:
    + Un'isola (ARSIMM/1027). Released as LP+CD or as papersleeve CD.
    + Un Amico (ARSIMM/1028). Released as LP+CD or as papersleeve CD.
    The 5 albums - when all released - will be collected in an elegant box called "Il suono del tempo".
  • PFM: A Ghost (ARSIMM/1030). The fourth album of the series of live recordings is planned for February 27th, 2015. Released as LP+CD or as papersleeve CD.
  • PFM: Paper Charms. 2CD + DVD Boxset. Manticore (MANTCD31014). 29/09/14. This is a newly remastered 3 disc set gathering together all of PFM's BBC Radio and TV appearances in a 2CD and DVD set, including two radio concerts for BBC Radio in 1975 and 1976 (at the BBC's Paris Theatre in London) and their apperance on the classic BBC 2 TV series The Old Grey Whistle Test.
  • R-11: Waschmaschine. Lizard (LZ0111CD). Sept. 2014. 2nd album by this excellent trio with an original instrumental sound between jazz-rock, math-funk, post-rock. For fans of Tortoise, and over....
  • Randone: Ultreia. Electromantic (ART1414). Dec. 2014. 7th album by the band, inspired this time by the pilgrimage Northern route to Santiago de Compostela and its magical aspects
  • Ranestrane: Monolith In Rome A Space Odyssey Live. Ma.Ra.Cash (MRC044). This CD+DVD package presents the band live during their European tour, with special guests Steve Rothery and Steve Hogarth. It also contains interviews of the band and Rothery, as well as a track that is the preview of the next work planned for next summer.
  • Runaway Totem: Viaggio Magico. 2CD (GMG01006). Dec. 2014. This is a live concert recorded in May 2013 - the 11th album released by this band - and a testimony of their many facets and dichotomies: human versus alien, soaked with ethnic moods but perverted with a Zeuhl flame, ritualistic but boundlessly experimental, with a relentless freedom of expression and great fervor!
  • Arturo Stalteri Suona Battiato: In Sete Altere (FY7043CD). Nov. 2014. With 90% of the sounds heard on the disc generated by Fazioli F228 and Yamaha C7 pianos, sometimes suitably "treated", this is the homage by Arturo Stalteri to the music of Franco Battiato: an itinerary that starts from the early sound experiments of the Sicilian artist, to more recent productions.
  • Ubi Maior: Incanti Bio Meccanici. AMS (AMS249 CD). Feb. 2015. New album, with two long suites "Teodora" and "Lo specchio di Mogano" that open and close the album; The sound is more open compared to the past and keyboard player Gabriele Manzini (main writer of the band) has managed to achieve a great sound-balance playing classic sonorities: Hammond organ, minimoog, piano, mellotron. Singer Mario Moi (playing also violin and trumpet) performs perfectly, with energy and passion, his own lirycs based on books of imaginary cities.
  • Unreal City: Il Paese del Tramonto. AMS240CD. Jan. 2015. A bit more than a year after the release of their debut album "La Crudelt… di Aprile", Unreal City are back with a second one, another concept album, with a long story about a revelatory dream that develops throughout seven tracks for a total length of 70 minutes, perfectly following the progressive tradition. There are many philosophical and literary references, as well as instrumental passages, which maintain that gothic and dark aura that characterized the debut album.
  • V/A: Progressivamente Story 1970-2014 (2CD). Sony 8875005442. Oct. 2014. The work contained on this 2CD assembles some of the tracks and rarities drawn from Sony promotional-only discs, new and live tracks never released before. Some of those compositions could not be included as a stand-alone albums: the two sides of Fholks' 45rpm and the more progressive tracks from the concert "Omaggio a Demetrio Stratos" 1979 tribute concert (2 cd + dvd). Some songs have been recorded, mixed or pulled out from the archives just for this occasion. Here's what you get!

    + Fholks: Single on Ricordi (SRL 10621), from December 1970
    + Officina Meccanica: Single track on Picci (LG 3029), 1973.
    + Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: "E Mi Viene da Pensare", culled from the '79 tribute concert "Omaggio a Demetrio Stratos"
    + Area: L'Internazionale. Same source
    + Carnascialia: their hit Europa Minor. Same source
    + Venegoni & Co: Coesione. Same source
    + Agorà: unreleased live track, Teatro Gentile, Fabriano, 14-01-2006.
    + Balletto Di Bronzo: one track from the promotional CD Progressivamente (ACF 001), 1997 (Live, Progressivamente Festival, Roma, September 6th, 1996) and another from the promotional CD Beatlesmania (ACF 006), 2004 (recording from March 2001).
    + Church Of Prog: unreleased live Le Orme cover tune (Rome 2011)
    + Floydiana: unreleased Floyd cover track, live at Casa del Jazz, Rome, April 26th, 2013
    + Italia '70: unreleased Banco cover track, live at Casa del Jazz, Rome (19/12/13)
    + Hexperos: from the album Lost in the Great Sea, 2014
    + Gianni Leone: from the promotional CD La musica dell'anima (ACF 002), 1997. Live, Testaccio Village, Rome, September 1995
    + Murple: two unreleased tracks from 2006 and 2014
    + Metamorfosi: from Paradiso, Progressivamente Records (GMP003), 2004.
    + Ezra Winston: unreleased track, recorded and mixed in 2008
    + Osanna: taken from the album Prog Family (Afrakà AMS 150 CD) 2009.
    + Saint Just: unreleased on CD and taken from the limited vinyl edition Prog Explosion (Raro Records RR6, 2011).
    + Solar Orchestra: unreleased and originally recorded during the winter improvised sessions in 2008 (with additional recording made in June 2014).
    + Divae: from the promotional CD Progressivamente (ACF 001), 1997 (Live, Progressivamente Festival, Roma, September 6th, 1996)
    + Virtual Dream: same source + Sinfonia: unreleased, from July 2014.
    + Umbria Ensemble: one Peter Hammill cover track, 2013.
    + Saint Just Again: unreleased vocal version from 2011, featuring the fantastic duo of Jenny Sorrenti and the terribly missed Francesco Di Giacomo!
  • Lino Capra Vaccina: Antico Adagio. Die Schachtel (DS 27/1 LP). Nov. 2014. LP reissue pressed on 180 gr. vinyl of the cult album from 1978, an amazing album anticipating countless future experiments in the field of new age and world music but also in avantgarde and electronic music. Apart from a few violin parts and the extraordinary vocal lines (sung by Vaccina himself and Juri Camisasca), Antico Adagio is an album fully built on percussions. But, at the same time, it's the farthest thing from the typical idea of percussions. You won't find a single trace of African or primitive beats: instead, this is a collection of rather long, subtle and thoughtful compositions, crafted with vibraphones, marimbas and gong. Together they create a work which will remain unique, both in Capra Vaccina's discography as well as in a more general sense. As a follower, "Frammenti da Antico Adagio" is also released (DS 27/1 LP), which features previously unreleased material from the same original 1978 sessions. The deluxe CD edition titled "Antico Adagio" (DS27/1CD) contains both albums.
  • Zion: Nove Pianeti. Ma.Ra.Cash Records (MRC045). Nov. 2014. Inspired by Gustav Holst's masterwork "The Planets", this album was recorded in a two days sessions. Great musicians. A classic progressive rock, twinkling to heavy rock, in a typycal melodic vein under the shades of Orme, Banco, PFM ... full of groove and suspension just like the Felona e Sorona opus!
  • Fabio Zuffanti & Zband: Il Mondo Che Era Mio - Live In Studio 2014. AMS (AMS243). Dec. 2014. After the great international success of his last album "La Quarta Vittima", Fabio Zuffanti returns with a live in studio album. The album is the report of a tour that led to Fabio and his band around Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada. It summarizes twenty years of career of growing success and offers a kind of best-of of his solo repertoire and his bands Finisterre, la Maschera Di Cera and Höstsonaten.

  • IT'S A BIG ... BIG ... WORLD!


  • Gentle Giant: Live At the Bicentennial 1976. 2CD digipak. This is Gentle Giant's first *official* live recording since Playing the Fool in the 70's and features the band at ist most unedited, uninhibited and unrepentant. The recording is taken from a radio station broadcast of a concert on July 3rd 1976 at the Calderone Theater, Hempstead, Long Island. There are no overdubs or other enhancements on this very live recording.
  • Gong: I See You. Mediabook (28-pages) limited edition of the new album, with guitarist Kavus Korabi in the line up (from Guapo fame).
  • Karda Estra: Strange Relations. This 11th album presents a music that still blends classical chamber instruments with rock instruments and synthesiser without, even for a moment, sounding like any kind of a fusion; this album is yet another among an amazing number of totally coherent and emotionally powerful artistic statements by its mastermind Richard Willeman. Among the relations appear a great number of musicians/guest players, like guitarist Kavus Torabi (Guapo, Knifeworld) and The Muffins's drummer Paul Sears, just to name a few.
  • King Crimson: Live At The Orpheum (CD/DVD-A). As the band enters its 47th year of operation in 2015, the occasion is marked with the first release culled from the band's Autumn 2014 US tour. Comprised of 41 minutes of material by the newest incarnation of the band fronted by the line-up's formidable three drummer setup (Gavin Harrison - Pat Mastelotto - Bill Rieflin), Live At The Orpheum has been mixed from 24bit multi-track performances recorded at the band's two concerts at the Los Angeles venue. Featuring a mixture of new & old King Crimson material, some being performed live for the first time, the album makes an ideal recorded debut for the septet, with besides the drummers saxophonist Mel Collins, guitarist Jakko Jakszyk and bassist Tony Levin.
  • King Crimson: Elements of King Crimson. 2CD. A special limited edition "tour box". The set contains a 24 page tour booklet and two CDs containing extracts, elements from studio recordings, alternate takes, live tracks, rehearsals and finished recordings from 1969 - 2014 (much of it previously unreleased on CD).
  • Pink Floyd: The Endless River. The new album uses music from sessions for the 1993 release "The Division Bell". There are a number of formats, among them a deluxe CD/DVD box (street date: 07/11/14). The Box includes: a 24-page photo/credit booklet in hard cover, with previously unseen photographs from 1993 sessions / CD in full colour card wallet with full colour label / DVD (NTSC) in full colour card wallet with full colour label / 3 x Collectors' full colour postcards, one of which has a 3D Lenticular design. The DVD contains "The Endless River" album in 5.1 Surround (Dolby Digital and DTS), plus stereo version in 48kHz/24 bit plus extra non-album audiovisual material (approx. 39 minutes): 6 video tracks and 3 audio tracks, unavailable elsewhere. Includes archive video material and still photographs shot at the original 1993 recording sessions. Other formats include CD, 2LP, CD+ Blu Ray Box
  • Quantum Jump: S/T. Esoteric Recordings (ECLEC2472). 27/10/14. Reissue of a newly re-mastered and expanded edition of the classic 1976 debut album by Quantum Jump, featuring the hit single "The Lone Ranger" plus five bonus tracks. Quantum Jump comprised among other vocalist and keyboardist Rupert Hine, as well as former Caravan member and bassplayer John G. Perry
  • Sanguine Hum: Now We Have Light. 2CD. The new album by the British outfit is a double CD concept album, an exciting blend of post-rock, prog and fusion, confirming the qualities and maturity of the band.
  • Sanguine Hum: Live in America CD+DVD. This strictly limited numbered edition (1000 copies only) package sees UK band Sanguine Hum take their exciting blend of post-rock, prog and fusion to the United States for the very first time. Recorded before a receptive audience at Rosfest in Gettysburg, PA in May 2012, this show features all of the unique traits of the band's music that led to them being featured in Stuart Maconie's "Freakzone Best of 2013" on BBC 6 Music: adventurous instrumental pieces blending influences as diverse as Tortoise, Zappa and Boards of Canada with intricate yet timeless songwriting featuring the distinctive vocals of singer/guitarist Joff Winks that recall Rush as much as they do Radiohead. With founding members Matt Baber on keyboards and Brad Waissman on bass, plus new recruit Andrew Booker (No Man, Henry Fool) playing only his second ever show with the band, this set captures Sanguine Hum at a crucial point in their development, just monthes before recording the critically well received album "the Weight of the World". As well as the 12 song set in both audio and video, the package also includes a 40 min audio interview with the band recorded the day after the performance alongside a photo gallery and a candid peak at the band rehearsing in the hotel room! The DVD in this package is NTSC / Region Free and will play in any country
  • Sky! Esoteric Recordings have started a series of reissues of the entire catalogue by the legendary classical rock band Sky. Formed in 1979, Sky brought together the worlds of rock and classical music in a highly successful and inspiring way. At the time of October 27th, 2014, the two first sets of CD+DVD are ready to go:
    + Sky (ECLEC22470). Newly re-mastered and includes a DVD featuring all of Sky's surviving BBC TV appearances in 1979, all previously unreleased on video or DVD.
    + Sky 2 (ECLEC22471). Newly re-mastered and includes a DVD featuring all of Sky's surviving BBC TV appearances in 1980, all previously unreleased on video or DVD.
  • The Blue Ship: The Executioner's Lover. AltrOck (ALT044CD). Nov. 2014. Debut album by a Scottish band who describes themselves as "a floating and amorphous musical organism born from the blood and suffering of wrecked dreams and hope". Too atonal to be pop, too attractive to the avant-garde, too vulgar for the classical music élite, too intellectual for punk, too smart for idiots, too stupid for intellectuals "The Blue Ship" challenge any attempt at classification and YOU, the listener!


  • Anima Morte: Upon Darkened Stains. Street date: 28/11/14. The third album by Swedish Anima Morte sees the band evolving their moody instrumental songs one step further into the cinematic realm. Featuring guests: Mattias Olsson (Änglagård, Necromonkey, Kaukasus), David Lundberg (Gösta Berlings Saga, Necromonkey) Ketil Einarsen (Kaukasus, White Willow), Jerk Wååg, Johan Klingwall. It will also be at start released on coloured double LP!
  • Annot Rhül: Leviathan. Black Widow Records (BWRCD 170-2). 15/10/14. Annot Rhül is the studio project of Sigurd Tonna. Whenever inspiration comes to him, he makes demos on his laptop, gets friend to play things he cannot (fx drums) and creates the rest from there with input from friends. The music is inspired by music from the 60s to nowadays.
  • Freak Kitchen: Cooking with Pagans! 8th album by the Swedish power trio, not afraid to put in their blender elements of pop, jazz, Latin American and even Indian music, ending in carefully crafted composition, still under the guidance of their guitarist and singer Mattias IA Eklundh!
  • Kaipa: Sattyg. InsideOut Music. 07/11/2014. New album in several formats: Special Edition CD Digipak, 2LP + CD
  • Rhys Marsh: Sentiment. 10/11/14. This is a journey into the darker side of the soul, both musically & lyrically, and is by far the most personal statement that Marsh has produced. Sonically & texturally, this is a dense album, full of thick atmospheres & intense dynamics, with songs that will grip yo u & keep you on the edge of your seat. The album was written, performed & recorded by Marsh over a two year period, in his own Autumnsongs Recording Studio.
  • Necromonkey: Live At Pianos, NYC. After the two studio albums and before the third coming in 2015, here's a live album from the USA!
  • Simon Steensland: A farewell to Brains. AltrOck (ALT046CD). Feb. 2015. The new album by the Swedish composer, active on the music scenes since more than 20 years, offers to us the usual unique combination of rock, classic, contemporary and Zeuhl. The dark atmosphere and the astonishing performing by Morgan Ågren on drums are the essential features of Steensland's sound on this album that represents the highest peak of his creativity.
  • White Willow: Ex Tenebris. Termo Records. The long out of print sophomore album from Norway's prog rock legends White Willow is now available again! Featuring the original album, beautifully remastered (all analog), with new artwork and bonus material. This album marked the beginning of White Willow's collaboration with Änglagård's Mattias Olsson and was also the first album to feature the ethereal vocals of Sylvia Skjellestad
  • White Willow: Ignis Fatuus (official 2CD reissue, remastered w/bonus tracks). Termo Records. This 2CD edition is expanded with bonus tracks and is beautifully remastered, with new artwork and liner notes by King Crimson biographer/Prog writer Sid Smith.
  • White Willow: Sacrament. Expanded edition. Termo Records. Norway's seminal prog rockers' third album, the critically acclaimed Sacrament, saw the band expand their palette with classically inspired arrangements and a wide-angle symphonic sound. It also saw the arrival of flute virtuoso Ketil Einarsen, who is all over this records. Remastered (all analog), with new artwork and never before heard bonus material.
  • White Willow: Storm Season. Termo Records. The long-awaited reissue of White Willow's best-loved and bestselling album, the hard-hitting and dramatic Storm Season, originally released in 2004. This edition is remastered with significant aural improvements and features bonus tracks plus liner notes from legendary rock journalist Bryan Reesman.
  • Øresund Space Collective: Music For Pogonologists. 2LP Space Rock Productions (SRP022/023). New studio album - their 15th! - out on January 15th, 2015. Hand numbered limited edition: 200 black, 200 purple, 100 purple with white & blue speckles. 180 gr. vinyl & gatefold cover + poster (A3 format). Also available on 2CD. The tracks are slightly different, as the LP versions were edited to fit with vinyl length; therefore the complete longer jams will be found on the CD edition!
  • Morgan Ågren: Batterie Deluxe. Arcàngelo (ARC-3042). Street date: 07/01/15. This is the first solo album by Mats/Morgan's drummer and it has been on the working bench for quite some time! He's not alone and long-time partner Mats Öberg is in the line up, as well as Fredrik Thordendal, lead guitarist in the metal band Meshuggah, and a few other ....


  • FM: Nearfest 2006 Deluxe expanded CD/DVD edition. Esoteric Antenna (EANTCD21038). Street date: 24/11/14. FM was a Canadian band started around 1976, moving between prog-rock and fusion jazz-rock, later space rock. This edition is their previously unreleased live performance from the annual NearFest Festival at the Zoellner Arts Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 2006.
  • Glass Hammer: The Breaking Of The World. New album planned for the end of March and presented this way by Bob Katz of Digital Domain, who says: "The Breaking Of The World is Glass Hammer's most progressive album to date!"
  • Mystery: Tales from the Netherlands. 2CD Unicorn Digital (UNCR-5100). Oct. 2014. Recorded live at the Boerderij Cultuurpodium in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands on May 10th 2013, the new live double-CD album from Mystery features a selection of songs from "The World Is a Game", as well as old favorites from their back catalog.
  • The Nerve Institute: Fictions. AltrOck (ALT045CD). Feb. 2015. This 2nd album for the label exhibits a lot styles, moods and colors, definitely capturing the interest of the listener. Jacob Holm Lupo (White Willow) appears as guest on guitar!
  • Yagull: Kai. Moonjune Records (MJR067). Dec. 2014. The Serbian-Japanese combo from New York City releases its official debut for MoonJune Records and finds the band expanding its post-rock chamber soundtrack concept to great effect on this highly-polished sophomore effort. The result is a simmering sonic bouillabaisse, chocked full of choice ingredients which delectably merge to blur the lines drawn by traditional genres -- delightfully teasing the palette, while appealing to an expansive range of music aficionados! The duo is reinforced on this album by the presence of Beledo (guitar, lute) and Indonesian guitarist Dewa Budjana, in addition to Marko Djordjevic (drums) and many other great musicians.

  • Argos: A Seasonal Affair. 2015. New album by the German, with among other surprises the guesting of Tangent's mastermind on keyboards: Andy Tillison!
  • Kayak: Cleopatra: The Crown of Isis. 2CD. After Merlin and Nostradamus, Kayak cast themselves into the third in line, in which the spectacular life story of the last pharao/queen of Egypt will be told, sung and played by five passionate vocalists, a supreme band of dedicated musicians and an all compassing string orchestra.
  • Klaus Schulze: Official Klaus Schulze Boot Vol. 1: Stars Are Burning. Mirumir (MIR100734) 2CD in mini LP Japanese papersleeve with Obi + 8 pp booklet. Nov. 2014. This Double CD set contains the complete concert at The Brussels University on April 16, 1977, completed by "There shall be sung another golden age", recorded in Arnheim, Holland on October 28, 1979. The Brussels concert is also available on gatefold double LP (MIR100735), completed with one track only available on the LP: "Invisible Musik", recorded at KS studio in Hambühren in November 2007.
  • Solaris: Marsbéli Krónikák II / Martian Chronicles II. Solaris Music Productions (SPH 2014/001). 2014. New Martian Chronicles, completed by some audio archives, featuring among other the band's previous bass palyer Tamás Pócs.
  • Tara Fuki: Winna. Indies Scope (MAM551-2). Nov. 2014. The duo's new recording Winna is as silent and velvety as a night and powerful and ferocious as a spring stream at the same time. The mutual understanding and creative spark between both ladies has been so strong while recording the album that they completed it without guests, which is in the best sense a reminder of their debut album Piosenky do snu. Now, four years after their fourth studio album Sens, Andrea Konstankiewicz together with Dorota Barová joined and merged their cellos and voices and gave birth to nine tracks. Two ladies, two cellos, two voices and their fifth studio album!
  • Vogel Stauss & Artgenossen: En Route. Fazzul Music (fm 0833). Oct. 2014. Markus Stauss is here on bass saxophone, composing all the tunes and in tune with long-time partner Rémy Sträuli (drums & keyboards) and Austrian trumpeter Richard Koch (from the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra)
  • Sylvan: Home. Gentle Art of Music (GAOM 026). New album with a dense structure full of emotionality, fusing elements of classical music with colorful rock sounds; the band has also benefited of the extra support of guitarist Jonathan Beck, who through his sensitive style of playing adds an even moreelaborate element of precision to the album.
  • Zauss: Diafonia Leitmotiv Waves. Fazzul Music (fm 0832). Sept. 2014. New album and free collaboration between tenor saxophonist Markus Stauss (šberfall, Spaltklang, Ulterior Lux) and electric guitarist / loops maker Francesco Zago (Yugen, Empty Days).
  • Musea releases!

  • Cos: Swiss Chalet (FGBG 4551). Reissue of the last album made by the Belgian outfit; it was OOP for years so this reissue will give you to rediscover this album!
  • Luz De Riada: Cuentos & Fabulas Vol 2 (FGBG 4946). 2nd part of a trilogy cooked by the Mexican outfit (featuring an ex member of Cabezas de Cera)
  • Pocos e Nuvens: Clouds on the Road (FGBG 9033). Oct. 2014. Live performance on September 10th, 2005 in Niteroi, in the Rio De Janeiro area, during a festival held by the Rock Symphony label.

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • Alco Frisbass: S/T. Fading Records (FAD016CD). Feb. 2015. A new rousing episode of pure Canterbury-sound on Fading Records! Alco Frisbass from France advances a spectacular combination of elegant melodies and melting riffs revisiting the best of Canterbury's scenes with the support of: Jacob Holm Lupo (White Willow), Paolo "Ske" Botta (Not A Good Sign, Ske, Yugen), Thierry Payssan (Minimum Vital), Archimede De Martini (Stormy Six).
  • Hugh Hopper: Dedicated to Hugh IS the true sensation of the late 2014! Here is a 10-CD archival celebration of the music of bass guitarist, composer Hugh Hopper, comprised of previously unreleased Hi-Fidelity recordings. Compiled by Michael King, Canterbury huge fan and owner of the now defunct label Reel Recordings. This ten part series is to compliment a heretofore large body of work (over sixty titles) by presenting previously unreleased concert and studio recordings, with a focus on Hugh's compositions as performed by groups under his leadership. All proceeds are to benefit Hugh's Hopper's family. Here's the content:
    + Volume 1 - Memories. Hugh introduces a selection of rare tracks from across his career
    + Volume 2 - Frangloband. Live at Triton Club, Paris 2004
    + Volume 3 - North & South. Co-credited with Scottish drummer Mike Travis (Gilgamesh). Live in Aberdeen 1995
    + Volume 4 - Four by Hugh by Four. One-off quartet live at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, 2000
    + Volume 5 - Heart to Heart. Co-credited with guitarist Phil Miller (Hatfield/National Health/In Cahoots). Studio duet performance, Amsterdam, 2007
    + Volume 6 - Special Friends. Rare concert recordings, 1992 through 1995, of Hugh's project with Phil Miller, Didier Malherbe (Gong), Pip Pyle & Elton Dean - a.k.a. Short Wave. + Volume 7 - Soft Boundaries. Triton, Paris concert recordings with Elton Dean, Sophia Domancich & Simon Goubert 2005
    + Volume 8 - Bass On Top. Improvised studio session with pianist Slava Ganelin & drummer Aahron Kaminsky, Israel 2007
    + Volume 9 - Anatomy of Facelift. Five live performances of Hugh's signature composition, Facelift, as performed by Soft Machine, 1969 through 1971. Includes extracts from Lois Frith's University Thesis: Anatomy of Facelift
    + Volume 10 - Was A Friend. Various rare tracks, including duets with drummers Chris Cutler (Henry Cow) & Seb Rockford and concluding with Hugh final musical performance: Was A Friend, performed by Denis Colin Trio, 2008

  • Soft Machine: Switzerland '74. Cuneiform Records. 2015. This seminal performance of Soft Machine (Allan Holdsworth/Bundles period) from the Montreux Jazz Festival performance on July 4th, 1974, was already known in the bootleg circuits; it is now officially released for the first time ever, with all musicians' consensus, a double disk package including CD and DVD (all region, NTSC format). Rejoice!
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  • Magma: Slag Tanz. Jazz Village (JV 570051). Jan. 2015. Recorded and mixed between september 2013 and september 2014 at UZ Studio, the new album - whose title is printed on an embossed black cover (both CD and vinyl) - is a very short one (25mn) but gave Christian Vander the opportunity to rearrange a composition he hadn't been quite satisfied for years. It is performed by the same line up as on the previous album, favouring acoustic colours and accessibility; also noteworthy is the presence of texts sung in French, co-existing with those in kobaian!
  • Magma: Rïah Sahïltaahk. Jazz Village (JV 570045). 19/09/14. French prog legends Magma have signed to a new label: Jazz Village. Over the next 18 months the label will release new works as well as undertaking a major vinyl re-issue programme. The first release is a dramatic reworking of the epic track Rïah Sahïltaahk, recorded for the first time on the 2001° Centigrades album but Christian Vander wasn't satisfied with it and wanted to rework on it. One major change is that the horn section is gone, its function redistributed to the vibraphone and the chorists. You can judge the result by yourself!


  • simakDialog: Live at Orion. 2CD Moonjune Records (MJR068). Jan. 2015. Recorded during the simakDialog's first USA tour in 2013 at Orion Studios in Baltimore, this nearly two-hours-long double CD will allow us to discover anew the great tandem of guitarist Tohpati and keyboard player / Fender Rhodes wizzard Riza Arshad. Tohpati's democratic interplay with Riza's gorgeous Rhodes is the real star here, creating a powerful synergy that gives voice to the whole of the music over its parts. The rhythm section of Endang Ramdan and Erlan Suwardana, each on Sudanese kendang percussion, along with Cucu Kurnia on assorted metal percussion and the understated and convincing Bitches Brew funk groove of bassist Rudy Zulkarnaen, creates a formidable foundation of one of the most original and innovative progressive electric jazz artists today. NYC based Uruguayan guitarist Beledo is guesting on the closing tune of the album.
  • Tesla Manaf: S/T. Moonjune Records (MJR069). Jan. 2015. Behind the eponymous title are to be found in fact two albums made by the young and gifted Indonesian guitarist (another one picked by Moonjune) from the city of Bandung. "A Man's Relationship with His Fragile Area" (his last album recorded in 2014 - first 8 compositions on the CD) is all about movement! You'll find yourself taking the journey with Tesla Manaf (guitar), Hadis "Hulhul" Hendarisman (clarinet, tarompet pencak, Indonesian flute), Rudy Zulkarnaen (upright bass) and Desal Sembada (drums). Your route is paved with gorgeous arpeggiated guitar lines intertwined with sinuous dancing clarinet and fueled by subtle yet insistent basslines, underlined by the most delicate use of drumkit. The effortless performance of these idiosyncratic songs belies their complexity. The second half of this cd includes Tesla's earlier album "It's All Yours" (recorded in 2011), featuring the Balinese ensemble Mahagotra Ganesha. Tesla's guitar work on this recording possesses the playful melodicism of King Sunny Ade and is perfectly complemented by the resonant metallic voices of the Mahagotra Ganesha ensemble's Gamelan, Gangsa, Ceng Ceng, Kantil, Gong and Kemplug.
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    JAZZ ....JAZZ ....JAZZ ....JAZZ ....JAZZ ....JAZZ ....JAZZ ....JAZZ ....JAZZ .... JAZZ ....

  • Billy Bang & William Parker: Medicine Buddha. NoBusiness Records (NBCD 71). Nov. 2014. Fantastic duo and musical exchange between the violinist (also playing thumb piano) and the bass player (also credited for shakuhashi and dousn gouni). Recorded live at The Rubin Museum Of Art, New York, on the 8th May, 2009.
  • Bija: S/T. Slam Productions (SLAMCD556). 03/11/14. This Italian trio take their beginning in a vibration, a sound from which their music grows, developing surprising soundscapes. Salento, the region of Italy where the trio originates, is the South-east tip of the country, surrounded by the Adriatic, absorbing many influences from neighbouring cultures. In addition to the Bija trio of Francesco Pellizzari (drums and percussion), Gabriele Di Franco (guitar and loops) and Marco Puzzello (trumpet and flugelhorn), this 2013 studio recording also features special guests Emanuele Coluccia (saxophone) and Stefano Luigi Mangia (voice).
  • Rosario Bonaccorso: Viaggiando. Veneto Jazz (VVJ098). Feb. 2015. The innate strength and vigour of Rosario's melodic writing, together with the striking form structure on which he has been working for years, make him widely regarded as one of today's most influential and innovative double bass players. At his side, Fabrizio Bosso sustains the creative flow, as he intuitively chisels evocative melodic fragments with his trumpet, while Argentinian saxophonist Javier Girotto and Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic blend in seamlessly into the fabric, further flavouring this journey with the cultural sensitivity deriving from their homelands. A voyage that spans over the Mediterranean, America's Jazz, Brazil, Argentina ... essential and pure ingredients that, under the guidance of Bonaccorso, give birth to a kaleidoscope of emotions that only music can convey.
  • Dewa Budjana: Hasta Karma. Moonjune (MJR070). 2015. This new album by the Indonesian guitarist sets a new benchmark for modern progressive jazz excellence in the 21st century. With a vibe and feel more akin to that of a band with decades of experience together, Dewa Budjana and his stellar session-mates - the legendary NYC vibraphonist Joe Locke, and Pat Metheny Unity Group's rhythm core: the fabulous, articulate young upright bassist Ben Williams, and the extraordinary maestro drummer Antonio Sanchez - create superlative atmospheric textures that transport listeners to destinations of soaring altitude. Augmenting proceedings further is the glowing work of the legendary Indonesian keyboardist Indra Lesmana.
  • Daniele Cavallanti & The Milano Contemporary Art Ensemble : Sounds of Hope. Rudi Records (RRJ1026). 05/03/15. The Milano Contemporary Art Ensemble is a large ensemble and a real ?manifesto? of the present creative scene of Milano. Cavallanti presents here a dense repertoire both of original music with dedications to Joe Henderson, Sam Rivers, Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell, as well as Wayne Shorter and Mongezi Feza's arrangements.
  • ClockWork Groove: Waiting for Injection. Slam Productions (SLAMCD 560). 15/01/15. Clockwork Groove is the name of the quintet founded in 2012 by bassist and composer Davide Giovanni Pometti with saxophonists Alessia Serina Pinto and Ferdinando D'Urso, guitarist Marco Pometti and drummer Luigi Perticone. The music recorded on this album contains several elements derived from many kind of musics: it is possible to find jazz-rock, fusion, ingredients taken from the A.A.C.M.'s music (especially from the Art Ensemble of Chicago's compositions) and from the style of Frank Zappa together with a pinch of western art music and other contemporary delicacies. Today's mainstream jazz is often just a regurgitation of bebop or hardbop; the intent of this band is to propose something different to shake the collective perception as a psychoactive drug or an electroshock.
  • Larry Coryell & the Eleventh House: January 1975. Promising Music (441202 CD). 2014. Open air concert recorded by Radio Bremen on January 18, 1975 at Post-Aula, Bremen, Germany. With Mike Lawrence (tp, flghn), John Lee (bass), Mike Mandel (keyboards) and Alphonse Mouzon (drums).
  • Stanley Cowell: Are You Real?. SteepleChase (SCCD 31790). Oct. 2014. Recorded March 2014 with Jay Anderson on bass and Billy Drummond on drums.
  • Erika Dagnino Trio: Sides. Slam Productions (SLAMCD 557). 15/01/15. Sides was recorded on July 12th, 2013 in Brooklyn and it blends in a very powerful and beautiful connection the strong and kaleidoscopic images of Erika Dagnino's poetry, the intense lucidity of Satoshi Takeishi's percussion and the strength of the vision of Ken Filiano's bass. The booklet accompanying the CD presents a completely new collection of Dagnino's works in English as well as their original Italian language.
  • Jerry De Villiers Jr.: The Turning Point Archives. Timeless Momentum (TM20141). 10/12/14. The music on this album consists of seven studio tracks recorded by the Canadian guitarist and composer during 1995 - but never released yet - and another seven pieces captured live in 1994. On the live tracks, Jerry is supported by Magella Cormier on drums, Mathieu Cormier on bass and Gerry Etkins on keyboards, while the studio pieces include a collection of various collaborators.
  • Alfonso Deidda: Lucky Man. Via Veneto (VVJ097). Feb. 2015. Saxophonist, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Alfonso Deidda releases here his debut album; spontaneous and unpredictable, yet focused and highly melodic, the repertoire is composed of well-conceived, original jazz songs with underlying contemporary grooves - ranging from Latin, European jazz, to free, and funk - where the interplay between musicians is intimate and technically brilliant, resulting in engaging sound textures that are creatively out of the ordinary; vibrant with emotional tension.
  • Doctor Gradus: S/T. Musea ParallŠle (MP 3294). Feb. 2015. Doctor Gradus are a British jazz-rock quartet. Their eponymous debut album freely reworks the music of the French impressionists, moulding melodic, rhythmic and harmonic fragments of the original tunes into new works. The ten tracks here range from intimate solo pieces to cascading rhythmic fantasies, all blending strict form with improvisation. The band record live to capture the interaction and dynamism between the four players and this infectious collaborative energy permeates the entire album. Featuring Pete Whinnett on piano, Andy Philip on guitar, Rob Levy on bass and Dave Bryant on drums.
  • Pierre Dørge Quartet: Blui. SteepleChase (SCCD 31797). March 2015. 36 years have passed since the release of Dørges first quartet album "Ballad Round The Corner"! For his second output, he puts his trademark "pan-cultural" jazz?energy to the service of his new international ensemble: Kirk Knuffke (cornet), Hamid Drake (drums) and Swedish bassist Thommy Andersson. The music was recorded in December 2014.
  • Antoine Fafard: Ad Perpetuum. Unicorn Digital (UNCR-5092). 15/11/14. Third album by Spaced Out's bassist! It features Vinnie Colaiuta and Jerry De Villiers Jr. throughout the collection. Colaiuta's extraordinary performances show why he is a true drum legend, while De Villiers Jr's beautiful tone and inspired guitar work will prove irresistible to all fans of jazz fusion. Additional guests include keyboardist Gerry Etkins on three songs and saxophonist Jean-Pierre Zanella on another three tracks. Another significant contribution comes from Gary Husband, who features on the intense drum duet D-Day.
  • Satoko Fujii Orchestra Berlin: Ichigo Ichie (Libra 212-037). New album planned for Spring!
  • Satoko Fujii Tobira: Yamiyo Ni Karasu (Libra 204-038). New quartet by the Japanese pianist, with husband Natsuki Tamura on trumpet, Todd Nicholson on bass and Takashi Itani on drums and percussion. The album is planned for release in Spring 2015.
  • Ananda Gari: T-Duality. Auand (AU9041). Nov. 2014. Ananda Gari is a young Italian drummer and composer. This is his 2nd album, featuring saxophonist Tim Berne, guitarist Rez Abbasi and bassist Michael Formanek; it represents the result of all his past studying and performing experiences and clearly shows his deep interest in free improvisation, avant-garde music and complex rhythmic approaches.
  • Michel Godard - Günter "Baby" Sommer - Patrick Bebelaar: Three Seasons. HGBS Musikproduktion (HGBS 20039). Digipak 2014. Godard on tuba, serpent and bass, Sommer on drums & percussion and Bebelaar on piano. "Three Seasons" essence is in particular that each one of the three musicians contributes his very own "fragrance", thus at the same time finding the counterpoints with spontaneous and mutual operations, fed by a repertoire of already in other contexts tested and new pieces.
  • Alexandra Grimal & Giovanni di Domenico: Chergui. Ayler Records (aylCD-141/142). Recorded at Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris, France on May 21 & 22, 2013. Also featuring Jeffrey Lependorf on shakuhachi and guitarist Scott Fields.
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra: Whiskey a Go-Go 1972. Red River. Dec. 2014. A CD release of a performance from March 27th, 1972.
  • Ibrahim Electric: Rumours from Outer Space. ILK (ILK230CD/ILK230LP). CD release out on September 29th, 2014. With its 9 compositions, the album marks the beginning of a new era in the band's history, in which they will cross the known universe searching for extraterrestrial musical beings!
  • Indù: Jaggernaut. Slam Productions (SLAMCD554). 03/11/14. The Duo Indù, based in Bologna, was formed in 2012 by Claudio Vignali (piano & keyboards) and Andrea Grillini (drums and percussions), later adding a further dimension through Achille Succi, alto sax and bass clarinet. In this 2013 studio session the duo is joined by Succi on 3 of the 9 tracks. Except for the Tim Berne composition, the CD is a collection of originals by Vignali and Grillini reflecting their classical and avant-garde influences on the type of jazz they play.
  • Max Ionata & Dado Moroni: Two For Stevie. Via Veneto Jazz (VVJ096). Feb. 2015. After their Ellington tribute record, Dado Moroni and Max Ionata are back together again in a project dedicated to another music icon: the legendary and incomparable Stevie Wonder, from the enormous success of Songs In The Key of Life to the enchanting melodic effusiveness of Hotter than July - in a crescendo of sensations with intriguing interplay between Moroni's piano and double bass and Ionata's sax - emotionally arousing listeners by melodically memorable rhythms with everlasting popularity.
  • Kaze: Uminari (Circum-Libra 203). New album planned for Spring, a double trumpet quartet, with Natsuki Tamura & Christian Pruvost on trumpet, Satoko Fujii on piano and Peter Orins on drums. No bass!
  • Allegra Levy: Lonely City. SteepleChase LookOut (SCCD 33118). Nov. 2014. Allegra Levy, a New England Conservatory graduate in her early 20s, has already established herself as a singer/composer/band leader in the New York jazz scene with her sultry, rich tones and truly original compositional skills. Assisted by the legendary trumpeter John McNeil with recording and producing, Allegra makes here her recording debut, showcasing her enormous talent. Several guests appear here, like violinist Mark Feldman, to name just but one.
  • Mark Mincello Trio: Trinomial. SteepleChase LookOut Series (SCCD 33117). Oct. 2014. Recorded between April 2013 and February 2014, this is the debut album as leader of organist Mark Mincello, having served for 18 years as musical director to R&B Diva Regina Belle, but also member of Elliot Zigmund's group Trio EZ. He is at home in both the jazz and pop worlds and brings here his fresh ideas to the great tradition of organ jazz.
  • Luiz Moretto Quintet: Vampyroteuthis Infernalis. Slam Productions (SLAMCD 558). 15/01/15. The compositions here are inspired on rhythms of Afro-Brazilian music, giving the necessary freedom for intense improvisational interplays. It was saxophonist Alípio C Neto's idea to invite experienced musicians from within the Italian free jazz culture, namely Francesco Lo Cascio (vibraphone, percussion), Gianfranco Tedeschi (double bass) and Marco Ariano (drume & percussion), whose combined experience and creativity pervade the music.
  • Olympe: Live in Montreuil. Street date: 12/01/15. Recorded live to 2-track on December 1st, 2013 at La Guillotine, this is the saxophone trio of Sylvain Cathala, Stéphane Payen and Alexandra Grimal. All tracks are collective improvisations
  • Alain Pérez: Hablando Con Juana. AYVA (AV220). Digipak. Dec. 2014. The 4th album in Alain's career is a set of contemporary Latin music and blazes new trails in Cuban music. The album was recorded in Madrid and mastered in Orlando; there are elements of contemporary salsa and other from more restful traditions like Son and Bolero.
  • Marcus Printup: Lost. SteepleChase (SCCD 31793). 10/11/14. Trumpeter/composer Marcus Printup, stalwart of Jazz At The Lincoln Center Orchestra since 1993 presents his latest album here as in memoriam of his late father, filled with delightful compositions penned mostly by himself to celebrate life. With Shantawn Kendrick on tenor saxophone, Helen Sung on piano, Ben Williams on bass, Ulysses Owens on drums. Recorded in February 2013
  • Ed Ricart Quartet: Chamaeleon. Slam Productions (SLAMCD544). 03/11/14. Album with a cross Atlantic identity, featuring British saxophonist Paul Dunmall as special guest with the US quartet comprising among other trumpetist Herb Robertson. The set of six improvisation tracks was recorded in Brooklyn in the summer of 2012.
  • Stephen Riley Quartet: Baubles, Bangles And Beeds. SteepleChase (SCCD 31792). 10/11/14. Recorded in 2013 and featuring Jason Marsalis on drums, Peter Zak on piano and Neal Caine on bass
  • Domenico Sanna: Brooklyn Beat! Via Veneto Jazz (VVJ095). 05/12/14. Brooklyn Beat! was created by pianist Domenico Sanna out of necessity, and at the center of his stylistic choices was the 'beat'. The pulse that characterizes the musical world of which you have been fed in recent years. The search for the beat took him to a rhythmic Afro-American sound that led him to find the roots of his music at the origins of jazz. The music has a contemporary groove and sound, with elements of R&B and swing. Accompanying the pianist here are Saleem Ameen, one of the most requested bassists in America and Europe and drummer Dana Jawkins.
  • Horace Silver Quintet: June 1977 "livelove series vol.2". Promising Music (441212). 02/12/14. Being on the road in Europe in the year 1977, the Horace Silver Quintet played a wonderful open air show that was recorded by German state owned station Radio Bremen, and is now available for the first time in full length. The quintet included Tom Harrell (trumpet, flugelhorn), Larry Schneider (tenor sax), Chip Jackson (acoustic and electric bass guitar), Eddie Gladden (drums). Recorded live in open air on June 28, 1977 at the Market Place, Bremen, Germany.
  • Wadada Leo Smith & Eco d'Alberi: June 6th 2013. Novara Jazz Series limited edition CD (NJCD001). 30/10/14. The first release of this new born label associated to the Novara jazz festival displays the unprecedented meeting of Wadada Leo Smith and Eco d'Alberi, one of the main Italian avant-jazz groups. The music, recorded live during the 2013 edition of the festival, resounds with great "live" intensity throughout the entire set. Wadada's spectacular trumpet sound is highly integrated within the group sound texture, very dense sound events alternate with more open parts within a narrative musical structure, essentially based on deep hearing and tight collective interplay. With Edoardo Marraffa (tenor and sopranino sax), Alberto Braida (piano), Antonio Borghini (bass) and Fabrizio Spera (drums). A hand numbered limited edition of 500 copies.
  • SteepleChase has now an audiophile edition of albums pressed on 180 gr, pure vinyl! The list would be too long to quote here, so ask us!
  • Swallow / Talmor / Nussbaum: Singular Curves. Auand (AU9040). Nov. 2014. New album from Steve Swallow's trio, with saxophonist Ohad Talmor and drummer Adam Nussbaum
  • Gregory Tardy Quintet: With Songs Of Joy. SteepleChase (SCCD 31798). March 2015. The music saxophonist Gregory Tardy composes and performs is filled with devotional texture and emotion. The strength of his music and performance reaches out to the vast range of people regardless of their spiritual background, as it is the case with this one, his 8th release on SteepleChase.
  • Taschendrache: S/T. Slam Productions (SLAMCD 298). 15/01/15. This is the duo of New Jersey born drummer Mark Holub, probably remembered / known from his ground breaking quartet Led Bib, and Austrian violinist Irene Kepl. The music delves deep into all of the sonic possibilities that this unusual duo instrumentation can offer, moving from delicate pastoral sections to heavy grooving to more abstract improvisation and electronics. Having already carefully honed their sound through concerts at clubs and festivals across Austria, the duo achieves here an intense interplay that can't be but noticed!
  • Ted Daniel's Energy Module: Inerconnection. NoBusiness Records (NBCD 72-73). Nov. 2014. Recorded on the 8th of November 1975 at Sunrise Studio, New York. Daniel (trumpet, flugelhorn, French hunting horn, Moroccan bugle) is backed by two saxophonists, Oliver Lake on alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, piccolo, cow bell, and Daniel Carter on tenor. Richard Pierce is the bass player, while Tatsuya Nakamura officiates on drums and quarter drums. Also available as a limited edition on double LP
  • Simon Toldam Trio: Kig Op 14. ILK (ILK227CD/ILK227LP). Release date: September 29th, 2014. Twelve explorations of various moods and rhythms take the trio from minimalistic acoustic soundscapes to folkish piano hymns to tuneful swings and ballads. Drummer Knut Finsrud and bass player Nils Davidsen once again complete this versatile and vibrant trio. Whether it's swinging, mooding, noising or silencing, the interplay between these three shows their stunningly ability to breathe and blow as one musical organism.
  • Caterina Valente & Chet Baker: I'll Remember April. Blue Moon (BMCD856). Nov. 2014. Newly 24-bit digitally remastered digipak. Combined here is the remarkable voice and singing style of Caterina Valente and the lyrical and intimate trumpet of Chet Baker, in a collection of swinging and romantic performances recorded in Germany during the 50's, partly in collaboration with orchestras such as Kurt Edelhagen's Orchestra
  • Mark Wingfield: Proof of Light. Moonjune (MJR071). 2015. This album marks the debut of the otherworldly guitar stylings of the critically-acclaimed American-born UK guitarist Mark Wingfield for the label. A trio recording with Yaron Stavi on bass and his acute, intuitive counterpart, seasoned master drummer, Asaf Sirkis (John Abercrombie; Larry Coryell; Gilad Atzmon; Tim Garland; Jeff Berlin). The music is enticing and ethereal - with Wingfield's articulate vocabulary and unique vision for his instrument clearly in evidence - forming a supreme melodic "avant jazz", where any lines separating music and art vanish!
  • Peter Zak: The Disciple. SteepleChase (SCCD 31791). Oct. 2014. Trio recording from January 2013, with Willie Jones III on drums and Peter Washington on bass. The choice of tunes is varied, from own compositions to jazz classics (Monk, Horace Silver, Herbie Hancock) to real classic (Scriabin).
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    Fresh Sound Records

  • Mose Allison: Complete Prestige Recordings 1957-1959 (FSR 842). Nov. 2014. This 3-CD set with 36-page booklet, 24-bit digitally remastered, contains all 65 tracks included in the six albums Mose Allison recorded for Prestige Records (1957-1959).
  • Lars Gullin: Complete 1956-1960 Studio Recordings (FSR 841). Nov. 2014. 4-CD set with 36-page booklet, 24-bit digitally remastered. Covering the period 1956-1960 and featuring an incredible roster of outstanding members of that Scandinavian golden generation, including Rolf Billberg, ke Persson, Arne Domnérus, Jan Allan, Rune Öfwermann and Bengt-Arne Wallin
  • Fresh Sound New Talents

    None this time!



  • Roberto Cacciapaglia Ensemble: Transarmonica. Mirumir. Format: deluxe CD with booklet / LP with insert (Catalog numbers respectively MIR100732CDD / MIR100732). 26/01/15. Recorded live at Glance Studios in Milano on June 28, 1988.
  • The Group (Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza): The Feed-back (1970). Somewhere in between psych-rock, avant-garde jazz and funky jams. The sound is definitely experimental and ostentatiously "underground". The music, anyway, is thrilling. The drum patterns, in particular, are extraordinary: regular, tight, groovy, and incredibly close to the "motorik" beat of Can and Neu!. "The Group" was not a band of young beatniks. As a matter of fact, it was a side project of well known soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone - here playing trumpet - alongside other experimental (and lesser known) musicians. The rock-focused attitude of the record is quite surprising for such a team of classically-trained men already in their forties. Available both on CD or LP+CD
  • Terry Riley & Roberto Cacciapaglia Ensemble: In C. Mirumir CD / 2LP (MIR100733CDD / MIR100733). 26/01/15. A very special and unique performance of the iconic 1964 Terry Riley minimalist piece "In C". The Roberto Cacciapaglia Ensemble with the American composer Terry Riley togheter in a previously unreleased live performance recorded in Ferrara at Aterforum Festival, July 9, 1988.
  • Thee Maldoror Kollective: Knownothingism. Argonauta (REX17). 03/11/14. Those Italian avant-garde masters are actually the ongoing collaborative project involving members of the ritual drone doom outfit Shabda and a very close bunch of talented musicians that led to a over 15 years activity. Lyrically inspired by the Yin hemisphere of universal energy, the album features the charming vocals of Pina Kollars (courtesy of Peter Gabriel's Real World Records), moving further the entire work to smartly touch of rock, psych, prog, jazz, while keeping the sound into the most adventurous fields of laptop experimentalism. Knownothingism, with its atmospheres slightly reminding of Portishead, Ulver and Morphine, is a creative zen walk into sound.


    None this time!


  • Luiz Bonfa: Brazil's King Of The Bossa Nova And Guitar. Doxy Audiophile Clear Vinyl Series (ACV2045). 02/02/15. Accompanied by an unidentified horn and rhythm section and recorded in Paris in 1962 and '63, the album features original compositions, many of them coauthored by Maria Helena Toledo, and features Bonfa's rhythmically charged guitar style and his extraordinary, expressive vocal. First edition of 500 numbered copies.
  • Lennie Dale: Um Show De Bossa... Doxy (ACV2051). Feb. 2015. Released on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) and pressed on 140g vinyl, this album sees singer Lennie Dale backed by Bossa Tres, the renowned Bossa jazz combo lead by pianist Luiz Carlos Vinhas, with Edison Machado on drums and Tiao Neto on bass. The format is very spontaneous and relaxed, similar to an American live jazz vocal date of the time, but with a bossa groove instead.
  • DJ Dolores: Banda Sonora Musica Para Filmes. Far Out Recordings (FARO183CD ). Street date: 12/01/15. DJ Dolores is one of the leading champions of traditional rural music from Brazil's Northeast. His latest album is an earnest insight into the magical mind of one of Brazil's brightest, most inspired producers and acts as a collection of his musical memories of time spent making music for Brazilian cinema.
  • João Do Vale: O Poeta Do Povo. Doxy LP+CD (DOK 335). Sept. 2014. João do Vale was a very important singer and composer noted for introducing the popular art of Brazil's Nordeste to the mass medium-classed people of major Brazilian cities.
  • Tom Jobim / Vinícius De Moraes / João Gilberto : Um Encontro. Doxy Audiophile Clear Vinyl Series (ACV2046). 02/02/15. Rediscovered and remastered this LP is the historical memory of an important moment in Brazilian music. Imagine yourself in the summer of 1962. You have never heard most of these songs. On stage Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Os Cariocas e João Gilberto, Milton Banana on drums. The venue is the restaurant Au Bon Gourmet in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. The date August 2, 1962. The rest, as they say, is history... First edition of 500 numbered copies.
  • Joyce: Raiz. Far Out Recordings (FARO184CD). Street date: 12/01/15. Paying tribute to the singer's personal musical roots, the album is made up entirely of Joyce's stunning new versions of some beautiful Brazilian standards, originally penned by the likes of Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moares, Carlos Lyra, Baden Powell, Ze do Norte and Roberto Menescal (the very person to first capture Joyce's talent on record fifty years ago). Fifty years on, Joyce has decided to reciprocate Menescal's invitation, appointing him as special guest on Raiz!
  • DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ... DVDs ...

    Nothing this time.


  • Assagai: S/T. CD reissue on the label Red River of the eponymous album made in 1971 by a band that included South-African players such as trumpetist Mongezi Feza, saxophonist Dudu Pukwana and drummer Louis Moholo; the music has jazz-rock, soul and funk elements mixed with a special brew of South-African afro-beat!

  • PSYCHEDELIA .... ROCK .... BLUES .... SOUL .... HARD .... ETC ....

  • Avvoltoi : Amagama. Go Down (GOD 121). Street date: 04/12/14. This is the new album from 'Gli Avvoltoi', after exactly thirty years since they gave a breath of fresh air on the Italian music scene. It is spanning from the Beat of their early years to more heterogeneous episodes, mixing hard-psychedelic '90s sounds up to the present day with their unique style.
  • The Delegators: All Aboard. Brainlab Groove (BLGR004LP). LP + Download. 18/12/14. The Delegators play rocksteady, ska and early reggae, with hints of Motown and 60s soul. The Delegators features lead vocalist Janet Kumah, who commands an audience with her electrifying stage presence and gutsy vocal performance.
  • Victor Rice aka Strikkly Vikkly: Volume 1. Brainlab Groove (BLGR005LP). LP + Download. 18/12/14. This LP marks Strikkly Vikkly's full-length debut, 15 years after the release of the self-titled single on the Version City Dub Clash compilation (Stubborn Records 1999). Producer Victor Rice (a.k.a. Vikkly) brings 14 tracks ranging from downtempo drops to insistent steppers, all shrouded in the Tape-Saturated Timbres, the Shimmering Echoes, the Polyrhythmic Delays and the Rude Reverb Reports that fans have come to expect from this techno-throwback. All 14 dubs are performed live on the mixing desk (in at most five takes). All instrumental arrangements are live improvisations, choices made in real time. What you get on this record are the favorites from each session. This release has collaborations with: Cedric Brooks (JA) & Kevin Batchelor (US), Uzimon (US), King Cobrizo (AR), B Negão (BR), Pitshú (AN), Ticklah (US), Brother Culture (UK), Mr T Bone (IT), Tommy Tornado (NL) Chris Murray (CA), and the Japonicans (JP).

  • DVD ... DVD ... DVD ... DVD ... DVD ... DVD ... DVD ... DVD ... DVD ... DVD ... DVD ...

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  • -------> Artist / Title / Label / Comments

    Please note the following: all the entries below are marketed at some time and listed here at launch time; most of them are much sought after items and therefore will quickly be sold out! It is impossible for us to know WHEN this will happen and with time going, they may still appear here after being sold out or deleted; therefore take a good look at the street date we provide ( when we know it!) and don't be too surprised if you happen to discover an unavailable item here; you will probably have found it too late, years after it was written down!

    3 Hür-El: Hür-El Arsivi. Guerssen (GUESS056). July 09. 2nd album that came out in 1976, still on the Diskötur label. It has a more Western feel than the previous; more drums, less percussions but still an astounding blend of psychedelic rock and Turkish tradition, plenty of distorted fuzz guitar and electric saz. Comes with an insert, with liner notes and photos.
    3 Hür-El: S/T. Guerssen (GUESS057). July 09. One of the very few, if not the only one, Turkish groups not doing any covers but only self-penned compositions, here in their debut album from 1972. A brilliant set of Turkish ethno-influenced folk-rock tracks with a psychedelic feel, some great electric guitar and fantastic Eastern percussion. A very rare album now available again, with mastertape sound, insert, liner notes and photos.
    A Piedi Nudi: Creazione (95). Mellow Records. Sent in May 08: last copies of this LP + EP by an Italian prog metal band which many have compared to Deus Ex Machina because of the numerous stop-and-go sections, the constant theme changes and the musical complexity. So don't wait too long! If you read this today, act today! €25
    Abdul-Malik, Ahmed : Jazz Sahara. So Far Out (OUT5002LP) 180 Gr. vinyl. Feb. 2013. Decades before the advent of 'World Music', bassist-composer Ahmed Abdul-Malik introduced Arabic music into jazz, creating a distinct, unique sound that was far beyond its time. He was also the first to use the oud, a pear-shaped, traditional Middle Eastern stringed instrument similar to a lute, as a jazz instrument. Recorded in 1958, with tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin (his bandmate in the Monk quartet), and originally out on the Riverside label, Abdul-Malik's debut solo album Jazz Sahara was a burning fusion of Middle East and West. €16
    Abiogenesi: Io Sono Il Vampiro. Black Widow 180 gram LP (also available on CD). BWR088LP / BWR088CD. 4th album by Tony D'Urso, this album is the soundtrack of the italian horror movie "I am a Vampire" in the usual Dark Prog style but also exploring a more psychedelic touches with the addition of great cover versions of Never Let go (Camel), Lady in Black (Uriah Heep) and Mary Clark (Black Widow) and with the help of Marco Cimino (keys) and Gigi Venegoni (guitars) from the 70's Italian band Arti e Mestieri. Beautiful artwork made by Anna Ferrari in gatefold cover. (LP €18 & CD €17)
    Adderley, Cannonball with The Bossa Rio Sextet Of Brazil: Cannonball's Bossa Nova. Doxy ACV (ACV2029). Sept. 2014. The Brazilian band was no less than Sergio Mendes' Bossa Rio group. A numbered first press of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Agorà: Live in Montreux. Vinyl Magic (VM 086LP). 13/07/12. Founded in Ancona, Agorà curiously debuted with a live album instead of a studio one; music, as specified in the album notes, is clearly inspired by Weather Report, but the influence of their country fellowmen Perigeo is evident too. The artwork, made by Cesare Monti, is very peculiar too, with a front standing-up edge-cut tree. This is a faithful reproduction, in black audiophile 180gr. black vinyl.
    Aitken, Laurel: Rege Dege Ding. Dynamite (DNM14003). 180 gr. 2LP. May 2014. This collection of early singles culls together mento and ska tracks recorded between 1958 and 1962 by "The Godfather of Ska" for labels like Kalypso and Blue Beat.
    Aitken, Laurel: The Fantastic Laurel Aitken. Radiation Reissues (RRS038LP). Dec. 2014. Remastered and expanded (4 bonus tracks) edition of this hyper-rare early '70s release from the "Godfather Of Ska".
    Aitken, Laurel: The High Priest Of Reggae. Radiation Reissues (RRS039LP). Dec. 2014. Finally, after four decennies of waiting for its re-release, fans can finally obtain the LP, with the added incentive of 4 bonus tracks from those 69 sessions.
    Jason Ajemian, Tony Malaby, Rob Mazurek, Chad Taylor: A Way A Land Of Life. NoBusiness Records (NBLP 74). 2014. Limited edition of 400 copies
    Aktuala: La Terra. Psych-Out Records (PO-33031). 2012. Originally released in 1974, the band's 2nd album saw a change in the line-up, featuring among other what must be one of the first - if not the very first - appearance of Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu. Fantastic 180 gr. blue vinyl reissue with a strong textured cardboard cover. Expensive but every penny worth! Collectors, this is a true gem!
    Aktuala: S/T. Psych-Out Records (PO-33030). 2012. Self-titled debut album, originally released in 1973 and here reissued as a red-coloured LP with a fantastic, beautiful textured gatefold cover! Pressed on 180 gr. vinyl. Expensive but every penny worth!
    Aktuala: Tappeto Volante (BBXL 10009 LP). 06/06/14. This exclusive reissue of the band's third and last album is enriched by a booklet with rare and unreleased images, plus the bonustrack "Il Sussurro dell'Anima", taken from the solo works of Walter Maioli, the true spiritual guide of Aktuala
    Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale : S/T. LDM (LDM1). Street date: 11/10/11. 180 Gr. vinyl reissue of an album from 1978, also including a 60 x 90 poster and insert. Curious, enigmatic, fractured and gorgeous, this albums features dense electronic soundscapes, including inspired analog synth excursions, classical music tendencies and off course massive "cerebral" avant gardist fantasies.
    Alluminogi, Gli: Scolopendra (VMLP121). New 180 Gr. vinyl reissue with the original artwork, label replicas and remastered sound. €17
    Alog: Unemployed. Rune Grammofon (RLP 3116). 14/11/11. Individually numbered and strictly limited (300) 4LP edition boasting 77 extra minutes of brand new music not available elsewhere. Three of the records on white vinyl and one on black. Playful, adventurous, mysterious and exploring, this is an experimental, yet accessible, music of the very finest sort and comes highly recommended.
    Alphataurus: S/T. AMSLP09. Exact replica of the triple gatefold original cover, with labels replicas and yellow vinyl. Alphataurus were one of the many unknown Italian bands who suddenly had a recording deal - with the newly born Magma label - made an album and disappeared into oblivion.
    Alphataurus: Live in Bloom 2010. AMS 49LP-B. Clear Blue 180 gr. vinyl edition. 09/03/12. After being reformed, Alphataurus played a gig on November 6th 2010, part of the Bloom festival in Mezzago, near Milano. It was a memorable event for the lucky 700 people who attended it!
    Alusa Fallax: Intorno Alla Mia Cattiva Educazione. Vinyl Magic VM103LP. May 2008. Reissue of a great little-known gem, in the best Italian prog tradition, originally released in 1974. The album is led by keyboards with classical influences.
    Anak Bayan: S/T. GDRLP0704. Street date late August 08. Band from The Philippines, characteristic of an early 70's style called Pinoy rock. Limited to 400 copies only, coming in top quality exact replica covers of the original albums and great remastered sound. €16
    Amon Düül: Meetings with Menmachines Inglorious Heroes of the Past... Klimt Records (MJJ351LP). Nov. 2012. In its ultra rare artwork original! This LP was originally released in 1983 on the small British label, Illuminated Records with an album sleeve of original artwork that was soon inexplicably replaced by a mediocre band photo on all subsequent reissues. It was the second of four all-new studio albums made by this UK-based incarnation of Amon Düül. The new Amon Düül featured John Weinzierl on guitar, ex-Hawkwind bassist Dave Anderson (both from Amon Duul II), ex-Van Der Graaf Generator Guy Evans on drums, and Julie Waring on vocals. For this LP the band moved away from the more free-form freakout of their earlier days towards a sound that was far more structured and derivative, with definite New Wave / post-punk leanings. €16
    Amon Düül 2: Phallus Dei. Revisited Records. 2009. LP reissue with the original artwork. €19
    Amon Düül 2: Yeti. Revisited Records. 2009. Reissue of the 2LP with original artwork. €24
    Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe: An Evening Of Yes Music Vol. 1. 2LP Deluxe vinyl version. Sept. 2014.
    Andromeda: S/T. Black Widow Records (BWR 140). New special edition from 15/06/14. One of the hidden treasures of the English psych-progressive era of the late sixties, Andromeda was originally released by RCA in 1969. The new edition will be released on LP, with the addition of the single "Keep Out 'Cos I'm Dying / Go Your Way"; the cover will maintain the original artwork with special laminated cover. It also includes three sketches inserts by John Du Cann and two replicas of concert posters. Andromeda was a blend of psychedelic, progressive, jazz and hard rock power trio which lasted only enough to release one album. They were formed back in 68 by John Du Cann, later of Atomic Rooster.
    Anekdoten: Vemod. Virta (VIRTALP001). 2LP. Street date: 11/03/11. Anekdoten's debut album from 1993 has been remastered. With gatefold cover, 180g HQ vinyl including bonus 12"(Sad Rain) and a poster. Limited numbered edition of 400 copies.
    Änglagard: Prog På Svenska - Live In Japan (ANG004LP). 2LP. Street date: 20/06/14. Änglagård has since the success of "Viljans Öga" put a lot of effort in a live album from Japan, where they've shared stage with Crimson ProjeKCt.
    Änglagård: Viljans Öga. Street date: 31/07/12. After a long silence, here is the long awaited 3rd opus by the Swedish cult band! Available in a limited (1500 copies) double black vinyl edition or clear vinyl (500 copies) + 4 postcards! Don't wait too long!
    Anima Morte: Face the Sea of Darkness. Horror Records (HOR026B). June 2011. 2nd very limited pressing of only 260 copies on bronze vinyl! Will not last forever ...
    Anima Morte: Upon Darkened Stains. Transubstans (TRANSV25C). 23/12/14. 2LP limited edition on clear vinyl.
    Annot Rhül: Leviathan. Black Widow Records (BWR 170). 15/10/14. LP White limited edition with poster and booklet
    Antonius Rex: Hystero Demonopathy. Black Widow (BWR 153). Jan. 2013. The new album is a multisound-multistyles of concentrate fusion: gothic, classic, post-classic, dark, doom, metal, impressionist, progressive, post-progressive, after-rock.... with micro electronic inventions and perseverant events. €17
    Antonius Rex: Magic Ritual. Black Widow 180 Gr. BWR 083. After Magic Ritual DVD success, cult band Antonius Rex is back with the Lp edition of Magic Ritual with the addition of a new 15 mins suite called "Fairy Vision" composed in 2001 in Vlad Tepes castle. Music composed by Antonio Bartoccetti, arranged by Doris Norton. €18
    Antonius Rex: Ralefun (32th anniversary edition). Black Widow (BWR 128 LP). Jan. 2011. This cult album from 1979 includes the unreleased song "Proxima Luna", recorded in 1980 and is officially released for the first time on vinyl!
    Antonius Rex: Zora (77). Black Widow (BWR118LP). 32nd Anniversary Edition. 2010.
    Aquila: S/T. Klimt Records (MJJ370). Street date 14/04/14. Aquila was formed in 1970 by Welsh guitarist/vocalist Ralph Denyer, who had recently left the group Blonde On Blonde. Aquila's self-titled debut - and only long player - from the same year is a delicious mix of progressive rock, psych-pop sensibility, a Traffic-like funkiness, and pastoral country-rock. Produced by Nirvana's Patrick Campbell-Lyons and powered by Denyer's rugged vocal delivery, Aquila unfairly faded into obscurity rather quickly but has been sought after by collectors for over 30 years.
    Arachnoid: S/T. Replica (RPC03). May 2014. This 1979 record is the sole album by the French band, architects of a dark progressive and psychedelic masterpiece, with a King Crimson flavor. "Arachnoid" is not only one of the best classic symphonic rock albums of the second half of the 70's, but also the most complicated and intriguing. LP reissue on 180 gr. vinyl and a limited edition of 500 copies
    Area: 1978 Gli Dei Se Ne Vanno Gli Arrabbiati Restano. Vinyl Magic (VM 142LP). 180 gr. vinyl reissue of this album from 1978. The music moves in a stronger free-jazz direction. It was the last album with Demetrio Stratos who died in 1979. Faithfully restored in the original gatefold sleeve cover! €20
    Area: Are(A)zione. Akarma (AK 397 LP). 28/07/11. New 180 gr. vinyl reissue. €20
    Area: Are(A)zione. Gatefold LP 180 gram Get Back GET5104. For their fourth album (originally released in 1975 on Cramps), Area's unique sound combined the punch of rock with the frightening chaos of experimental music. The "International POPular Group" was a fascinating band. This album contains one song from each of their previous records plus a 15-minute jam (the title song) and a free-jazz interpretation of "L'Internazionale". €16,50
    Area: Arbeit Macht Frei. Akarma (AK 394 LP). 28/07/11. New 180 gr. vinyl reissue. €20
    Area: Arbeit Macht Frei. Get Back (GET LP5101). 2007. Debut album by the massively influential Italian prog group, originally released in 1973 on the experimental Italian Cramps label. This ground-breaking album sailed Italian music into uncharted waters and right off the edge of the earth. Experimental politicized rock with overtures to prog and jazz all held together by Stratos' otherworldly vocals. Reissued with the original gatefold sleeve and the infamous "gun" insert, originally only included in the first 1,000 copies (because it was considered too incendiary and if they continued the album would have been banned). €16,50
    Area: Caution Radiation Area. Akarma (AK 395LP). 28/07/11. New 180 gr. vinyl reissue. €20
    Area: Caution Radiation Area. LP 180 gram. Get Back GET5102. Originally released in 1974, the band's second album added increasing levels of fringe experimentation to their already weird recipe. €16,50
    Area: Crac. Akarma (AK 396LP). 28/07/11. New 180 gr. vinyl reissue. €20
    Area: Crac. Gatefold LP 180 gram. Get Back GET5103. Area's third album is an eclectic furnace of jazz-rock, ethnic folk, experimentation and an ethically conscious manifesto for the arising of the masses, which made Area an icon of the Italian music scene of the 1970s. This is perhaps the best confirmation of the band's crazy fusion: furious, mind-bending rhythms and melodies balanced with humor and the avant-garde. €16,50
    Area: Event 76. €12
    Area: Maledetti. Akarma (AK 398LP). 28/07/11. New 180 gr. vinyl reissue. €20
    Area: Tic & Tac. Vinyl Magic (VM 141LP). 180 gr. vinyl reissue of this album from 1980, the first released after the death of singer Demetrio Stratos. It also introduced two trumpetists and a saxophonist. €20
    Ars Nova: Android Domina. Black Widow. Dark Prog by female japanese trio
    Artemiev, Edward: Solaris by Andrey Tarkovsky - OST. Mirumir (MIR100705LP). 18/07/13. Originally only available on a ultra-rare Japanese bootleg, Mirurmir is incredibly pleased to announce the first official issue of the groundbreaking and mind blowing soundtrack to Tarkovsky's masterpiece, Solaris. It has been lovingly reissued in a gorgeous gatefold package including previously unseen photos from the Tarkovsky archives and a cover pulled from the Italian poster for the film. Remastered from the original film soundtrack and pressed on high quality 180 gram vinyl. €17
    Artemiev, Edward: Solaris: Music From The Motion Picture By Andrey Tarkovsky. Mirumir (MIR100708LP). August 2013. 180 Gr. LP reissue. Recorded in Moscow in 1989-90, these are re-recordings of Artemiev's soundtracks to three classic 1970s Tarkovsky films. At the time of its release in 1990, there were no legitimately available versions of the original soundtracks and Artemiev chose to fill that void in the market with these re-recordings.
    Artemiev, Edward: Stalker / The Mirror: Music From Andrey Tarkovsky's Motion Pictures. Mirumir (MIR100709LP). August 2013. 180 Gr. LP reissue.
    Arti & Mestieri: Murales
    Arvanitas, George: Soul Jazz. Vadim Music (VAD038LP). 180 gr. LP. 05/07/11. Any European jazz lover won't hesitate to tell you. Soul Jazz is one of the most rare French modern jazz records and a cult offering that collectors snap up for big bucks. A LP from youth, Soul Jazz has lost nothing of its spirit and shine, and serves as historical proof of French Jazz's originality. €17
    Ashby, Dorotyhy: The Jazz Harpist. Doxy (DOY698). Feb. 2014. Reissue of her debut album, featuring Frank Wess on flute, Ed Thigpen on drums and bass player Eddie Jones . €16
    Asia: Armed to the Teeth. Acid Nightmare (ANM012). 05/02/15. The American band Asia only recorded two albums, one in 1978 and the present in 1980. This album predates the Epic Prog Metal genre with a few years, to be followed by bands like Warlord and Dark Quarterer. Influenced by monsters like Uriah Heep, Styx, Rush and Black Sabbath, Asia cemented their name on all the want lists of prog/pomp collectors as well as more traditional metal fans. This reissue offers remastered sound and faithful cover reproduction. Limited to 500 copies
    Astra: The Black Chord. 2LP. The new 2012 album will be available on transparent orange AND splatter-coloured vinyl. Street date: 16/05/12
    Atlas, Natacha: Ayeshteni. €16
    Atoll: Musiciens - Magiciens. Debut album (74) by the French band, reissued in a deluxe gatefold jacket on 180 gram vinyl. Replica (RPC05). 30/10/14.
    Atomic Rooster: S/T. Sireena Records (SIREENA4010). LP. 01/04/11. This LP reissue of the debut album from 1980 comes in gatefold cover with all lyrics and 180 gr. heav-weight vinyl.
    Audience: S/T. Lilith Records (LR332LP). 14/12/11. 180 gram LP version + bonus CD of the album. Featuring a new "positive image" cover photo. Both versions present 3 bonus tracks, including the theme from their soundtrack to the 1970 skinhead classic Bronco Bullfrog. €16
    Audience: S/T. Akarma 180Gr. LP (AK357LP). 1969 self-titled debut album penned by a British band who probably were one of the most interesting groups in the British panorama of the late 60's / early 70's. Their sound was a manifestation of their desire to experiment with and masterfully blend different musical styles, such as rock, folk, jazz, and blues. If we must make comparisons, Jethro Tull immediately leaps to mind, particularly because of the band's use of flute. €16
    Ayers, Kevin: Live at the BBC 1970 & 1972. B 13 (B189). 140 Gr. clear yellow vinyl in clear PVC sleeve (ltd. ed. 500 copies).
    Baker, Chet: Sings and Plays with Bud Shank, Russ Freeman and Strings. Doxy (DOX866LP). 180gr. LP. street date: 14/06/12. This album from 1955 was recorded at Capitol Studios in L.A. over the course of two sessions.€16
    Baker, Chet: Time After Time. High Quality Vinyl. €12
    Balletto Di Bronzo: On the Road to Ys. AMS 42 LP. Feb. 2011. First time ever vinyl release (180 gr.) of two extraordinary documents, dated 1971! They form the demos recording made by the band in 1971 at Phonogram studios Milan, featuring the embryonic versions of two songs that would later be merged into YS (Introduzione and Secondo Incontro), with English vocals and arrangements that are quite different than the final ones. Taken from master tapes and remastered by Gianni Leone and Nicola di Gia in 2010. Also featuring a bonus track: an unreleased live version of "La Tua Casa Comoda".
    Balletto Di Bronzo: Ys. Vinyl Magic (VM164LP). 28/03/14. This milestone of Italian Prog is now reissued in the usual LP-replica edited by Vinyl Magic, including the lyric insert which was present on the original from 1972. The first pressing comes on a lavish white vinyl. For the first time a vinyl reissue of "YS" has the correct, and original, song-split!
    Bambibanda E Melodie: S/T. Vinyl Magic VMLP137. May 2009. Post-Garybaldi group, of course featuring Bambi Fossati on guitar; their only album has the usual leading role for Bambi's guitar, but the use of percussion gives a more latin-inspired feel that sometimes reminds of Santana. Exact repro of the 1974 original, labels replicas and 180g vinyl. €17
    Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: S/T. Cherry Red Phonograph (CRP117LP). Deluxe gatefold LP with inside pocket. Oct. 2012. Reissue of the classic 1975 album that introduced Italian prog rock band Banco to the world! To help their new non-Italian fan base get up to speed however, Banco decided to re-record (with English lyrics) some of their best earlier material, alongside a few new tracks as well. €17
    Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: S/T. Sony (88697545051). June 09. Limited LP edition. The first album, simply called Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, housed in a large money box shaped cover, is still one of the most representative examples of the Italian prog, with classical influences based on the twin keyboards interplay and the original operatic voice of Francesco Di Giacomo. €35
    Peter Banks: Two Sides Of Peter Banks. Lilith Records Dig-A-Log Series (LR344LP). 28/06/12. 180 gram LP + free bonus CD of the album. For this album from 1973, Peter Banks (the original guitarist of Yes), along with guitarist Jan Akkerman (of Focus), with whom Banks co-wrote most of the songs on the album, assembled a star-studded cast of characters that included Phil Collins and Steve Hackett (of Genesis), and John Wetton (of King Crimson). Given the talents found here, it is no wonder that band manages to conjure up some real down and dirty prog!
    Barry, John: From Russia With Love. Doxy (DOC112). 04/08/14. Limited LP edition of 500 copies.
    Bass Communion: II. Deluxe 180 gram heavyweight double vinyl edition of the second Bass Communion album from 1999, with exclusive music on Side 4 and the stunning Carl Glover gatefold cover. The music collects the six tracks from the original 1999 CD release, plus exclusive bonus tracks Wide Open Killingfeld parts 2 and 3. This first edition of 500 numbered copies is pressed on white vinyl. €30
    Bauhaus: Tiffany's, Glasgow, Scotland, June 27th 1983. East/West (WEST914J). Street date: 18/12/14. A numbered limited edition of 349 copies on white vinyl with black splatter.
    Baxter, Les: African Jazz. 180 gram LP. So Far Out (OUT5017LP). 27/11/14. Composer, conductor, arranger and musician Les Baxter is fondly remembered as one of the forefathers of the 1950s Exotica sound, alongside other luminaries such as Lyman, Denny, and Esquivel. 1959's African Jazz is one of his most renowned and sought after titles, at times moody and dark, at others light and whimsical, sometimes within the same song.
    Baxter, Les: Barbarians. 180 gram LP. So Far Out (OUT5018LP). 27/11/14. Soundtrack to the 1959 peplum/sword-and-sandal Italian film Goliath and the Barbarians
    Beatles, The: Thirty Weeks In 1963. Doxy LP box set with 16 p. book (DOY013BOXLP). Jan. 2014. Deluxe LP featuring a 16 page booklet with rare photos documenting the first days of Beatlemania. Through 30 weeks, from February 11 to September 12, the best band of all-time is captured here in the days before flying high to reach the sky and shine like a bright star. Pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl. Limited Hand Numbered Edition of 2,000 copies. €30
    Bernstein, Elmer: The Great Escape. 2LP Doxy Cinematic (DOC105). Complete edition/double LP pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies.
    Biglietto per L'Inferno: Il Tempo Della Semina. AMS 48 LP. 25/05/12. This album - recorded in 1974 but only first released by Mellow Records in 1992 - has been since repressed several times and is now available again on AMS Records, in a gatefold format with a beautiful renewed artwork, including exclusive photos by Cesare Monti.
    Biglietto per L'Inferno: Live 1974 (BG003LP). 08/06/12. This concert, which was released a couple of years ago as a papersleeve CD and included in a beautiful celebratory boxset, is now pressed as a 180gr. audiophile black vinyl: a due tribute for an immortal band!
    Biglietto Per L'inferno.folk: Tra L'assurdo E La Ragione. AMS 43 LP (2010). Limited edition in white vinyl! Behind this retouched famous band name (you have noted the .folk added at the end?) is to be found a special project. Featuring original band members Pilly Cossa, Baffo Banfi, Mauro Gnecchi and blessed by the approval and contribution of singer/lyricist/flautist Claudio Canali, the band's classics have been re-recorded but also re-arranged, in collaboration with young talented north Italian folk musicians (therefore .folk!) and a great female singer.
    Björk: Medulla. 2LP (€22)
    Black Widow: See's The Light Of The Day. Black Widow (BWR 145). 30/04/12. This 2LP + 10" set gathers the 1969 "demo" version of the album Sacrifice (already released by Black Widow Records under the title "Return to the Sabbat"), rare and unreleased tracks like the acoustic demo version of "Mary Clark" or "Daddy Babe", a long psychedelic track in Affinity style with Kay Garrett on vocals, and finally the first time release of a live concert at Teatro Lirico, Milan, Italy - May 10th, 1971.
    Blakey, Art & The Jazz Messengers: Art Blakey!!!!!Jazz Messengers!!!!! (Alamode). Doxy (DOX865LP). 180 gr. LP. Street date: 14/06/12. Originally released in 1961, this album is one of the very few Blakey recorded for Impulse! €16
    Paul Bley - Ornette Coleman - Don Cherry - Charlie Haden - Billy Higgins: Live At The Hillcrest Club 1958. Doxy 2LP (ACV4001DLP). Jan. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile). This record marks a turning point in jazz history. It may be the earliest recorded example of what Ornette Coleman later called "free jazz" and it represents the first rumblings of the revolutionary movement which eventually shifted jazz thinking away from bebop. €20
    Blocco Mentale: ¶oa. Vinyl Magic VM 032 LP. 10/06/11. This very obscure and rare album from 1973 was maybe the first ecological conceptual album in the Italian prog history (singing about the evil of polluting the planet); it is today for the first time ever reissued in its gorgeous gimmick gatefold cover. Limited edition in five different colours: red, yellow, white, blue and green.
    Blue Phantom: Distortions (1971). AMSLP05. July 08. First legit reissue with its original artwork for what is mostly considered the best instrumental psych record coming out of Italy. Entirely instrumental, Distortions was released in Italy in 1971, along with a single, and later released in other European countries, among which England, this time with a complete different artwork. Superb fuzzed-out and wah guitars, moog... there's really plenty of "Distortions" here!!! Powerful rhythm section and fantastic guitar work, great production. €18
    Bob James Trio, The : Bold Conceptions. Doxy ACV (ACV2036). Oct. 2014. This is the original Bob James; his very first album, in fact, recorded at age 22 (and produced by Quincy Jones). First edition of 500 numbered copies.
    Branca, Glenn: Lesson No. 1. 2 x 12" Superior Viaduct (SV039). March 2014. Glenn Branca made his first solo statement, Lesson No. 1, in 1980. The album unveiled his visionary guitar concepts with two monstrous, side-long compositions that helped forge NYC's downtown art-punk sound and acted as a massive influence on countless young groups, including Sonic Youth and Swans.
    Braxton, Anthony / Roach, Max: Birth and Rebirth. Black Saint Dig-A-Log (BS520001). 180 gram LP + CD. Oct. 2012. This album documents the historic meeting, (dated 1979) between Max Roach and Anthony Braxton, or rather the encounter between the tradition and the avant-garde in modern jazz. A profound dialogue between two major figures, the father of modern drumming and the young lion of creative music. €17
    Brubeck, Dave: Time Out. LP release date 31/01/08. €16
    Bruford, Bill: Feels Good To Me. Winterfold BBWF003LP. 09/11/09. Limited edition (1000 copies) on 180 gr. vinyl of the debut album (78) by drummer Bill Bruford's band. Street date: 09/11/09
    Bruford, Bill: Going Gradually Tornado. Winterfold BBWF005LP. 09/11/09. Limited edition (1000 copies) on 180 gr. vinyl of the 3rd album (80) by drummer Bill Bruford's band. Street date: 09/11/09
    Bruford, Bill: One Of A Kind. Winterfold BBWF004LP. 09/11/09. Limited edition (1000 copies) on 180 gr. vinyl of the 2nd album (79) by drummer Bill Bruford's band. Street date: 09/11/09
    Bruford, Bill: Rock Goes To College. Winterfold BBWF009LP. 09/11/09. Limited edition (1000 copies) on 180 gr. vinyl of the concert performance recorded as part of a live television programme aired in March 1979. First time on LP! Street date: 09/11/09
    Burrell, Kenny: Vol. 2. Doxy (DOX856LP). Jan. 2014. With the '56 cover art by Andy Warhol. On this album, the guitarist can be heard in many ways, from solo to a simple rhythm section setting; as part of a wailing quintet; and taking part in a night club jam session that involves two horns, rhythm and himself. Clearly, then, there is no danger at any time that monotony will set in. €16
    Bushman's Revenge: A Little Bit of Big Bonanza. Rune Grammofon (RLP3123). 20/01/12. Vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with free mp3 download of the whole album.
    Bushman's Revenge: Never Mind The Botox. Rune Grammofon (RLP3125). 20/01/12. LP only release, the companion of the Bonanza album, recorded during the same sessions in Athletic Sound. Here they cover some of their personal favourites, fully showing the diversity of artists that is so typical for the listening habits of young Norwegian musicians not subscribing to specific genres. Meaning you will find Back Sabbath and Pixies side by side with Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra. And with "Bushman Rock" they also cover themselves! This song was left off the "Jitterbug" album but they recorded a vastly improved version for this new album. €15
    Byrd, Charlie: Royal Flush. Doxy (DOX861LP). 180 gr. vinyl reissue. Street date: 17/05/12. Byrd's eighth album for Blue Note, originally released in 1961, this album is also known introducing a 21-year-old Herbie Hancock to the jazz world, in his first ever recorded session! The album also features Hancock's first recorded composition, "Requiem". €16
    Byrd, Donald: Free Form. Doxy (DOX896LP). 22/08/13. Recorded in 1961 with a stellar line up (Shorter-Hancock-Higgins), this album is here reissued with a bonus track left off the original album (but from the same sessions), a lovely Herbie Hancock penned cut!
    Cage, John: The 25 Year Retrospective Concert. Doxy 180 gram 2LP (DOZ407DLP). Dec. 2013. Recorded live at Town Hall, NYC in May 1958, this historic concert (organized by Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg) was a retrospective of Cage's work from 1934 to the present. €18
    Califfi, I: Fiori di Metallo. Vinyl Magic 180 Gr. VM122LP. Very good prog album (72), based on organ and moog sounds, with two outstanding instrumental tracks. A megararity, finally reissued on LP. €18
    Camel: Live At BBC In London, 1977. B 13 (B207). Street date: 14/11/13. These live BBC radio sessions from 1977 feature material from that breakthrough LP as well as the following classics, Moonmadness, and Rain Dances. Limited edition of 500 copies on orange vinyl. €17.
    Camel: The Snow Goose. 180 gr. audiophile vinyl including full colour insert. Street date: 30/09/11.
    Camisasca: La Finestra Dentro. GDR BBXL 10005. Jan. 2013. This album can be compared with Alan Sorrenti's first album in the use of voice as an instrument, with sparse musical accompaniment on some tracks. Produced by Franco Battiato - who also plays the VCS3 synth on it - it is here reissued in a faithful replica of the original 1974 edition
    Campo Di Marte: S/T. AMS - Vinyl Magic AMSLP01. This is a strictly limited reissue of 500 copies in 180gr vinyl, nice carton cover and a fully exact replica of the original (except that the new catalog number is on the labels), including the rare inner sleeve. Red vinyl pressing.
    Can: A Double Promo Album by. B 13 (B181D). Nov. 2012. 140 gram 2LP on clear vinyl with multi-colored labels in PVC sleeve (ltd. 500 copies). The live show found on this double LP was recorded in Lyon in January 1976, now with Michael Karoli and Irmin Schmidt sharing vocal duties
    Can: Future Days: Live In Cologne 1973. B13 (B167). Street date: 23/08/12. Format: 140 gram LP on clear purple vinyl with red label in PVC sleeve with black lettering (limited edition 500 copies). This album is made up of one long jam session recorded live in the studio at Inner Space in Cologne during the 1973 Future Days sessions. Future Days was also singer Damo Suzuki's final album with Can. €16
    Can: Live in Hannover. B 13 (B184). 140 gram LP on clear vinyl in PVC sleeve (ltd. ed. 500 copies). Nov. 2012. High quality live FM radio broadcast from Hannover on 11 April 1976. €17
    Can: Monster Movie: Live. B13 (B165). Street date: 23/08/12. Format: 140 gram LP on red vinyl with red label in PVC sleeve with black lettering (limited edition 500 copies). Those tracks, recorded live in Cologne in July 1969, were the first steps into the beyond, setting the tone for a whole new genre of German music that the world would soon be calling "krautrock". €16
    Can: Tago Mago: Live. B13 (B166). Street date: 23/08/12. Format: 140 gram LP on clear red vinyl with red label in PVC sleeve with black lettering (limited edition 500 copies). Recorded in 1971 at Can's Inner Space Studio in Cologne during the Tago Mago sessions. These two long tracks represent a live-in-studio jam where Damo's vocals have really become an essential component in the band's sound. €16
    Caravan: If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You. 4 Men with Beards (4M239LP). 180 gr. LP reissue. Street date: 15/05/14.
    Caravan: In The Land Of Grey And Pink (with bonus tracks). Klimt Records Gatefold 2LP (MJJ352DLP). Jan. 2013. The bonus tracks are the same outtakes as those found on the CD anniversary release!
    Caravan: The Land Of Grey And Pink Live. B 13 (B200). 25/07/13. Captured live in the spring of 1971. Clear pink vinyl in a clear PVC sleeve with blue lettering pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies.€16
    Juan Pablo Carletti, Tony Malaby, Christopher Hoffman: Ni¤o / Brujo. NoBusiness Records (NBLP79). Nov. 2014. Limited edition of 300 records. Recorded on April 30th, 2013 at Systems Two (Brooklyn) by Joe Marciano. Unusual trio format: Drums, glockenspiel, melodica / Tenor sax / Cello.
    Carnascialia: S/T. Vinyl Magic (VM170LP). Dec. 2014. Ltd. Gold&Red mixed colour vinyl. Initiated by Pasquale Minieri and Giorgio Vivaldi from Canzoniere del Lazio, this album represents a unique work, combining world music, folk and jazz, sometimes introspective and meditative. A little gem that deserves recognition.
    CCPP: S/T. Vadim VAD041LP. Dec. 2011. 180 gr. vinyl reissue of this recording from 75, a true gem from the 70's! Behind the mysterious acronym lies an impressive quartet made up of 4 of France's best musicians of that era: André Ceccarelli on drums, Marc Chantereau on keyboards and percussion, Christian Padovan on bass and Slim Pezin on guitar. Backed by a solid brass section, they move from note to note with incredible virtuosity and energy, delivering a mutant and hypnotising funk that cannot be resisted for long.
    Celeste: S/T. AMS LP15. 2009. Also known as "Principe Di Un Giorno", this is the first album originally released on the small Grog label in 1976 (though the music had already been recorded in 1974). The music had a strong pastoral character with delicious mellos. Fantastic reissue with only the first copies in white vinyl. 180gr. and gatefold cover.
    Central Unit: S/T. Vinyl Magic (VM156LP). 2013. Central Unit were a unique case in the Italian scene of the 80's. Coming from Bologna and active during the years of the so-called 'post-new wave', it was clear that they would not settle on the small Italian scene, given the international scope of their proposal: new wave, electronic, a pinch of jazz and improvisation, for an almost entirely instrumental music in which the rhythmic component dominates everything.
    Centrozoon: Never Trust The Things They Do. This is a limited edition vinyl companion to the 2004's experimental electronic pop release "Never Trust the Way You Are". Featuring powerful contributions from King Crimson's innovative drummer, Pat Mastelotto, this record is a fascinating collision of haunting atmospherics and hard-hitting rhythms
    Cervello: Melos. 06-12-13. Sony. 180 gr. vinyl, limited numbered edition, 500 copies. Finally available again on vinyl, one of the best works ever from the golden age of Italian progressive rock, originally released on Ricordi in 1973.
    Charles, Ray: What'd I Say. ACV2016. May 2014. Numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV). (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile)
    Charlie Haden / Paul Motian feat. Geri Allen: Etudes. Soul Note Dig-A-Log LP+CD (SN521005). Street date: 06/03/14. Reissue of a classic album in which the angular rhythm of the historic couple and Allen's highly sensitive playing sound fully integrated within an intense three way dialogue.
    Cherry, Don: Live in Paris, April 22, 1971. B 13 (B191). 140 gram LP on clear red vinyl in PVC sleeve (limited edition of 500 copies). April 2013. During the spring of 1971, Cherry travelled to Paris with his avant-garde jazz trio, made up of the great South African bassist Johnny Dyani and Turkish percussionist Okay Temiz, to perform live for an audience of French jazz fans.
    Cherry / Redman / Haden / Blackwell: Old And New Dreams. Black Saint Dig-A-Log (BS520002). 180 gram LP + CD. Oct. 2012. Album recorded in 1976. €17
    Cherry Five: S/T. AMSLP14. Sept. 09. Deluxe LP reissue of an album recorded in 1974 and released in 1976. The band was the forerunner of Goblin and featured the singer of L'Uovo di Colombo as well as drummer Carlo Bordini, half of the duo Rustichelli & Bordini €18
    Cherry, Don: Where Is Brooklyn? Klimt (MJJ383). Jan. 2015. With saxophonist Pharoah Sanders backing Cherry on the front line, this album is a quartet set, strongly influenced by the melodic approach of Ornette Coleman, but with a fierce abstraction of tone quite different from Coleman's playful lyricism. Moreover, the rhythm team of Ed Blackwell on drums and Henry Grimes on bass provides a scintillating underpinning for the music that is worth listening to all on its own.
    Chico Hamilton Quintet: S/T. So Far Out (OUT5015LP). Format: 180 Gr. LP. This first album from 1955 is a cool, swinging affair that introduced the world to Hamilton's particular brand of chamber bop. €16
    Cincinnato: S/T. AMS 55LP. Sept. 2012. This sole album is very rare, also in its unique recent CD reissue (AMS, 2006) and is now available in a perfect vinyl replica of the original 1974 release (the band had already folded a year before). 180 Gr. audiophile black vinyl edition.
    Circus 2000: An Escape From a Box (HALP04 LP). 03/02/12. LP reissue of their 2nd album from 1972. €19
    Clark - Hutchinson: A=MH2. Akarma (180Gr.) AK293LP. Debut album of one of the most interesting and irreverent bands of the British underground rock scene of the late 60s.
    Clark, Sonny: Blues In The Night. Doxy (DOX878LP) 180 Gr. vinyl LP. Nov. 2012. Recorded in December 1958 for Blue Note, this was a trio session featuring Sonny Clark on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, and Wes Landers on drums. €16
    Cluster: Cluster II. Lilith Dig-A-Log LR335. 23/02/12. 180 gr. LP + free CD of the album. Originally released in 1972, this is the second album by legendary German ambient pioneers Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Moebius and Roedelius essentially create ambient electronic soundscapes that ebb and flow, droning on in a suspended world of anti-gravity where machine has conquered man.€16
    Cluster: Zuckerzeit. Lilith 3. 23/02/12. 180 gr. LP + free CD of the album. Originally released in 1974, Zuckerzeit marked a turning point for these seminal German space rockers. Recorded shortly after their move away from the metropolis of Berlin, it sees some of the abrasiveness of their earlier material slightly diffusing. With the addition of proto drum machines and the producing talents of Michael Rother, their sound here - while remaining firmly in anchored in experimental territory - has more pop sensibility.€16
    Coltrane, Alice: A Monastic Trio. Superior Viaduct (SV020). Street date: 27/05/14. This album showcased Alice's immense talent for fusing spiritual free jazz and new age with classical, Eastern, post-bop and gospel.
    Coltrane, John: Ballads. Doxy ACV LP (ACV2005LP). Jan. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile). €16
    Coltrane, John: Coltrane. Doxy ACV LP (ACV2009). Feb. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile). €16
    Coltrane, John: Giant Steps. Doxy ACV LP (ACV2014). March 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile).
    Coltrane, John: Jazz Way Out. Doxy ACV LP (ACV2003LP). Jan. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile). This album was conceived and recorded in 1958 as an experimentation by some of the important "new" faces in modern jazz of those days, under the leadership of Wilbur Harden, with the young talented John Coltrane, the fresh voiced Curtis Fuller and pianist Tommy Flanagan that blend opinions and expression in an album of extended improvisational forms. €16
    Coltrane, John: Stardust. Doxy ACV LP (ACV2001LP). Jan. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile). €16
    Coltrane, John: Tenor Conclave. Doxy ACV (ACV2010). March 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV)(scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile
    Coltrane, John: The Complete Nights of 1-2 November 1961. Doxy (DOY010TLP). 140 gram 3LP Box Set with 4-page booklet. Nov. 2012. Now available for the first time ever on vinyl, the complete recordings of John Coltrane's historic and hotly contested live performances at the Village Vanguard on the nights of 1-2 November 1961
    Coltrane, John: The Believer. Doxy ACV LP (ACV2002LP). Jan. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) ). €16
    Coltrane, John & Don Cherry : The Avant Garde. Doxy ACV (ACV2042). Nov. 2014. Recorded during the summer of 1960 this legendary album is a milestone of Free Jazz history. Joining Coltrane and Cherry are essentially the rest of the members of the Ornette Coleman Quartet: Ed Blackwell (drums) and Charlie Haden (bass) on "Cherryco" and "The Blessing" as well as Percy Heath (bass) on the remaining three selections. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile)
    Comus: Out of the Coma. Rise Above Records (RISELP144). Limited edition on 180 gr. vinyl. Street date: 15/06/12. The feelings and convictions displayed within the grooves of "Out of the Coma" further display the undeniable uniqueness of Comus as an artistic collective as opposed to "just another band". Side 2 is made of one track, a recently discovered live 1972 recording. Also available on clear vinyl with green splatter
    Copenhagen Art Ensemble: Reuterswärd. ILK (ILK223LP). 30/06/14. The Danish orchestra celebrates and re-interprets here iconic multi-artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. This is also the first album document of Copenhagen Art Ensemble's collaboration with singer Qarin Wikström, who fronts an unconventional approach to music for 6 instruments plus vocal.
    Cream: Disraeli Gears at the BBC. B 13 (B199). 25/07/13. Clear purple vinyl in a clear PVC sleeve with blue lettering pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies. €16
    Cure, The: Three Imaginary Boys. Lilith LR130LPP. Picture LP 180 gram Non Shrink Wrapped. This is the faithful re-release of the original UK pressing. €17.50.
    Curtis Fuller Jazztet, The : With Benny Golson. Doxy (DOX885LP) 180 Gr. vinyl. Feb. 2013. This LP, recorded at the Van Gelder studio, represents the original Fuller-Golson co-led Jazztet line-up, with Lee Morgan on trumpet, Wynton Kelly on piano and Paul Chambers on bass.€16
    Dalton: Argitari. Vinyl Magic (VM098LP). Jan. 2014. Dalton released their second and last LP "Argitari" in 1975, in a three-spread gatefold format, faithfully reproduced in this Vinyl Magic reissue, the first ever in almost forty years.
    Dave Brubeck Quartet, The : Brubeck Time. Doxy (DOX895LP). 22/08/13. Reissue of an album recorded in 1954 and originally released on Columbia in 1955. €16
    Dave Brubeck Quartet, The : Jazz Goes to College. Doxy (DOX889LP). 180 Gr. vinyl. 11/07/13. Recorded at various Mid-Western US universities and released originally in 1954
    Dave Brubeck Quartet, The : Time Further Out. Doxy (DOX886LP). 180 Gr. vinyl + 1 bonus track. April 2013. Reissue of the follow up to the legendary "Time Out" album, originally released in 1961. €16
    Davis, Miles: At Newport 1958. Doxy (DOX897LP). 22/08/13. Less than a year after this live recording, these same six men would make jazz history with the cool modal classic, Kind Of Blue, perhaps the best and most famous jazz album of all-time.
    Davis, Miles: In Person, Friday Night At The Blackhawk. Doxy (DOX879DLP) 180 Gr. 2LP. Nov. 2012. Now for the first time ever on double LP, this double album represents a very short-lived and little-known version of the Miles Davis Quintet, recorded live at San Francisco's famed Blackhawk jazz club on 21 April 1961!
    Davis, Miles: Live-Evil. Four Men with Beards (4M809DLP). 180 gr. 2LP reissue. 08/11/11.
    Davis, Miles: Live at the Plugged Nickel, December 22, 1965 Part One. B 13 (B192). 140 gram LP on white vinyl in PVC sleeve (ltd. ed. 500 copies). April 2013. €16
    Davis, Miles: Live at the Plugged Nickel, December 22, 1965 Part Two. B 13 (B193). 140 gram LP on yellow vinyl in PVC sleeve (ltd. ed. 500 copies). April 2013. €16
    Davis, Miles: Live at the Plugged Nickel, 22-23 December 1965. Klimt Records (MJJ349CLP). Nov. 2012. This 5LP deluxe boxset with liner notes represents the most complete version available on vinyl of the Miles Davis Quintet's legendary Plugged Nickel performance! 20 tracks in all with almost 4 hours of music taken from the 7 sets Davis played during his two-night residency at Chicago's famous Plugged Nickel jazz club.
    Davis, Miles: Quiet Nights. Doxy ACV (ACV2043). First edition of 500 numbered copies.
    De Andrè, Fabrizio: La Buona Novella. Dec. 09. Part of the LP reissue program of Sony Music, this album from 1970 by the Italian cult song writer is now available again for some time (probably short, beware!) in a 180gr. deluxe pressing and digitally remastered. €18
    De Andrè, Fabrizio: Creuza de Ma (84). Sony. 28/07/11. Digitally remastered LP with gatefold cover, limited numbered edition (1200 copies). €23
    De Andrè, Fabrizio: Le Nuvole (90). Sony. 28/07/11. Digitally remastered LP limited numbered edition (1200 copies). €23
    De De Lind: Io non so da dove vengo... (1973). VM083LP. New reissue in 180 gr. vinyl LP for collectors of the unique De De Lind italian progressive album from 1973. Now available in limited edition LP with white vinyl. Only 200 copies available!
    Death SS: The Horned God Of The Witches. Black Widow BWR 079. 2LP. 13/03/12. Reissue on double vinyl of this release of early Death SS material; beautiful artwork with a gatefold cover and 3 different versions: 100 copies pressed in blue vinyl incl. poster, card and sticker, 150 copies in white vinyl, 150 copies in clear vinyl. Will be expensive!
    Débile Menthol: Live 1982-84. Les Disques Rayés (009). 2013. LP reissue of live recordings previously released on cassette only (Édition Unbeirrt).
    Dedalus: Materiale Per Tre Esecutori. AMS72LP. May 2014. This 2nd album, released in 1974, is much more avant-garde than their jazz-rock debut, with an increased use of electronics.
    Delerue, Georges / Piccioni, Piero: Le Mépris / Il Disprezzo. Doxy Cinematic (DOC101). April 2014. Limited edition of a 2LP working on 45 rpm. For the first time together on a double LP, here are the two versions of Godard's masterpiece soundtrack: the solemn and powerful French version composed by Georges Delerue, the Mozart of French Cinema, and the exotic jazzy version of the great Piero Piccioni. Limited edition of 500 copies.
    Delirium: III. Vinyl Magic VMLP126. June 08. Third album by Italian band with a great flutist, long time OOP and hard to find! Now available again, with the original gatefold cover and label replicas. Limited to 500 copies.
    Delirium: Dolce Acqua. Vinyl Magic VMLP145. Feb. 2010. The debut album from 1971 is now available as Deluxe 180 Gr. vinyl in triple gatefold cover. €20
    Delirium: Lo Scemo e Il Villaggio. Vinyl Magic VMLP144. Feb. 2010. 180 Gr. vinyl reissue of the 2nd album with gatefold cover. €20
    D'Errico, Gianni: Antico Teatro Da Camera (1976). Sony 88697473361. This LP is usually considered as one of the best prog-inclined albums by Italian solo artists, and a hard to find one! A welcome reissue!
    Devo: Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco, Ca, August 3rd, 1977. East/West (WEST913J). Street date: 18/12/14. A numbered limited edition of 349 copies on yellow vinyl with black splatter.
    Diabolus: S/T. Akarma AK340LP 180 Gr. LP. Well-crafted blend of prog rock with psychedelic inflections, clever guitar and flute solos and sprinklings of jazz rock. Will undoubtedly appeal to afficionados of bands like Audience, Tonton Macoute and Jethro Tull. €16
    Diablo Swing Orchestra: Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious. 24/06/11. This is a deluxe package limited to 500 copies only worldwide. It features a gatefold sleeve printed to the finest standards available, a printed inner bag and a coloured vinyl. This is a MUST for any fan or collector!
    Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli : With The Quintet of the Hot Club of France. Doxy (DOX893LP) 180 Gr. vinyl. 27/06/13. This LP compiles Django's London recordings, spanning the years between 1938 and 1946 and showing the progression of the group from its early years towards its disbandment in 1948.
    Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli With the Quintet of The Hot Club of France: Parisian Swing. Doxy (DOX894LP) 180 Gr. vinyl. 27/06/13. Featuring classic 30's recordings from both Paris and London. Reissued with the original liner notes
    Dockstader, Tod: Organized Sound: Luna Park; Traveling Music; Apocalypse. Doxy limited edition LP (DOZ426). 500 copies. Street date: 14/04/14. €16
    Dockstader, Tod: Organized Sound: Drone; Two Fragments From Apocalypse; Water Music. Doxy limited edition LP (DOZ426). 500 copies. Street date: 14/04/14. Dockstader was part of the first wave of electronic musicians, who, before the advent of synthesizers in the early 1960s, worked with whatever hardware they could find: reel-to-reel tape machines, sine wave generators and a wild array of homemade circuits and military surplus gear. In the process, they created a universe of electronic music that still sounds unique and prescient today. €16
    Dolphy, Eric: Berlin Concerts. 2LP Doxy ACV (ACV4005). Sept. 2014. A numbered first press of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Doors, The: Live In Pittsburgh May 2, 1970 (Part One). B 13 (B212). Street date: 14/11/13. On tour in support of their 5th album, Morrison Hotel, and recorded just a little over a year before Jim Morrison's death, this 1970 concert is one of the most coherent and satisfying live dates of the band's career. Limited edition of 500 copies on transparent red vinyl. €16
    Doors, The: Live In Pittsburgh - May 2, 1970 (Part Two). B 13 (B213). Street date: 14/11/13. Limited edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl.€16
    Kenny Dorham & Jackie Mclean: Inta Somethin?. Doxy (DOX888LP) 180 Gr. vinyl. 27/06/13. Originally released in 1962 on the Pacific Jazz label and recorded live at the Jazz Workshop in San Francisco in the winter of 1961. €16
    Doxy Audiophile Clear Vinyl Series an explanation! Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) is made using the highest quality co-polymer available and processed without any carbon additive in order to dramatically reduce the "electrical distortion" often found on records (by itself the co-polymer of vinyl is transparent. In order to color the record in black, the plant must use a carbon additive with trace metals that can become magnetized. This is what causes electrical distortion during playback). That is the reason why Doxy chose to offer their records in the following manner:
    - Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV)
    - 140 gr. vinyl
    - 25 minutes maximum per side
    Dream Theater: Train Of Thought. 2LP on 180 Gr. vinyl + insert. Street date: 17/01/14. Originally only released on CD in 2003, this album found Dream Theater back on the heavier and straight forward side of Prog Metal.
    Duello Madre: S/T. Vinyl Magic VMLP128. Street date: 20/01/2010. First ever 180 gr. vinyl reissue with gatefold cover of the sole album (a jazz oriented one) made in 1973 by this Italian prog band from Genova, featuring musicians coming from outfits like Circus 2000 or Osage Tribe. €20
    Edwards, Jackie: The Most Of... Dynamite (DNM14004). 180 Gr. LP. Street date: 22/05/14. Wilfred "Jackie" Edwards is a legend of Jamaican ska and R&B who worked extensively for Chris Blackwell in London as a songwriter and general assistant. Perhaps best known for writing two massive hits for The Spencer Davis Group, "Keep On Running" and "Somebody Help Me", Edwards was an excellent vocalist and performer in his own right, as is in evidence here on his 1963 debut LP. Twelve killer slabs of Jamaican R&B and ska to keep you in the dancing mood.
    El Doom & The Born Electric: S/T. Rune Grammofon (RLP3122). 2LP. 06/01/12. 2LP edition in lavish gatefold sleeve with free mp3 download of the whole album (see description in the CD section). €17
    Elder: Dead Roots Stirring. Headspin (HSLP321). 10/10/11. Limited edition of 200 copies on transparent green vinyl. Luxurious 2LP edition! Elder is equal parts hypnotic rhythm, uncompromising heaviness, and soaring melody. Continuously moving backward towards their roots in heavy rock, while also moving forward into more progressive and psychedelic territory.
    Electric Frankenstein: What Me Worry. Akarma (AK 399 LP). 16/09/11. New limited 180 gr. vinyl reissue of the famous album from 1975, a guitar extravaganza with long spacey guitar solos by Area's guitarist Paolo Tofani who plays all the instruments himself
    Electric Prunes, The: Stockholm '67. Sutro Park (SP1010LP) 180 Gr. LP. Nov. 2012.
    Electric Swan: Swirl In Gravity. Black Widow (BWR 146). 23/04/12. Electric Swan is the solo project of Wicked Minds' guitarist and founding member, Lucio Calegari. After a first album in 2008 and an intende touring activity the following year, bringing them at the Burg Herzberg Festival (Germany) and Crescendo Festival (France), they started the new album with some changes in the line up and Clive Jones (flute and Sax of legendary Black Widow) as guest. The music is still inspired by the many legendary names populating the heavy genre (Led Zep, Sabbath, Purple, etc...)
    Elephant9: Live at the BBC. Rune Grammofon (RLP2118). 09/11/11. Vinyl only release in a numbered, limited edition of only 500 copies on white vinyl. Widely considered to be one of Norway´s best live bands, this album shows the high degree of musicianship in this trio, all tracks being first takes and without any editing whatsoever. Elephant9 is as always Ståle Storløkken (Supersilent, Humcrush) on Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes, Nikolai Eilertsen on bass and Torstein Lofthus (Shining) on drums.
    Elephant9 with Reine Fiske: Atlantis. Rune Grammofon (RLP 3134). Street date: 07/09/12. Limited white vinyl 2LP edition in stylish gatefold sleeve including mp3 (320 kbps) download of the whole album. Only 200 copies pressed. Also available on normal black vinyl.
    Ellington, Duke: Anatomy Of A Murder. Doxy (DOY666LP). 180 gr. LP. Street date: 31/05/12. Duke Ellington's original soundtrack to Otto Preminger's 1959 classic courtroom drama. €16
    Ellington, Duke: Ellington At Newport. Doxy (DOX904DLP). 2LP. Street date: 21/11/13. Recorded at the 3rd annual Newport Jazz Festival, on July 7, 1956. €20
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Re-Works -Hq Vinyl- 3 LP €25,00
    Keith Emerson: Inferno. AMS34 LP. Street date: 28/03/11. This record was released for the legendary Cinevox label in 1980 as a soundtrack for Dario Argento's Inferno movie. First time ever 180 gr. audiophile deluxe vinyl reissue, the first 500 copies come with a poster that thoroughly analyzes both soundtrack and movie.
    Keith Emerson: Keith Emerson Band feat. Marc Bonilla. 2LP EDEL (0192328 ERE). 2008. The king of the Hammond is back! A brand new album in a real symphonic prog vein. Together with Marc Bonilla (guitars and Vocals) and Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth), Keith Emerson rediscovers his roots and delivers a fantastic suite lasting most of the album.
    Eno, Brian: Textures. Zaq (zaq123). 01/12/14. Extremely rare and unreleased album of ambient cues and themes from Brian Eno, pressed as a promo-only CD for The Standard Music Library. Eleven of the tracks are unreleased, while the 10 others are variations of recordings that were released on Music For Films III, The Shutov Assembly and Neoli. Composers Roger Eno and Daniel Lanois are also on board.
    Equipe 84: Sacrificio. Sony (88691989031) LP reissue of an album from 1974. Street date: 13/04/12. This album would be their most determined (and only real) effort at joining the prog scene; despite a good songwriting, great melodies and vocals, lots of typical Italian progressive rock instrumentation like organ, piano, flute, and strings, all very tastefully arranged, the band wouldn't gain enough recognition as a prog band!
    Ergo Sum: Mexico. Replica (RPC01). May 2014. Cult album of psychedelic prog, reissued now with gatefold cover and on 180 gram vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.
    Etron Fou Leloublan: Batelages. Replica (RPC02). May 2014. The debut album by this French RIO band was released in 1976 and is now reissued on 180 gram vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.
    Etron Fou Leloublan: En public aux tats-Unis d'Amérique. 180 gram LP reissue of the '79 album by original RIO French band. Replica (RPC08). 30/10/14.
    Etron Fou Leloublan: Les Trois Fou's Perdegagnent. Replica (RPC04). May 2014. 2nd album, now reissued on 180 gram vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.
    Bill Evans Trio: Waltz For Debby. Doxy Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV2049). Jan. 2015. Numbered first pressing limited to 500 copies.
    Evans, Bill: Interplay. Doxy (DOX891LP) 180 gr. vinyl. 11/07/13. Originally released in 1962 on the Riverside label, Interplay features piano giant Bill Evans at his gently swinging best. The band is beyond stellar; Percy Heath and Philly Joe Jones complete the rhythm section, while Jim Hall's guitar and Freddie Hubbard's trumpet round out the sessions.
    Evans, Bill & Hall, Jim: Undercurrent. Doxy ACV gatefold LP + 2 bonus tracks! (ACV2008). Feb. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile). €16
    E.X.P.: Pachamama. Heavy Psych Sounds (HPS014). Street date: 13/02/14. This album was originally released by Beard of Stars on CD in 2002. Pachamama is a precious gem in the history of Heavy Italian Psychedelia, an incredible album that unfortunately came out during a period when the scene was not so healthy and alert like the one we are living in now. To correct this, Heavy Psych Sounds is reissuing this classic on limited edition vinyl in 3 different colors (150 red, 150 transparent blue, and 200 green with white splatter).
    Faust: 71 Minutes Of. Recommended (RER 1405). April 2011. Posthumous 2LP with unreleased stuff from the early time! Faust is a cult group who defined the Krautrock genre; this release should appeal to all fans.
    Fela Ransome-Kuti & The Koola Lobitos: Live at the Afro Spot. B 13 (B187). 140 Gr. white vinyl in clear PVC sleeve (limited edition of 500 copies). Jan. 2013. Extremely rare early recording of Fela Kuti recorded live at the "Afro Spot" in Lagos in 1966! €17
    Feldman, Morton & Brow, Earle: Morton Feldman & Earle Brown. Doxy 180 Gr. LP (DOZ421LP). Dec. 2013. Finally back in print, this rare Morton Feldman/Earle Brown split LP was originally released in 1962 on the small NY-based Time Records and features Feldman's "Durations I-IV" on side A and Brown's "Hodograph I", "Music for Violin, Cello and Piano" and "Music for Cello and Piano" on side B. David Tudor is featured on piano throughout. €15
    Fleetwood Mac: Live at Record Plant in Los Angeles, 19th September 1974. B 13 (B216). Sea blue vinyl, limited edition of 500 copies. July 2014.
    Flynt, Henry: Graduation. Superior Viaduct (SV 014). Jan. 2013. 2LP + digital download card. Graduation, recorded between 1975 and 1979, was meant to be the debut of Flynt's avant-garde hillbilly music.
    Fontaine, Brigitte: Brigitte Fontaine Est... Folle. Superior Viaduct (SV041). Street date: 12/12/13. Debut album from 1968 by the French poet and chameleonic vocalist, an essential link in French pop music, exuberantly pushing the genre into more conceptual and experimental sounds. Fontaine takes flight over conductor Jean Claude Vannier's brilliant arrangements. Vannier, best known for his work on Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire De Melody Nelson, is in fine form, using what would become his trademark stylings: lush strings, taut rhythms culled from across the globe and a healthy dose of whimsy.
    Fontaine, Brigitte: Comme à la Radio. Superior Viaduct (SV042). Street date: 12/12/13. This album is certainly remembered by most because of the presence of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, the perfect setting for Fontaine's exploration of free-verse poetry. Often arrhythmic and spoken, her vocals command the same spontaneity and grace that her collaborators applied to their instruments.
    Fontaine, Brigitte: S/T. Superior Viaduct (SV043). 07/08/14.
    Forest: Concert. Klint Records (MJJ340LP). Street date: 31/05/12. Recorded in May and October 1972 for BBC Radio 1 by DJ Bob Harris, these sessions may be all that remain of this seminal acid folk band's elusive third album!€15
    Fossati, Ivan: Il Grande Mare Che Avremmo Attraversato. Vinyl Magic (VM141LP). March 2013. 180 Gr. vinyl reissue of the debut album (1973) by the singer, after he left his band Delirium. The album has still a few *old prog* moments but mostly relies on a songwriting style mixed with orchestral and latin/ethnic elements. €20
    Franklin, Aretha: Aretha Now. 4 Men With Beards 4m131 180 Gr. LP. At the peak of her form in early period. Original artwork. €17,5
    Franklin, Aretha: Lady Soul. 4 Men With Beards 4m130 180 Gr. LP. This album from 1968 became Aretha's second Gold LP. €17,5
    Fred Katz with Paul Horn and the Chico Hamilton Quartet: Zen: The Music Of Fred Katz. So Far Out (OUT5016LP) 180 Gr. LP. 30/04/14. Featuring Paul Horn on flute and clarinet, this cult album is an extraordinary journey: the Orient filtered through a cool jazz foundation with stunning performances all around.
    Fuchsia: S/T. Klimt Records (MJJ355LP). Feb. 2013. LP reissue with printed inner sleeve and 3 bonus tracks. Fuchsia's 1971 LP is a lost gem of experimental British progressive rock (in the vein of Henry Cow and Comus); the band was short lived and soon dissolved, but not before recording a few tracks intended for release on a second album (represented in the 3 bonus tracks found here) that unfortunately never materialized. €16
    Funkadelic: Maggot Brain. 4 Men with Beards (4M1611LP). Street date: 28/11/13. Limited edition of 1,000 translucent orange vinyl in a deluxe classic style gatefold sleeve. 1971's Maggot Brain is Funkadelic's all-out masterpiece!€20
    Funkadelic: S/T. 4 Men With Beards (4M1601LP). April 2014. The 1970 debut album from Detroit's nastiest, most shredding progenitors of funk-rock is now reissued on two colours vinyl - yellow and red opaque - in a limited edition of 1000 copies.
    Funkadelic: The Electric Spanking Of War Babies. Get Back. GET98023 LP. €13,5
    Futuro Antico: Dal Primitive All'elettronica (BS009 LP). Jan. 2014. Short-live project featuring Walter Maioli, from Aktuala. Originally released in 1980, with a completly analog and warm sound, this reissue, limited to 300 copies maintain the first tape artwork + info and photos in the inner folder. The music terribly brings to mind the astonishing live Köln jam of Terry Riley and Don Cherry
    Gainsbourg, Serge: Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin. Doxy ACV LP(ACV2004). Feb. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile). Very different from his celebrated later works, the music captured on this limited edition vinyl edition finds Gainsbourg mixing traditional chanson and big-band jazz rather than the avant garde pop that went on to define his career outside of France. €16
    Gale, Eddie: Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music. 4 Men With Beards. Gatefold LP (180 g vinyl). Also CD
    Gale, Eddie: Black Rhythm Happening. 4 Men With Beards. Gatefold LP (180 g vinyl).
    This second Blue Note album includes jazz heavy weight Elvin Jones on drums and sax man Jimmy Lyons. Again the mix is a blend of soul jazz, free form freak outs, and a gospel influenced street choir. Eddie Gale helped ring in jazz's controversial new thing during the 1960s and 1970s on a series of influential releases. His inspired trumpet playing graced Cecil Taylor's Unit Structures, Larry Young's Of Peace And Love and a series of recordings and performances with Sun Ra's Arkestra.
    Red Garland Quintet: Dig It! ACV2011. May 2014. Numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV). (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile)
    Garybaldi: Live in Bloom - Progvention Nov. 6 2010. AMS 51LP. 12/12/11. Finally available, as a vinyl only release, the first recording of the legendary 2010 progvention! Garybaldi's gig is an amazing travel along their greatest tracks, with the incredibile live vibe that has always been their trademark from the beginning. As Garybaldi's records have always featured special covers realized by famous painters, after Crepax and Guarnaccia it's now time for World famous Pietro Spica, who made a truly amazing artwork! 180gr. black vinyl containing a litography.
    Garybaldi: Live in Bloom - Progvention Nov. 6 2010. AMS 51LP. 12/12/11. 180 gr. black vinyl + a litography. See description in the CD section!
    Gaye, Marvin: That Stubborn Kinda' Fellow. Rumble Records (RUM2011060LP). Street date: 20/03/2014. Marvin Gaye's second LP was a who's who of the Motor City, featuring background vocals from The Supremes, The Temptations, and The Vandellas, songwriting help from Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, and the undeniable musicianship of The Funk Brothers. A classic piece of Detroit R&B history reissued here on LP. €15
    Genesis: From Genesis to Revelation. LP reissue on clear vinyl. 02/05/04. Gentle Giant: In A Glass House. Alucard (ALUGGV04). April 10. For the very first time in over 35 years, the hugely successful album is again available in its original format, this time on high quality 180 gr. vinyl, direct metal remastered from the original 1/4" tapes. €20
    Gentle Giant: The Power And The Glory. Alucard (ALUGGV05). April 10. For the very first time in over 35 years, the hugely successful album is again available in its original format, this time on high quality 180 gr. vinyl, direct metal remastered from the original 1/4" tapes and including a bonus 7" (Power and the Glory + Proclamation live 77). €20
    Gerry Mulligan and The Concert Jazz Band On Tour / Jazz Soloist: Zoot Sims : S/T. Doxy (DOX887LP). 180 Gr. vinyl + 2 bonus tracks. April 2013. Reissue of Mulligan's long out-of-print 1962 Verve album. The two featured bonus tracks are "As Catch Can" and "Young Blood", not found on the original LP.€16
    Getz, Stan: Plays with Jimmy Raney, Duke Jordan, Frank Isola, Bill Crow. Doxy (DOK217LP). 180 gr. vinyl LP with 4 bonus tracks + free CD of the album. Street date: 17/05/12. NYC session recorded between December 12 and 29, 1952, presenting a young Stan Getz (25 years old at that time). The first four tracks on the B side are taken from the Dec 19 session and are the bonus tracks. €17
    Getz, Stan: with guest artist Laurindo Almeida. Doxy ACV (ACV2026). 08/08/14. The rhythm section is an authentically swinging mixture of American sidemen (including Steve Kuhn on piano and George Duvivier on bass) and Brazilian percussionists. A numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Stan Getz Quartet: Live at Montmartre. SteepleChase 180 gr. audiophile double vinyl (G1073/74). Back in stock in sept. 2014!
    Gigi Gryce - Donald Byrd Jazz Laboratory, The & The Cecil Taylor Quartet : At Newport. Doxy ACV (ACV2028). Sept. 2014. Taken from the afternoon concerts at the '57 Newport Jazz Festival. A numbered first press of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Gil Evans Orchestra, The: Out of the Cool. Doxy-Goldenote (DOG901LP). 180 gram DMM gatefold LP with inside pocket. 15/06/12. Originally released in 1960, this album is widely considered to be Evans' masterpiece, on par with Duke Ellington in terms of orchestration, and essential listening for any jazz fan. This is also Evans' first post-Miles recording (as humoristically implied in the title). €16
    Gil Evans Orchestra, The: Out of the Cool. Doxy Audiophile Clear Vinyl Series (ACV2048). Jan. 2015. 45 RPM audiophile version in a numbered first pressing limited to 500 copies.
    Gilberto, João: Chega De Saudade. Doxy Audiophile Clear Vinyl Series (ACV2024). July 2014. Numbered limited edition of 500 copies
    Giles, Giles, & Fripp : The Cheerful Insanity of ... Cherry Red Phonograph (CRP203). 09/09/13. Originally released in 1968, this album was the precursor of what would become one year later King Crimson
    Ginsberg, Alain: Ginsberg's Thing. GET422 (Get Back Avant Garde Series). Spoken word album recorded at the Festival Of The Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy on July 8, 1967.
    Gizzi, Claudio: Andy Warhol's Blood For Dracula. Dagored (RED213). Street date: 23/03/15. Hand numbered limited edition (1000 copies) on red coloured vinyl
    Gizzi, Claudio: Andy Warhol's Flesh For Frankenstein. Dagored (RED212). Street date: 02/03/15. 1st time double LP gatefold release, in a limited and numbered edition of 1000 copies on mixed coloured vinyl (cream/red)
    Gleemen: Oltre... Lontano, Lontano. Black Widow (BWR 164). May 2014. Available in two versions: black vinyl with insert and gatefold sleeve or orange vinyl with insert, record photo and cover panel, a limited edition of 100 copies only! See the CD section for details
    Gleemen: S/T (VMLP132LP). Jan. 09. First time ever vinyl reissue of this monstruously rare Italian album from 1970 and a very important re-release, here in 180g vinyl, exact label replicas and gorgeous gatefold cover. Gleemen were no other than the mighty Garybaldi before a name change. €18
    Gli Alluminogi: Scolopendra (VMLP121). New vinyl reissue with the original artwork, label replicas and remastered sound. This trio from Turin, formed in 1970 by keyboard player Alluminio (hence the name of the band) and drummer Ostorero with various guitarists, only lasted for a couple of years and their only album, Scolopendra, was issued when they had already split. Their sole album is very well made, mainly based on Hammond organ and other keyboards, with good instrumental parts and an outstanding B side. A must-have for lovers of Italian prog!
    Gnidrolog: Lady Lake. 4 Men With Beards 180 gr. vinyl (4M822LP). Nov. 2014. Lady Lake - the band's 2nd album - was originally released in 1972 while the group was often compared to Gentle Giant and Van der Graaf Generator with a folk influenced jazz sound.
    Goad: Masquerade. Black Widow BWR 122 2LP. March 2011. With this new work, Goad returns to break up the ground native to rock.
    Goblin: Amo Non Amo. AMS (AMS69LP). Jan. 2014. This edition sees the "Amo Non Amo" OST published in its entirety on vinyl. Among the "new" pieces, in addition to the film version of the main issues, we have a short but wonderful "Amo Non Amo (alternate tensive film version)" and "Amo Non Amo ("Notte" alternate mix)": the latter is an entirely instrumental and remixed version of "Notte", which was originally inserted in "Il Fantastico Viaggio del Bagarozzo Mark". It also comes with a new cover artwork.
    Goblin: Buio Omega. AMS 40 LP. 180 Gr. vinyl. Also released on clear vinyl as a special edition. Jan. 2013. Pressed on vinyl for the first time ever, this is a release awaited for years by Goblin fans; the LP is housed in a beautiful gatefold cover showing inside recording sessions photos and promotional flyers/postcards. The tracklist is that of the first 1997 CD edition.
    Goblin: Contamination. AMS 39 LP. 180 Gr. reissue. 03/02/12. "Contamination" was released in 1980 as a soundtrack for the eponymous horror/science fiction film; Unkonwn by most listeners, it's a release that deserves more attention, since it shows a wide range of music styles (Jazz, funk, rock, electronic) and once again Goblin's ability in writing film scores.
    Goblin: Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark. AMS 12 LP. Nov. 09. Never reissued on vinyl before, great sounding 180g high quality vinyl! The only album (78) entirely sung in Italian, this is also the most progressive and symphonic of their discography! Gatefold cover. €20
    Goblin: Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark. AMS12LP-B Blue vinyl. Nov. 2014
    Goblin: In Lounge. 7" Il Giaguaro (GRC006). July 2013. Two previously unreleased cuts from psych-prog legends Goblin, respectively dated 1975 and 1977, released on 45 rpm and originally only sold along with "Il Giaguaro" magazine, are finally available again after years of hiatus!
    Goblin: Non Ho Sonno. AMS33LP. Street date: 05/05/11. After a lengthy silence, Goblin reunited in 2000, again for a soundtrack for their long-time friend Dario Argento.. To increase the value of this very first release on vinyl, buyers will also get a brand new fantastic artwork by the famous Advent Productions studios, a thick and glossy Nonhosonno 90 x 60 cm megaposter, with movie artwork, reviews, discographies and much more. On the first pressing, 100 copies will be available in each of the following colours: red, blue, crystal, yellow and white. Don't wait too long!
    Goblin: Patrick. AMS 37 LP. 180 Gr. reissue. 03/02/12. Patrick is an Australian thriller/horror movie made in 1978; Goblin were asked by the Italian distributor of the film, De Laurentis, to write a new soundtrack - originally composed by an Australian musician called... Brian May! - for the Italian movie market. The result is a mix of old songs chosen and added by the Cinevox Record label and new selections, strongly influenced by Alan Parsons Project.
    Goblin: Phenomena. AMS (AMS76LP). Sept. 2014. The LP comes in gatefold format, attached with a 30x60cm poster! A fragmentary score - the original score was a mix of songs also including other artists - that in this reissue makes sense now, as it focuses solely on the production signed by the two original Goblin members, Fabio Pignatelli and Claudio Simonetti, with alternate versions included.
    Goblin: Profondo Rosso 35th Anniversary Edition (2010). AMS10LP. This reissue is a faithful reproduction of the very first pressing of 1975 and has 2 incredible extras: the vinyl is coloured with bloodsquirts and includes a fantastic oversized poster (66 cm x 66 cm) written by one of the biggest Goblin collectors. This poster contains the complete history of Profondo Rosso, some very rare newspaper articles of the seventies and for the first time ever the complete and detailed roster with all releases Profondo Rosso had in the last 35 years, including all images (over one hundred!!). A unique product for this truly legendary masterpiece! 666 copies limited edition! €25
    Goblin: Profondo Rosso. AMS10LP-B Purple Vinyl. Nov. 2014
    Goblin: Profondo Rosso. AMS10LP-B Yellow Vinyl. Dec. 2014
    Goblin: Roller. AMS 17 LPPD. Picture disc limited edition on 180gr. vinyl. Street date: 27/06/11. One of the very few Goblin records not intended to be a soundtrack!
    Goblin: Roller. AMS 17 LP. Nov. 09. Never reissued on vinyl before, great sounding 180g high quality vinyl! Roller was the second record for Goblin, originally released in 1976, just after the successful score of Profondo Rosso, and is one of the very few Goblin records that was not intended to be a soundtrack.
    Goblin: Suspiria. AMSLP11. Special gimmick edition. 05/02/10. Made of the usual AMS heavy 180 Gr. high quality audiophile vinyl, this reissue features nearly the same pop-up system that was to be found on the original LP, where when removed from the outer sleeve, the inner sleeve unfolded to reveal a pop-up of Dario Argento's initials, decorated with the demonic Goblin logo and the dead ballerina poster art from Suspiria. On the reissue, this is the outer sleeve that will reveal its astounding secret as it was intended in the original project! €25
    Goblin: Tenebre. AMS 32 LP. 28/09/12. This reissue of the "Tenebre" OST vinyl follows the AMS Records tradition where a poster is attached to the LP replica, gathering informations for collectors about all the known exixting versions of the release, images of the discography and movie flyers and an essay presenting the filmand the soundtrack in detail. Not to be missed by any horror movie and soundtracks fans!
    Gösta Berlings Saga: Detta Har Hänt. Released by the band, this album is now presented on on white heavy 180 Gr. vinyl. Limited to 150 hand numbered copies. Comes with a set of 3 photo prints from the 2008 recording sessions. Extensive retrospective liner notes. Street date: 15/10/12. This one will run fast, don't wait too long! It will also be released on black heavy 180 Gr. vinyl. Limited to 350 copies.
    Grimes Trio, Henry: Call. High Quality Vinyl. €12
    Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza: Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura. Dagored (RED203). June 2014. The legendary avant garde and improvisational combo of which Morricone was a founding member was unconventionally used this time for the purpose of a film soundtrack from 1971. Limited edition of 500 copies.
    Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza: Musica Su Schemi. Superior Viaduct (SV 015). Jan. 2013. LP + digital download card. Founded in the early 70's, this was a collective of Italian composers that included Ennio Morricone on trumpet!! Gruppo aspired to revolutionize composition through group improvisation and like their peer Karlheinz Stockhausen, musique concrète, aleatory (controlled chance) techniques and early electronic music.
    Guru Guru: Live In Bremen, 12 September 1971. Lilith Dig-A-Log (LR331LP). 180 gr. LP + free CD of the album plus one bonus track. 16/02/12. This album, recorded live at Radio Bremen in 1971 features the 23 minutes long Der LSD Marsch from their debut album, UFO. Here Neumeier's superlative drumming is given center stage and one can hear why Mani has consistently earned such high praise. The remaining two songs come from their second album (1971's Hinten): the 22-minute extended prog tribute to "Bo Diddley" and the aptly titled "Space Ship", an extensive sonic trip of 15+ minutes(!), only found on the bonus CD
    Guru Guru: Live in Wiesbaden 1972. B13 (B163). Street date: 23/08/12. Format:140 gram LP on red vinyl with yellow label in PVC sleeve with black lettering (limited edition 500 copies). By the time this album was recorded, bassist Uli Trepte had left the band to play with Neu! and Faust and was replaced with Bruno Schaab of Night Sun (the stellar German prog metal band). This early live album, recorded in front of a crowd of dedicated fans, is essential listening, featuring two extended tracks, the 28-minute "Oxymoron" and the 23-minute Guru Guru classic "Baby Cake Walk". €16
    Guru Guru: Live in Wiesbaden 1972 / 1973. B13 (B164). Street date: 23/08/12. Format:140 gram LP on clear red vinyl with white label in PVC sleeve with black lettering (limited edition 500 copies). With the 37-minutes long freakout "Ooga Booga" and new bass player Hans Hartmann (arguably Guru Guru's best in a long line of bass players) in the '73 concert, this live recording in Wiesbaden is a nice addition or complement to the previous Wiesbaden release (B163). €16
    Guru Guru: Tango Fango. Revisited Records LP reissue. 2009. €18
    Guy, Barry: Five Fizzles For Samuel Beckett. NoBusiness Records (NBEP 2). Nov. 2014. Limited edition of 300 records. Bass solo album recorded on January 11th, 2009 in Vilnius
    Hancock, Herbie: Thrust. LP. €12
    Hancock, Herbie: The Joni Letters. New 2007 album released as a limited 2LP edition. Features singer Norah Jones among others.
    Hansson & Karlsson: Man at the Moon. Universal (060252794541). Street date: 16/04/12. LP reissue of the third and last album of the Swedish duo.
    Hansson & Karlsson: Monument. Universal (060252794540). Street date: 16/04/12. LP re-issue of the debut album from 1967 by the Swedish duo
    John Mayer wherein Harriott would move into world music - long before that genre was coined - and develop his own brand of East-West fusion, using Western as well as Eastern instruments. Here the fusion continues in perhaps a slightly more subtle fashion. D'Silva draws upon the jazz guitar tradition of Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery.
    Harmonia: Deluxe. Lilith Dig-A-Log LP+CD (LR356LP). Feb. 2013. 180 Gr. vinyl gatefold LP with bonus CD on one package! Formed in the early seventies by Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Dieter Moebius of Cluster with Michael Rother of Neu!. Although this Kraut rock supergroup produced only two albums, their minimalist sound laid the groundwork for ambient and motorik rock for decades to come. Leaning slightly more towards Cluster's sound for their second and last release, 1975's De luxe featured more structured songs, along with a sparse spattering of vocals, and the guest appearance of Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru on a few tracks. €17
    Harmonia: Musik Von Harmonia. Lilith Dig-A-Log LP+CD (LR355LP). Feb. 2013. 180 Gr. vinyl gatefold LP with bonus CD on one package! €17
    Harriott, Joe / Amancio d'Silva Quartet: Hum Dono. Zaq (zaq124). 01/12/14. A collaboration of British Joe Harriott with the Goa, India-born Amancio d'Silva. This came after the recordings with Hawkins, Coleman: Desafinado. (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile)2013. May 2014. Numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Hawkins, Coleman: The Hawk Swings. Doxy (DOX882LP) 180 Gr. vinyl. Feb. 2013. Recorded in NYC in 1960 with Thad Jones (trumpet), George Duvivier (bass), Eddie Costa (piano and vibes), and Osie Johnson (drums). €16
    Hawkwind: Xenon Codex. Deluxe limited edition on red vinyl of the fifteenth studio album by the English space rock band, released in 1988. 2LP. Feb. 14.
    Heldon: Allez-Téia. Superior Viaduct (SV028). 2014. 2nd album by French guitarist Richard Pinhas under the Heldon moniker, Allez-Téia was originally released in 1975 on the artist's own Disjuncta imprint. Far from the band's prog-tinged trio lineup, Allez-Téia features a menagerie of guitars, Mellotron and analog synthesizers.
    Heldon: Interface. Superior Viaduct (SV029). 2014. LP reissue of the band's 6th album. Interface is loud, dark and unrelenting with a maximal approach to minimalism that would go on to inform the cold wave scene in the late 70's.
    Hemphill, Julius: Raw Materials And Residuals. Black Saint Dig-A-Log LP+CD (BS520004). Street date: 03/03/14. Recorded in New York in 1977, this album explodes like a face off between Hemphill's unique reeds, Abdul Wadud's deep pizzicato and Don Moye's frantic drive
    Henry, Pierre: Le Voyage. Doxy 180 Gr. LP (DOZ424LP). Dec. 2013. Available again, after being out of print for decades! €15
    Henry Cow: Concerts. Recommended Records (RERVHC5DLP). 180 gram 2LP double gatefold + printed inner with liner notes / photos. Oct. 2012. An essential piece in European progressive rock of the seventies, this live album by Henry Cow is finally reissued on double vinyl with updated content and rare and unseen photos!
    Henry Cow: In Praise of Learning. Recommended Records (RERVHC3LP). Oct. 2011. 180 gr. LP reissue of this timeless classic originally released on Virgin in 1975. €16
    Henry Cow: Unrest. Recommended Records (RER 1404). April 2011. LP reissue of the 2nd *sock* album, the one preferred by the amateurs and Fred Frith himself!
    Holiday, Billie: Billie's Blues. DOXY Audiophile Clear Vinyl Series (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile) (ACV2006). Street date: 16/06/14. The present album offers a potent reminder, drawn from three sources, of the Lady during those magic years, the 1940s and early 1950s, just before her life style took its toll irrevocably. The live tracks were taped at a concert during the European tour, Billie's first (and, as it turned out, only) tour of the Continent.
    Holiday, Billie: Lady Sings The Blues. Doxy ACV (ACV2037). Oct. 2014. First edition of 500 numbered copies.
    Holiday, Billie: Live At The Monterey Jazz Festival October 5th 1958. Suitable 1338. Street date: 12/03/15. A classic live recording from one of the most iconic voices of all-time, in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies on red vinyl with white splatter.
    Holiday, Billie: The Commodore Days. Doxy (DOX846). Street date: 20/02/14. The 'Strange Fruit session' for Commodore, was one of those historic moments and part of Billie Holiday's legend hinges on the tremendous courage it took for her go ahead and record this song, knowing that it might well mean the end of her career. Three other songs, found here, were also recorded at that session, while due to contractual issues, the remaining Commodore sides were not recorded until five years later in 1944.
    Hopo: Dietro La Finestra (1991). CAM 001. May 2008 reissue of the 2nd album by a classical Italian prog band with references to New Trolls and even Genesis. €17,50
    Hostsonaten: Winterthrough is now available on picture disc LP with one bonus track not available on the CD version. This is a limited (500) hand numbered edition! Gatefold sleeve. Not to be reprinted!
    Hunka Munka: Dedicato a Giovanna G. AMS 52 LP. 25/05/12. Reissue on 180 gr. vinyl of the sole album made in 1972 by keyboardist Roberto Carlotto from Varese, whose nickname was Hunka Munka
    Hunka Munka: Dedicato a Giovanna. AMS52LP-B Orange vinyl. Nov. 2014
    Ibis: S/T. Vinyl Magic Yellow Vinyl (VM169 LP). July 2014. Never reissued on LP in almost four decades, "Ibis" is now re-released in a faithful reproduction of the original edition. First 500 copies come on deluxe yellow vinyl.
    I.E.M.: 1996-1999. Double vinyl edition on ToneFloat of the I.E.M. anthology collecting all the music recorded between 1996-99 by Steven Wilson's experimental Krautrock influenced project. Limited run of 500 copies on 180 gram black and white vinyl, in a deluxe spot-varnished gatefold sleeve. Remastered collection including the whole of the first album, the Escalator to Christmas 12 inch single, and bonus material.
    Ibis: Canti Di Innocenza, Canti D'Esperienza (1973). Vinyl Magic VMLP094. March 09. Now made available again in exact repro of the cover and labels! and in 180 gram vinyl. Also includes the amazing original insert. Ibis was born from the split of the band New Trolls and therefore features similarities with them, an astounding blend of hard rock and classical influences.
    Il Segno Del Comando: Il Volto Verde. Black Widow BWR 161. 2014. See the CD section for the description of the content
    Ibis: Sun Supreme. Vinyl Magic VMLP081. 06/02/15. 180gr. gold & black mixed coloured vinyl. Originally released in 1974, this was the 2nd album by the New Trolls offshoot band, never reissued on vinyl ...until now!
    Il Compleanno Di Mary: Hollywood Songs (MARK201). July 2014. Limited numbered edition of 500 copies with gatelfold cover, pressed on 180 grams vinyl. This group is made up by Mino Di Martino (I Giganti, Telaio Magnetico e L'albergo Intergalattico Spaziale), Maddalena Bianchi with her clear voice, Angelo Avogadri on flute and Torunn Brigitte Sortvich on violin. Special guests: Ares Tavolazzi (from Area) and Alessandro Papes. Classify as psych/prog
    Jacula: In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum. Black Widow BWR 051 LP. Available from April 9th 2010. The first pressing was only 300 copies! This cult album has been now restored and cleaned up, made available again!
    Jacula: Pre Viam. Black Widow (BWR 135 LP). June 2011. Not to be mistaken for "Per Viam" (another album and both anagrams for vampire!), here's a great new epic, focused on the sadness, the melancholy and the suicidal tendency of the protagonist portrayed through seven fantastic musical paintings.
    Jazz Abroad: Featuring Roy Haynes And Quincy Jones. Doxy ACV (ACV2027). 11/09/14. A numbered first press of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Jobim, Antonio Carlos: Desafinado. 2015. May 2014. Numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV). (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile)
    Joe Harriott Quartet, The: Abstract. Doxy ACV (ACV2040). 17/11/14. Numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV). (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile)
    John Cale & Friends (Lou Reed, Patti Smith, David Byrne, Allen Lanier, Mick Ronson, and Chris Spedding): Live at the Ocean Club in New York, July 21, 1976. B 13 (B195). 140 gram LP on clear yellow vinyl in PVC sleeve (ltd. ed. 500 copies). April 2013. €16
    Jones, Quincy: Big Band Bossa Nova. Doxy ACV (ACV2032). Sept. 2014. A numbered first press of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Jono El Grande: The Choko King. Rune Grammofon (RALP 307). 25/11/11. This is Jono´s third album since 2009, but the recordings are from the period between 1995 and 2008, some of which predates his first album by four years. "The Choko King" offers an open door into Jono´s surrealistic musical universe and is a rare gift to his increasing number of fans and anyone interested in the workings of a truly eccentric and artistic mind. The album has been meticulously assembled from home recordings, demos, rehearsal tapes, live and studio recordings and made into a completely new work by Jono himself. The sleeve paintings are by acknowledged Norwegian artist Christer Karlstad. This is a limited, numbered vinyl edition of only 300 copies with inner sleeve containing "insanely nerdy details" on each track by Jono himself.
    Duke Jordan Trio: Flight to Denmark. SteepleChase 180 gr. vinyl audiophile edition (G1011). Nov. 2014.
    Joseph Jarman - Don Moye feat. Johnny Dyani: Black Paladins. Black Saint Dig-A-Log LP+CD (BS520005). Jan. 2014. In December 1979, two Art Ensemble of Chicago members - Joseph Jarman and Don Moye along with the great South African bassist Johnny Dyani gathered together under the name of Black Paladins. Inspired by the words of the great black poet Henry Dumas, the music traces a deep, dense sound path; from ancient Africa through the rural American south to the modern urban contrast.
    Joy Division: Futurama, Leeds, September 8th 1979. East / West (WEST911-2). 17/07/14. Limited edition of 349 hand-numbered copies on green splatter 180gr vinyl with yellow and black speckles; packed in transparent sleeve with obi strip.
    Joy Division: Live at the Paradiso Club, Amsterdam 1980. B 13 (B183). Nov. 2012. 140 gram LP on clear vinyl in PVC sleeve with blue lettering (ltd. 500 copies). On 11 January 1980 at Amsterdam's Paradiso Club, Joy Division played a mind-blowing 70-minute-long set to a mere handful of dedicated fans. €17
    Joy Division: Live At Town Hall, High Wycomb February 20, 1980. B 13 (B204). 25/07/13. Clear green vinyl in a clear PVC sleeve pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies.€17.
    Joy Division: London February 1980. B 13 (B203). 25/07/13. A classic live date from Ian Curtis & Co. recorded at the University of London Union. Yellow vinyl in a clear PVC sleeve with blue lettering pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies.€16
    Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart. Vinyl Lovers (901288). 05/01/12. LP version on clear vinyl in PVC sleeve with double-sided printed clear plastic insert. This special edition LP features all three versions of the song that transformed Joy Division from mere band into legend. In addition to the original single version, we have two versions remixed by American producers Don Gehman of John Mellencamp fame (the "radio version") and Arthur Baker (who also produced a hit single for Africa Bambaataa around this same time). The remaining tracks include "These Days" (which appeared on the original "Love Will Tear Us Apart" single), along with "Transmission" (their debut single released in 1979) and "Atmosphere" (originally released as a France-only single) in 1980. €16
    Joy Division: Preston, 28 February 1980. Picture disc LP (180 Gr.). Get Back GET 069P. Punk
    Kaleidon: Free Love. Vinyl Magic (VM157LP). Jan. 2014. Reissue of the only LP ever released by Kaleidon, one of the many 'forgotten ones' from the Italian progressive rock era. This reissue is faithful to the 1973 original release
    Jumbo: S/T. Vinyl Magic (VM167LP). Dec. 2014. Ltd. Silver&Black mixed colour vinyl
    Ken Boothe Meets Tasty Grooves: A Change Must Come b/w Better Than Nothing. 7" on the label Liquidator (LQ050). July 2014. This 45 features two Rocksteady/Reggae stompers. On the A side we can find the great Ken Booth singing a superb Tasty Grooves tune which remind us of some of this Jamaican artist best interpretations from the early 70's, with powerful social lyrics. On the flip side there is a new Tasty Grooves track called "Better Than Nothing", absolutely great, interpretated by Marc Ibarz, lead singer and guitar player from this soulful reggae band from Madrid.
    Kenny Wheeler Quintet: Flutter By, Butterfly. Soul Note Dig-A-Log LP+CD (SN521004). Street date: 06/03/14. Reissue of an album recorded in 1987 and featuring bass player Dave Holland alongside the reeds of Stan Sulzman and the impressionistic piano playing of John Taylor
    King Crimson: In the Wake of Poseidon. DGM / Panegyric. Limited edition. 10/10/11. Manufactured on 200 gram super-heavyweight vinyl & housed in a reprint of the original stunning gatefold sleeve this edition also contains bonus MP3 codes giving access to a download of a transfer of an original 1970 pressing
    Kirk, Roland: Third Dimension. Doxy ACV (ACV2039). 17/11/14. First edition of 500 numbered copies.(scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile
    Kompendium: Beneath the Waves. 7Stones Records. Street date: 22/10/12. A limited edition on double 180 gr. sea-blue vinyl. Gatefold sleeve with full colour inner sleeves. See the CD section for description of the album
    Komeda, Krzysztof : Knife In The Water. Doxy Cinematic (DOC107). June 2014. This is the first collaboration by the tandem team Komeda/Polanski; the album also offers the music of the film Two Men and a Wardrobe. Limited edition of 500 copies.
    Koray, Erkin: Tutkusu (GDRLP0707). This is the 4th album from 1977. Another brilliant psych-rock album obviously adorned again with some Turkish traditional music elements, though not as strongly as with "Elektronik Türküler". Here he even sings some tracks in English, giving the whole album a more occidental appeal
    Alexis Korner: R&B from the Marquee. Doxy (DOK215LP) 180 gr. LP + free bonus CD of the album. Street date: 28/06/12. This album - actually recorded in London's Decca studio despites its title - is often cited as being the very first British blues album. €17
    Kotebel: Omphalos. PAT Records (PAT-002 LP). 2008. 2LP release of this album from 2006 (the 4th in Kotebel's discography). €22
    Kraftwerk: Live. B13 (B168). Street date: 23/08/12. Format: 140 gram LP grey vinyl with blue label in PVC sleeve with red lettering (limited edition 500 copies). "Kometenmelodie 1 & 2" were recorded live in Paris during the Autobahn tour in 1976 and featured the classic Schneider / Hütter / Bartos / Flür line-up. Side B was recorded live in Utrecht in 1981 shortly after the release of their prophetic "Computer World" album. €16
    Kraftwerk: Live 1971. B13 (B186D). 140 gram 2LP on clear vinyl in PVC sleeve and multicolored labels (ltd. ed. 500 copies). Nov. 2012. Recorded live at the Gondel Kino (Gondola Cinema) in Bremen, Germany on 25 June 1971 (except for "Interzone" recorded on the TV program Beat-Club on 22 May 1971), with a rare trio line-up of Florian Schneider, Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger (soon to be of Neu!). This LP represents one of the very few recordings in existence of that brief period in Kraftwerk history after Ralf Hutter had temporarily left the band and before Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger went on to form Neu!€28
    Kraftwerk: Live At Ebbet Field In Denver, May 20, 1975 / Live At Koeln Sartory Saal, March 22, 1975. B 13 (B196). 25/07/13. Clear white vinyl in a clear PVC sleeve with blue lettering pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies.€16
    Kraftwerk: Live at Tribal Gathering, Luton, England on 24th May 1997. B 13 (B215). Brown vinyl, black lettering, limited edition of 500 copies. July 2014.
    Lacy, Steve: Plays Monk. 180 Gr. LP. €12
    La Leggenda New Trolls: Concerto Grosso n.3. 2LP ARS/IMM 1015 LP. April 2013. Limited numbered edition of 999 copies. See the CD section for a detailed description
    Ladd, Mike: Negrophilia. Thirsty Ears THI 156-2. Unusual for the label, here's a LP version of an album from 2003 by a rapper in good company: keyboardist Vijay Iyer, drummer Guillermo E. Brown, trumpetist Roy Campbell and more yet!
    Lasha/Simmons/Jordan/Cherry: It Is Revealed. Doxy ACV (ACV2038). 17/11/14. Recorded in New York City on May, 1963, this improvised session is a rare album! First edition of 500 numbered copies in a deluxe gold laminated jacket.scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile
    Latte E Miele: Papillon. Vinyl Magic Red Vinyl (VM168 LP). July 2014. Reissued in a faithful replica of the original edition, including the central 4-page insert which was initially featured inside the LP gatefold cover. First 500 copies come in a lavish red vinyl.
    Latte E Miele: Passio Secundum Mattheum (the complete work). Black Widow (BWRCD 165). Street date: 26-03-14. Available in two versions: black vinyl with insert and a 100 copies limited edition on golden vinyl, with insert and memory card. See the CD section for details
    Latte E Miele: Passio secundum Mattheum. Vinyl Magic clear orange vinyl (VM165 LP). Nov. 2014.
    Le Orme: Ad Gloriam (68). AMS29LP. Street date: 28/07/10. Reissue on 180 Gr. vinyl of the debut album by one of the top Italian prog bands
    Le Orme: Collage. Universal LP reissue (2786148). 06/12/11. 180 gr. vinyl & gatefold cover
    Le Orme:Contrappunti. Universal LP reissue (2786151). 06/12/11. 180 gr. vinyl & gatefold cover
    Le Orme: Felona e Sorona. This new edition, realized 38 years after the original album's release, features the remastered original album and for the first time, the English version, output only for the UK market for the label Charisma . The "Felona e Sorona" 2LP features the original lyrics written specifically at the time by Peter Hammill. It comes packaged in a stylish LP cover which contains a booklet with rare photos and the known discography in Italian and English by journalists and Giammetti Mario Ernesto De Pascale. A rarity to grab quickly!
    Le Orme: L'Aurora delle Orme (70). AMS30LP. Street date: 28/07/10. Originally released on the old label Car Juke Box, this 2nd effort was a compilation of their singles tracks. 180 Gr. vinyl reissue
    Le Orme: Live in Pennsylvania (SBM 0001 LP). 2009. In 2008 Le Orme released a fantastic DVD+2CD of their performance in Bethlehem for the 2005 Nearfest. Now they reprint in a limited edition the triple vinyl of that concert. The 3 tracks making side 6 have never been released before!
    Le Orme: Live Orme. Black Widow BWRCD115 (1975-77). 2LP + 10". Nov. 09. Originally released in Japan by Nexus/King Records label over 20 years ago, this new reissue contains various wonderful live performances of one of the most known Italian progressive bands and contains five bonus tracks not included in the original Japanese pressing, gathered here on the 10" LP
    Le Orme: Uomo di Pezza. Universal LP reissue (2786149). 06/12/11. 180 gr. vinyl & gatefold cover
    Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano: Dedicato a ... Akarma (AK 1008 LP). 28/07/11. New limited 180 gr. vinyl edition of the sole album made by this band from Rome in 1967. The album contains a side-long improvised track on side 1, closer to avantgarde or contemporary music performances than to rock. Side 2 is more conventional, with five short tracks with psych influences.
    Led Zeppelin: Live At Fillmore West In San Francisco, January 9th, 1969. B13 (B211). Street date: 14/11/13. Limited edition of 500 copies on white vinyl. €16
    Lee, Byron & The Dragonaires: Come Fly With Lee. Dynamite! (DNM14009). 180 gr. vinyl. Street date: 18/12/14. A classic piece of Jamaican ska that's been unavailable on vinyl for ages, by one of the most legendary as well as controversial figures in Jamaican music history.
    Lee, Byron & The Dragonaires: The Sounds Of Jamaica. Dynamite! (DNM14010). 180 gr. vinyl. Street date: 18/12/14. 2nd album originally released in 1963
    Locanda Delle Fate: Forse Le Lucciole Non Si Amano Più. Vinyl Magic (VM166LP). Feb. 2014. The reissue of this cult album, faithful in every detail to the original of '77, finally fills a gap that many progressive Italian fans anxiously waited since too long!
    Locanda Delle Fate: Homo Homini Lupus. AMS (AMS81 LP). Oct. 2014. Reissue.
    Locanda Delle Fate: Live in Bloom. AMS 46 LP (clear orange vinyl). Street date: 30/03/12. This release, only available in LP format, is the last one in the series of official recordings from a magnificent and unforgettable night, the Progvention Festival in Mezzago (Milan, Italy) on November 6th 2010. Of course a limited edition that will run out very quickly!
    Locanda Delle Fate: The Missing Fireflies. AltrOck Fading Records (ALTFAD001LP). April 2013. Gatefold sleeve LP. See the CD section for the description of the album
    Lou Reed / John Cale / Nico: Le Bataclan '72 Vol.1 Pict. Disc LP (180 Gr.) Get Back GET 122-1P
    Lou Reed / John Cale / Nico: Le Bataclan '72 Vol.2 Pict. Disc LP (180 Gr.) Get Back GET 122-2P
    Madden & Harris: Fool's Paradise. Akarma 180 Gr. LP AK315LP. This Australian duo is responsible for an exceptional fusion of progressive rock and folk, as the grooves of this album, originally released in a limited edition of 500 copies, prove. Published by Jasmine Records in 1975, Fool's Paradise manages to raise from its folkish background to a fuller rock experience, with the addition of mellotron and vintage keyboards. Dave Madden and Peter Harris are here backed up by a great rhythm section composed by Paul Baker (bass) and Doug Gallagher (drums) for an amazing session that reaches its apex in the suite that gives the name to the album. Impeccable. €16
    Magma: K.A. Jazz Village 2LP (JV 33570049.50). 17/10/14. 180gr. vinyl + digital download Wav files (CD Master quality). Free download card included.
    Magma: K”hntark”sz. Jazz Village (JV 33570057). 17/10/14. 180gr. vinyl + digital download Wav files (CD Master quality). Free download card included.
    Magma: R‹ah Sah‹ltaahk. Jazz Village (JV 33570045). 17/10/14. 180gr. vinyl + digital download Wav files (CD Master quality). Free download card included.
    Magma: Slag Tanz. Jazz Village (JV 33570051). Jan. 2015. 180 gr. vinyl edition of the album
    Mancini, Henry: Breakfast At Tiffany's. Doxy (DOC110). 04/08/14. Limited edition of 500 copies.
    Maschera Di Cera: Le Porte Del Domani. AMS 62LP. Jan. 2013. See the CD section for the description!
    Matching Mole: BBC 1972. B 13 (B202). 25/07/13. This LP combines material from three 1972 appearances on the BBC, including two for the legendary John Peel (all previously released in their entirety on CD by Hux Records). White vinyl in a clear PVC sleeve with blue lettering pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies. €16
    Matching Mole: S/T. Esoteric (ECLECLP2311). 25/08/14. This Esoteric Recordings limited LP edition on 180 gram vinyl is a facsimile of the original 1972 vinyl release and has been re-mastered from the original CBS master tapes and includes an inner bag with an essay by Sid Smith.
    Maxophone: S/T. (75). AMSLP23. 01/02/10. High quality, heavy 180 Gr. vinyl! €20
    Maytals, The: Never Grow Old. 180 gram LP on the label Dynamite (DNM14013). Street date: 19/02/15. Real authentic ska from the source, with the legendary Skatalitesbacking!
    McDonald and Giles: S/T. Klimt Records (MJJ353LP). Gatefold LP with inside pocket. Jan. 2013. This much appreciated album also featured Michael Giles' brother Peter (from their days with Giles, Giles & Fripp) and guest musician Steve Winwood, whose keyboard playing can be heard on "Turnham Green". €16
    John McLaughlin & the 4th Dimension: Now Here This. Abstract Logix. October 2012. New studio album available on a 180 gr. double vinyl Limited Collectors Edition + Download + free CD. This collector's pack includes an original signed photograph of John McLaughlin, a 4 page center fold photo, handwritten score of one tune and commentary from John McLaughlin on every piece from this album!
    Mendes, Sergio & Bossa Rio: Vocˆ Ainda NÆo Ouviu Nada! Doxy ACV (ACV2025). 08/08/14. A numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Misha Mengelberg / Steve Lacy / George Lewis / Arjen Gorter /Han Bennink: Change Of Season (Music of Herbie Nichols). Soul Note (SN521003). 180 gram LP + bonus CD of the album. Jan. 2013. Recorded in 1984.
    Metamorfosi: ... E Fu Il Sesto Giorno. Vinyl Magic VMLP003. Deluxe edition of the debut album by this band from Rome, originally released in 1972 on the Vedette label. It has already most of the elements of "Inferno", with the peculiar voice of Jimmy Spitaleri, the strong rhythm section and the classical influenced keys, but you can also note some slight late 60's influences here. Very rare in original format, this is the first vinyl reissue ever and comes with great remastered sound, replica of the original gatefold cover and label, limited to 500 copies!
    Metamorfosi: Inferno. New deluxe LP reissue for the band's unique Italian prog-rock opera and concept album from 1973! Superb gatefold cover LP edition with 180 gr. vinyl, all lyrics in the inner sleeve and original LP labels.
    Mike Westbrook Concert Band, The : Celebration. Klimt Records (MJJ368LP). Street date: 21/11/13. Originally released on Deram in 1967, Celebration is one of the most important albums of the 1960s British progressive and avant-garde Jazz scene. The Mike Westbrook Concert Band included some of the UK's most important jazz figures of the time, including John Surman, Mike Osborne, and Harry Miller. Available once again on LP for the first time in over 40 years. €16
    Miles Davis Sextet, The: Jazz At The Plaza. Doxy (DOX898LP). 22/08/13. Another fine live recording from 1958, recorded at the Edwardian Room of the Plaza Hotel for a bunch of record biz execs celebrating the success of Columbia Records jazz division. €16
    Miles Davis Quintet Together With Gil Evans Orchestra: At Carnegie Hall. Doxy ACV 2LP (ACV4003). Street date: 16/06/14 (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile).
    Mingus, Charles: Jazz Composers Workshop. Doxy (DOX883LP) 180 Gr. vinyl. Feb. 2013. €16
    Mingus, Charles: Jazz Composers Workshop #2. Doxy (DOX884LP) 180 Gr. vinyl. Feb. 2013. €16
    The Charles Mingus Quintet + Max Roach: S/T. Doxy (DOX863LP). Street date: 17/05/12. 180 gr. vinyl reissue. Recorded at Greenwich Village's Café Bohemia on December 23rd, 1955, this brilliant live performance is an example of Mingus' well-known Jazz Workshop period, with Mal Waldron on piano, while George Barrow and Eddie Bert play tenor sax and trombone, respectively.€16
    The Charlie Mingus Quintet: Chazz! ACV2012. May 2014. A numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV). (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile). Performed before a live audience at New York's Club Bohemia on December 23, 1955 and featuring Mal Waldron on piano.
    Monk, Thelonious: In Italy. Doxy ACV (ACV2044). 26/01/15. Recorded Live in Milan April 21, 1961. First edition of 500 numbered copies. (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile)
    Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane: At Carnegie Hall. ACV2017. May 2014. Numbered limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV). (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile)
    Thelonious Monk With Sonny Rollins & Frank Foster : Monk. Doxy (DOX853LP). Jan. 2014. Features a cover artwork by Andy Warhol, 1954. This album also had Art Blakey on drums and features Julius Watkins on French horn, as well as trumpetist Ray Copeland. €16
    Monk, Thelonious: Monk in France. Doxy (DOX901LP). 26/09/13. Thelonious Monk and his quartet spent a good chunk of 1961 touring Europe including this date, recorded at Olympia in Paris on April 18th.
    Morgan, Derrick: Forward March. Dynamite (DNM14002). 180 Gr. LP. Street date: 22-05-14. Originally released in 1962, "Forward March!" is the first long player from one of Jamaica's biggest stars of the early 1960s, who at one point occupied the first seven spaces on the JA pop chart! Included here is his biggest hit of all, rounded out with the title track - a huge influence on the 2-Tone movement - and 9 more classic sides of early ska.
    Morricone, Ennio: A Fistful of Dollars / Per un Pogno di Dollari. 10" EP GDM (GDMEP6502). Oct. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies on Deluxe purple vinyl. Plays on 45 rpm! Also included is a 26x26cm mini poster. Gatefold cover.
    Morricone, Ennio: Escalation. Dagored (RED214). 02/03/15. Limited edition of 500 copies on transparent yellow vinyl! Morricone, Ennio: Female. Black Cat (BCR0111). Nov. 2014. A Musical Journey into the World of Women, achieved by selecting songs from film music by the great Ennio Morricone
    Morricone, Ennio: La Resa dei Conti. Contempo (CO2004-2LP). Dec. 2014. Ennio Morricone delivered more dramatic conflict on his score for the 1968 Western La Resa Dei Conti, this time mixing in a bit of atmospheric formlessness among his more romantic and orchestral sounds. There are some vampiric-sounding organs as well as one of those ascending, judgement day tunes that's expected from a Western: the strings come into play and the choir gets heavy with the tension. Comes in two separate LPs sold together in a deluxe pvc sleeve. The first one is the exact reissue of the original album. The second contains 11 bonus tracks here released on vinyl for the first time.
    Morricone, Ennio: Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene. Dagored (RED202). June 2014. Soundtrack to an obscure Italian thriller from the 70's. Limited edition of 500 copies
    Morricone, Ennio: L'istruttoria Š Chiusa. Dimentichi. Contempo (CO2005LP). Dec. 2014. Original soundtrack from the film directed by Damiano Damiani; this is one of the best experimental scores composed by the Maestro, with an avantgarde style that reminds his works with Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza. Here are the complete recordings, including two bonus tracks, remastered from the original analog tapes. Master and sound restoring done by Roberto Zamori at Film Music Art Studio. Beautiful gatefold sleeve cover artwork done with the original movie poster.
    Morricone, Ennio: L'uccello dalle Piume di Cristallo. AMS36LP. Red vinyl. May 2014. For this soundtrack of a Dario Argento movie, the maestro adopted a particular style that draws heavily on contemporary music and on the studies of his Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza. First 500 copies are in red vinyl with a special 30x30cm insert resuming the best international flyers and lobby cards of the movie.
    Morricone, Ennio: Once Upon a Time in the West / C'era una Volta il West. GDM (GDMLP6503). Oct. 2014. Limited edition on Deluxe orange Mixed vinyl. This reissue comes in a splendid gatefold package, with a 30x30cm inlay poster.
    Morricone, Ennio: Spasmo. This great score for Umberto Lenzi's 1974 cult thriller will be a Store Day Release from the label Dagored, presented in two limited editions and artwork (500 copies): The Mouth Edition, on RSD electric blue vinyl (RED216X) and the Hand Edition, on RSD clear blue vinyl (RED216Y). Street date: 23/03/15
    Morricone, Ennio: The Big Gundown (La Resa Dei Conti). Dagored (RED211). 15/01/15. Limited numbered edition of 500 copies on splatter vinyl (black with sand Speckles). Free poster inside. Complete remastered edition.
    Morricone, Ennio: Veruschka. Dagored (RED201). June 2014. Ennio Morricone's famous soundtrack composed for the 1971 Franco Rubartelli documentary Veruschka, Poesia di una Donna, about the legendary Veruschka, the world's first supermodel, a real 60's/70's icon, who appeared in several cult movies; limited edition of 500 copies
    Mothers Of Invention, The : FZ at Artisan. B13 (B152). 07/12/11. 140 gram LP Clear vinyl in transparent PVC sleeve with blue lettering; limited edition 500 copies. Recorded live between October 1968 and May 1969, these tracks were chosen, produced and mastered by Frank Zappa himself at Artisan Sound in Hollywood, CA in mid-1969. The album includes rare live versions of tracks recorded during The Mothers' first European tour (Autumn 1968) and at various locations around the USA (mostly in 1969). €16
    Paul Motian Trio: One Time Out. Soul Note (SN521001). 180 gram LP + bonus CD of the album. Jan. 2013. A truly unique trio in the history of modern jazz, the legendary Paul Motian (drums), along with the magnificent Bill Frisell (guitar) and Joe Lovano (tenor sax), represent the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.
    Gerry Mulligan & Paul Desmond : Quartet. Doxy (DOX867LP) 180gr. LP. 28/06/12. Recorded in August 1957, this was Mulligan and Desmond's first collaborative effort. A blend of standards and original compositions like Desmond's "Blues In Time", and Mulligan's hit song "Line For Lyons", Quartet is an absolute classic of Cool. €16
    Murple: Il Viaggio. 180 gram vinyl & gatefold cover. AMS (AMS80LP). Oct. 2014.
    Murple: Io Sono Murple. AMS 44 LP. Vinyl reissue with the same gatefold cover and insert as the original from 1974. The first 300 copies are pressed in green vinyl.
    Murray, David: Ming. Black Saint Dig-A-Log (BS520003). 180 gram LP + CD. Oct. 2012. A key work in Murray's discography and his debut as leader of this historic octet. €17.
    Museo Rosenbach: Zarathustra (73). Sony/Bmg 88697428191. 30/01/09. One of the masterpieces of Italian progressive rock finally reprinted on 180 gr. vinyl with digital remastered sound! Gatefold sleeve. €21
    Mushroom: Early One Morning. 180 gram LP. AK328LP. Originated in Dublin in 1972, Mushroom were one of the top folk prog Irish bands of the period. A collector's item, Early One Morning is now reissued with four bonus tracks that were originally released as singles. €16
    Nektar: Down to Earth. Sireena Records (SIREENA4015). 12/03/12. 1974's "Down To Earth" with Hawkwind friend Robert Calvert acting as ringmaster for the progressive circus is a tremendous listen. This edition also includes the reproduction of a classic live Nektar Poster
    Nektar: Remember The Future. Sireena Records (SIREENA4011). Street date: 15/06/11. This edition comes in 180 gram heavy-weight vinyl and includes a reproduced Promo 7" Single with two radio versions. For the very first time! "Remember The Future" was originally released in 1973 and for many fans it always has been the masterpiece by the anglo-German band
    Nero, Leo: Vero. AMSLP22. Street date: 20/01/2010. Behind this name is in fact keyboardist Gianni Leone, here in 1977 starting a solo career after the disbanding of his band Il Balletto di Bronzo . The album was recorded in New York in 1976 and is reissued for the very first time on a great sounding 180g high quality vinyl! (it had shortly previously seen a limited vinyl reissue in Japan). The album is totally played and sung by Leo himself; the sound is mainly keyboard based but Leone played drums, minimoog bass lines and even guitar on some tracks. €20
    New Trolls: Concerto Grosso. Deluxe LP Vinyl Magic VMLP129. May 2008. Here's a limited, wonderful reissue of the original album from 1971, with its gatefold cover and original label replicas. €17,50
    New Trolls: S/T. Vinyl Magic 180 Gr. LP VM133LP. Sept. 08. The songs of this 2nd album from 1970 are still a pleasure to listen today; they are real beat and psych inspired killers, highlighted by great vocal harmonies and an Hendrix-inspired guitar playing. Not yet prog but catchy and well crafted! €18
    New Trolls: Searching For A Land. Vinyl Magic 2LP (VMLP139). May 2009. Brilliant reissue of the 1972 double album by Italian prog hitmakers, mostly sung in English. One of the 4 sides is a live recording. This wonderful reissue is an exact replica of the original, with the gatefold cover with top flap. A very nice collectable. 180g vinyl.
    New Trolls: Senza Orario, Senza Bandiera. Vinyl Magic 180 Gr. LP VM130LP. Sept. 08. Finally on LP again the legendary New Trolls debut album from 1969! The lyrics where written for them by singer songwriter Fabrizio De André, while music arrangements were due to a man that would become the producer of Le Orme! €18
    Nilovic, Janko: Funky Tramway. Vadim Music (VAD036LP). 180gr. LP. 05/07/11. Doted with a great reputation and very stable value in the often fluctuating rare groove market, Funky Tramway is often considered to be one of the rarest and most well developed of Janko Nilovic's records, easily rivalling his famous cult album Rythmes Contemporains. €17
    No-Man: Returning Jesus. Reissued on the Tonefloat label in a lavish triple vinyl format, No-Man's acclaimed 2001 album has never looked or sounded better. The first two LPs comprise a re-mastered version of the existing album as well as all the EP tracks officially released during the period. The third LP contains previously unreleased alternate versions and demos made during the five year period Returning Jesus was being recorded. The initial limited edition of 500 copies is available on 180 gram marbled multi-coloured vinyl housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.
    No-Man: Schoolyard Ghosts. May 2008. A special limited edition of only 1.000 copies worldwide is pressed on coloured 180 grams double vinyl, and housed in a numbered cardboard slipcase, that also contains a full-colour 16page 12x12inch picture booklet, plus a 7inch with three exclusive schoolyard ghosts demos, written and recorded by Tim Bowness.
    No-Man: Speak. Burning Shed. Deluxe 180 gram heavyweight vinyl edition in a lavish gatefold sleeve. The first 500 copies are pressed on marbled multi-coloured vinyl, and include an additional one-sided bonus 12" featuring the CD bonus track The Hidden Art Of Man Ray. Considered by Steven and Tim to be one of their finest works, the tracks date from the very earliest years of the band (1988-89), but were subject to re-recording and re-mixing in 1999.
    No-Man: Together We're Stranger. This new 180g white vinyl version of the album comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and contains a previously unreleased 'drum' mix of "The Break-up For Real" and the album outtake "bluecoda".
    Norman Haines Band, The: Den Of Iniquity. Acid Nightmare Records (ANM011). 03/07/14. Limited LP edition. One of the most sought after releases of the Progressive Rock era, Den of Iniquity was the only album recorded by the band and was a dark and heavy affair with superb compositions that included a reworked version of Mr. Armageddon (previously recorded by Locomotive), the excellent title track and the epic thirteen minute long Rabbits . Issued on the Parlophone imprint in 1971, the album was available for a few short months before being deleted. This high quality vinyl reissue on the Acid Nightmare label fills that gap in any respectable Prog Rock vinyl collection. This is strictly limited to 400 copies, with fully restored and remastered sound!
    Nuova Raccomandata Con Ricevuta Di Ritorno, La : Il Pittore Volante. AMSLP25. 16/02/10. 300 copies in black vinyl. After more than 30 years, Raccomandata Ricevuta di Ritorno is back and hits the streets with an astounding record with even more astounding guests, including Claudio Simonetti (Goblin), Lino Vairetti (Osanna) and even Carl Verheyen (Supertramp. €20
    Omega: 10.000 Paces. Moiras Records (CALP010). 15/12/11. This compilation available only on vinyl grabs the forgotten tracks of the early era between 68 and 70, including rare English versions, unreleased demo recordings and even a bonus track on a theme unusual for late 60s beat. €20
    Opus Avantra: Lord Cromwell. Artis (AR003LP). 16/09/11. Reissue of the 2nd album, which didn't feature singer Donella Del Monaco. €18
    Os Mutantes: S/T. Lilith Dig-A-Log LR336LP. 23/02/12. 180 gr. LP + free CD of the album. With the release of their debut LP in 1968, Os Mutantes cracked the already red hot Tropicalia scene wide open. Fusing traditional Brazilian music, psychedelia, rock and a good dose of pure experimentalism, they quickly became giants both in Brazil and in the outer fringes of pop music, where they have managed to reign supreme for the past four decades.€16
    Osage Tribe: Arrow Head. Vinyl Magic VM50LP. 23/03/12. Still considered a must-have for any Italian Prog listener, "Arrow Head" is now reissued as an audiophile 180 gr. black vinyl, enclosed in a gatefold cover faithful to the beautiful original edition from 1972. The band was founded by Franco Battiato.
    Osage Tribe: Hypnosis. AMSLP68-B Orange vinyl. Nov. 2014
    Osanna: Milano Calibro 9. Vinyl Magic VMLP092. Osanna's 2nd album, originally released in 1972 on Fonit and used as film soundtrack under this title (the original title being "Preludio, Tema, Variazioni, Canzona"). Now available again, with the original gatefold cover and label replicas. Limited to 500 copies.
    Osanna: Palepoli. Vinyl Magic VMLP127. Deluxe LP. Now available again with the original gatefold cover, label replicas and the printed inner sleeve including the lyrics. Limited to 500 copies. Palepoli - Osanna's third album - was originally released in 1973 and contains three long tracks only, the first of them an amazing mixture of progressive rock with local Napoli folk. The whole album has excellent guitar and powerful rhythm section, and the production of the record is fantastic.
    Osanna: Rosso Rock (LPRG2212). Sept. 2012. See the CD section for details.
    Osanna & David Jackson: Prog Family. AMS 16LP. Sept. 09. After the CD release, here comes a gatefold double LP with over 70 minutes of music (see details on the CD section under Italy)
    Out Of Focus: Four Letter Monday Afternoon. Missing Vinyl Records (MV006). June 2009. From a vinyl-only label who specializes in music the world has been missing out on for decades, here's a fully authorized, limited deluxe exact double LP reissue on 180g vinyl of the third album from 1972 by one of the finest German Krautrock groups, almost entirely instrumental and with a strong brassy touch.. Expertly remastered from the mastertapes. Contains one bonus track (When I'm Sleeping).
    Out Of Focus: S/T. Missing Vinyl Records (MV005). 2009. From the same label, this heavy progressive Krautrock from the very early 70's, with lots of organ/guitar/flute riffing; this is their jazzier 2nd album, from 1971, which includes the seventeen-minute long "Fly Bird Fly Television Program" (a great song, a great song title); extended instrumentals and abundant solos. Fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl, expertly remastered from the mastertapes.
    Out Of Focus: Wake Up. Missing Vinyl Records (MV004). 2009. This is the first album (1970) of heavy progressive Krautrock by one of the finest Krautrock groups with organ, flute, and guitar riffing to satisfy even the greatest requirements; fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl, expertly remastered from the mastertapes.
    Paatos: Sensors. Mellotronen. 2007. A live LP recorded in Germany, Holland and France. The 180 gram LP is housed in a thick gatefold sleeve. Release strictly limited to 500 copies.
    Paatos: Silence Of Another Kind. Mellotronen. 2006. Very nicely done with foldout cover, printed innersleeve. Comes in black vinyl (800 copies) and in white vinyl (200 copies). Great album!
    Paatos: Timeloss. Mellotronen. 2003. An emotional and very melodic album with dark passages. Housed in a nice gatefold sleeve with a different booklet than on the CD. The first 300 copies in coloured vinyl.
    Paese dei Balocchi, Il : S/T. Vinyl Magic VMLP125. Reissue on 180gr. vinyl of the sole album made in 1972 by this Italian prog band from Rome, formed in 1971. Here is a typical Italian symphonic prog album with strong classical influences and keyboards as lead instrument; it contains two long suites divided into small movements. €20
    Pagani, Mauro: S/T. Vinyl Magic (VM115LP). March 2013. 180 Gr. vinyl reissue. The vinyl transfer has been made for the first time with the DMM technology (Direct Metal Mastering), with the aim of offering an even better sound quality. €20
    Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson & Brian Auger: Jam Session. Charly Records (180 Gr.). Recorded in April 1964, this album is the third jam session Sonny Boy Williamson recorded during his stay in London.
    Pangea: Invasori. AMS-Vinyl Magic (AMSLP02). Deluxe LP. This is a conceptual album with 10 tracks put together into 2 long suites, some long instrumental and much elaborated parts, Italian lyrics. It's spacey progressive music with some pop hints too. It was out on Philips in 1976 but only in promotional form and without a cover! It comes today in gatefold cover, obviously new artwork, great sound and is limited to 500 copies that will sell-out very fast! €17,50.
    Panna Fredda: Uno. Vinyl Magic (VM118LP). 27/01/12. With the first 300 copies pressed on clear transparent vinyl, here's a reissue of the sole album made by this band from Rome in 1971. Some English prog influences can be heard and classical influences are evident, especially in the keyboard parts.
    Panzerpappa: Astromalist. Rune Grammofon (RLP3135). Street date: 12/10/12. New album by the Norwegian Canterburians!
    Parker, Charlie: On Dial Vol. 1. Doxy (DOX900LP). 26/09/13. Featuring material recorded during several sessions between February and July of 1946 for the Dial label
    Pascal, Gigi & La Pop Compagnia Meccanica : S/T. June 2011. Limited numbered edition of 500 copies! Great and very rare album (probably pressed in just a few hundreds copies in 1973) with the Hammond organ and drums as main instruments; the music has some nice classical influences, long tracks and very good, complex arrangements !
    Patterson, Ben: A Fluxus Elegy. Limited edition (17 VOCSON). Avant garde. The new Ben Patterson piece, issued as a one-sided LP on Alga Marghen's VocSon series, is based on the basic principles of the polyphonic music of the Bantu tribes of West and Central Africa.
    Pat Metheny Group: Missouri, June 1979. B13 (B210). Street date: 14/11/13. Culled from the touring behind their breakout hit LP, American Garage, this LP features some of their finest live recordings of that year, in the guitarist's home state of Missouri. Absolutely essential jam jazz from the master of the genre, in a limited edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl. €16
    Pelletier, Jean-Claude: Streaking. Vadim Music (VAD037LP). 180gr. LP. 05/07/11. Finally, one of European rare groove's holy grails is rereleased, "a dance record like no other" as the presentation on the back of its cult sleeve with the naked runner proudly announces. €17
    Pere Ubu: Pennsylvania. Vinyl Lovers (901295). 180 gr. LP + free 33 RPM 7". 02/02/12. On this album originally released in 1998 in the UK, David Thomas and original guitarist PFM: A.D.2010 La Buona Novella Opera Apocrifa. Edel / Aerostella 0204902AER-CD(2010). 2LP edition. See details above (News page or Progressive page -> Italy).
    PFM: Storia di un Minuto. Sony 888750118615. Oct. 2014. The historic first album is now reissued and digitally remastered by Sony Records with gatefold cover.
    PFM: The World Became The World. Cherry Red Phonograph (CRP114LP). LP reissue with the original die-cut cover and printed innersleeve. Street date: 23/02/12. This edition of PFM's second album for Manticore (74) has been remastered from the analog tapes. €16
    Pholas Dactylus: Concerto Delle Menti. Black Widow (BWR 107). Reissue of the famous and sole album, originally released on De Scalzi's label Magma. This new version also contains a 10 pages booklet full of vintage photos of the group, and a 4-pages insert that includes all the lyrics of the album.
    Pieranunzi / Johnson / Baron: Deep Down. Soul Note (SN521002). 180 gram LP + bonus CD of the album. Jan. 2013. Album recorded in 1986.
    Pooh, I: Alexandra. Vinyl Magic (VM160LP). LP reissue in a faithful replica of the original, on splatter colored vinyl.
    Pooh, I: Contrasto (VMRS358). Strictly limited reissue of 500 copies with original (and great) artwork and improved sound quality. This is their 2nd album from 1968. Rare and nearly gone by March 2008. €30
    Pooh, I: Opera Prima. Vinyl Magic (VMLP158). 21/03/14. Reissue of the band's fourth LP - released in 1971 - in a faithful replica of the original gatefold pressing. "Splatter effect" coloured vinyl.
    Pooh, I: Parsifal. Vinyl Magic Orange vinyl (VMLP161). Nov. 2014
    Pooh, I: Per Quelli Come Noi (VRM36033). Strictly limited reissue of 500 copies with original (and great) artwork and improved sound quality. This is their debut album from 1966. Rare and nearly gone by March 2008. €30
    Pooh, I: Per Quelli Come Noi (VRM36033). Feb. 2014. Special limited edition (200 copies) reissued on red vinyl!
    Pooh, I: Memorie. VPA 8083 LP. Sept. 2012. This album from 1969 was the last released by Vedette Records, before the band moved on to CBS. Enclosed in a beautiful gatefold cover, a replica of its original version, the LP is here enhanced by the attached 7" single "Nel buio / Cose di questo mondo" (1967), in its rarest alternate cover version. €28
    Pooh, I: Opera Prima. Vinyl Magic (VM158LP). Feb. 2014. Vinyl Magic reissue of the band's fourth album from 1971, faithful to the original gatefold pressing. 'Splatter effect' coloured vinyl. €20
    Popol Vuh: Einsjäger Und Siebenjäger. Spalax. With Daniel Fischescher
    Porcupine Tree: Deadwing. August 2005: A small number of copies are remaining of this deluxe 2LP blue vinyl edition in thick gatefold sleeve with poster. Side 4 also includes the tracks from the Lazarus CD single "So Called Friend" and "Half-light".
    Porcupine Tree: Fear Of A Blank Planet. Finally for all vinyl fanatics comes the double LP edition of Fear of a Blank Planet, issued by vinyl specialists ToneFloat. The double vinyl edition includes the album as well all 4 tracks from the the Nil Recurring mini album, all on 180 gram vinyl, packed in a state of the art heavy gatefold picture sleeve with innerbags, designed by Carl Glover.
    Porcupine Tree: Moonloop. Vinyl preorder can be sent in March 2006. Issued originally on CD in 2001 for the fan club in an edition of 500 copies, this is a limited vinyl edition of the most sought after Porcupine Tree release. A long spacey, psychedelic improvisation of over forty minutes in length, moonloop is regarded as the holy grail for fans of Porcupine Tree's space rock era. Available in a limited run on white vinyl and housed in a twelve inch dark blue PVC, screen printed bag this will no doubt become as sought after as the original CD edition.
    Porcupine Tree: On The Sunday of Life. 2LP. This continues Headspin's reissuing of the whole PT Delerium years catalogue. Deluxe remastered black vinyl double LP in a gatefold sleeve. Porcupine Tree's 1992 debut is an album that stands up a modern day psychedelic classic. With acid warped lyrics, quirky melodies, effected vocals and trippy backwards guitar work, the album also hints at the direction the band would take later
    Porcupine Tree: Stupid Dream. Porcupine Tree's 1999 studio album released on black vinyl as a deluxe double LP set on US label Gates of Dawn. The remaster of the original album is on sides 1-3, and side 4 contains bonus tracks Ambulance Chasing and Even Less (full length 14 minute version). Comes in a lavish thick gatefold sleeve using the new artwork created by Lasse Hoile, and designed by Carl Glover. Previously available pressed on grey vinyl.
    Porcupine Tree: The Incident. This most ambitious statement of intent to date is available in both regular and special double vinyl editions. The special edition is limited to 2000 copies worldwide, and features the two discs in separate picture sleeves together with a superb 48-page 12" book housed in a custom printed pvc slipcase.
    Porcupine Tree: Up The Downstair. 2LP Burning Shed. Porcupine Tree have released a new double vinyl version in beautiful gatefold cover and inner sleeves. Content is the same as the new 2004 2 CD remaster, except that record two, Staircase Infinities, also includes a bonus track from the same era, Phantoms (this track can also be found on the Stars Die CD anthology).
    Porcupine Tree: We Lost The Skyline. On the 4th october 2007 Porcupine Tree showed up for an in-store performance and signing session at park avenue cds in Orlando, Florida, with 200 fans also in attendance. Although it was originally planned that the full band would play, lack of space dictated that it was only the two guitarists/singers Steven Wilson & John Wesley who delivered an impromptu performance, including many songs rarely (if ever) played by the band, making for a very special and intimate show. Fortunately this one-off event was captured by a remote recording facility and the complete 8 song, 33 minute performance is now being released by Tonefloat in a 180 Gr. vinyl edition with a gatefold picture sleeve created by photographer Lasse Hoile and designer Carl Glover.
    Prince Buster: I Feel The Spirit. Dynamite (DNM14001). 180 Gr. vinyl. Street date: 22/05/14. One of the most important figures in the development of ska's and, ultimately, reggae's music. Not just an innovator, he's also one of the more distinct and distinguished voices in the history of Jamaican popular music. I Feel The Spirit is his very first long player and was a hit both at home in Kingston, and in the West Indian clubs of London, where it would help to inspire the late 70s/early 80s 2-Tone movement. This album is one of the most important LP documents of early Jamaican ska!
    Prince Buster: The Blue Beat Singles 1961-1962. Dynamite! (DNM14011). 180 gr. vinyl. Street date: 18/12/14. Starting in the early 60',s the UK's Blue Beat label began releasing the early ska singles of the legendary Prince Buster, introducing the British Isles to the new sounds of Jamaica, and its biggest star. Collected here are 16 of these classic cuts, some of the finest ska songs ever released and the blueprint for a sound that would take the UK by storm
    Procession: Fiaba. Vinyl Magic VMLP123. Deluxe LP. With this second and last album from 1974, Fiaba moved away from hard rock. With a new line-up (only keeping guitarist and vocalist from their original line-up), Procession made it different, and still much better. Fiaba is an astounding piece of progressive rock with a slight symphonic feel, with guitar, bass, drums, flute and sax, and occasional keys, now reissued in its gatefold cover and also label's replica.
    Ptôse: Ignobles Limaces. 180 gram LP Replica (RPC06). 30/10/14. French Ptôse possess an early electro-wave-experimental sound with lots of primitive electronics, drum machines, and funny voices. This album was originally released in 1984.
    Raccomandata Con Ricevuta Di Ritorno: Per... Un Mondo Di Cristallo. Deluxe LP Vinyl Magic VMLP117. May 2008 reissue of their sole album, released in 1972 on Cetra-Fonit. The original LP came out in a gorgeous gatefold cover with a very nice drawing in the inner gatefold and it's a particularly hard to find item. Typical Italian progressive sound with acoustic guitar, flutes and lots of keyboards, along with some jazz influences. A good representative album from the Italian progressive golden years. €17,50
    Radius, Alberto: Radius. Oct. 08. Very limited reissue by BMG/Sony of this solo album from 1972 by the guitarist of Formula 3. This album has several members of Area guesting on a few tracks + other guests as well!
    Ramones, The: Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles, Ca, November 24th, 1977. East/West (WEST915J). Street date: 18/12/14. A numbered limited edition of 349 copies on red vinyl with blue splatter.
    Reale Impero Britannico, Il: Perché Si Uccidono. AMS LP13. Sept. 09. Released in a very small batch of copies in January 1976 as the soundtrack of an obscure movie, this recording is a gem for collectors because it features the members of Goblin at a time where they still called themselves Cherry Five. An essential and rare record for Goblin lovers, that will suit both all psychedelic and progressive minds! €18
    Red Garland Trio: It's A Blue World. Doxy ACV (ACV2030). Sept, 2014. Paul Chambers' bowing is truly special on this very special recording. A numbered first press of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Residents, The: Residue Of The Residents. Superior Viaduct (SV073). Format: 2LP. Street date: 27/03/14. Originally released on Ralph Records in 1983 and spanning The Residents' career up to that point, this first-time vinyl reissue has been expanded to a double LP and contains 26 songs, a collection of outtakes, rare tracks and other experiments from this legendary San Francisco collective.
    Residents, The: Santa Dog. 2 x 7" from Superior Viaduct (SV072). Street date: 27/03/14. First-time vinyl reissue of their debut release, first appeared in 1972 on the equally enigmatic Ralph Records / Cryptic Corporation, complete with Christmas-themed fold-out sleeve. The package is an essential artifact for devout fans and beginners!
    Roach, Max: We Insist! Freedom Now Suite. So Far Out (OUT5001LP) 180 Gr. vinyl. Feb. 2013. LP reissue of a classic gem! Recorded in August 1960, was the first of several jazz-as-protest albums explicitly to voice the growing demand for equal rights. Conceived as a suite by Roach, its composer and arranger, the album features a shifting cast of players, with only Roach and singer Abbey Lincoln heard throughout. €16
    Rocchi, Claudio: Il Miele dei Pianeti, le Isole, le Api (1974). Sony (88691988991) LP reissue. Street date: 13/04/12. A transitional album that would begin to pull the mystical, improvisational drone-folk back from the edges of space and reassert a more deliberate song structure here and there. Rocchi was helped here by musicians from Aktuala and this introduces a different flavor, compared to his previous few albums.
    Rocky's Filj: Storie Di Uomini E Non (1973). Sony 88697512641. May 2009. Definitely a band that deserved more consideration, Rocky's Filj broke up soon after the album was recorded. The album is jazz-rock oriented, but all the tracks have vocals, and Rocky's voice is very original.
    Roil: Raft of the Meadows. NoBusiness Records (NBLP 80). Nov. 2014. Limited edition of 300 copies. This is the trio of Chris Abrahams (piano), Mike Majkowski (bass) and James Waples (drums), recorded in Sydney in 2013 & 2014
    Rollins, Sonny: Freedom suite. Doxy Dig-A-Log (DOK213LP). 180 gr. LP + 2 extra tracks and bonus CD of the album! 15/03/12. Recorded in 1958, this historic album cemented Rollins' status as one of the greatest innovators in jazz. Experimenting for the first time with the "extended format" in a sax-led trio, Rollins and his all-star rhythm section (Oscar Pettiford on bass and Max Roach on drums) get down to business with the groundbreaking 19-minute "Freedom Suite", which Rollins uses to draw a parallel between freedom in music and freedom for African Americans in the 1950s. Featuring two bonus tracks, including the Roach / Pettiford original, "There Will Never Be Another You".
    Rota, Nino: 8 e Mezzo. Doxy Cinematic (DOC103). Limited edition of 500 copies. May 2014.
    Rota, Nino: Il Gattopardo (The Leopard). Doxy Cinematic (DOC104). Limited edition of 500 copies. May 2014. Soundtrack for Visconti's masterpiece!
    Rota, Nino: La Dolce Vita. Doxy Cinematic (DOC102). Limited edition of 500 copies. May 2014. Legendary score from the legendary Fellini's movie. The music by Nino Rota is sometimes quasi-liturgical, sometimes jazz, sometimes rock; lurking beneath is the irreverence of tuba and accordions, and snatches of pop songs.
    Roversi, Cristiano: AntiQua. Ma.Ra.Cash Records (MRC LP 02). 19/11/12. Solo project from Moongarden's keybardist! Says Roversi: "AntiQua is a strange land where time flows at a more natural pace, I don't really know if it's on our planet, or even if it exists in the past, present or future, near or far'AntiQua manifests when we need it, every time we give in to dreams and forget about the daily grind. It is a goblet of wine in a candlelit tavern."
    Samadhi: S/T (VMLP124). New vinyl reissue with the original artwork, label replicas and remastered sound. €17
    Savages, The: Live In The Studios Of Columbia University's WKCR On March 21, 1974. B13 (B209). Street date: 14/11/13. An absolutely electric performance from Sonny & Linda Sharrock, with their group, The Savages, recorded for NYC radio station WKCR. Sonny's guitar playing on this set is a revelation and Linda's wordless vocals complement it perfectly. Groove based experimental jazz at its absolute finest. Limited edition of 500 copies on transparent yellow vinyl. €16
    Schipa Jr., Tito: Orfeo 9. Vinyl Magic (VM134LP). 2LP. Oct. 2013. This double album was one of the first examples of pop operas in Italy. Influenced by classical music, Schipa released a beautiful work that can be hardly described as a proper rock album, but surely falls into the progressive music field. It featured for example Brainticket's leader Joel Vandroogenbroeck and drummer Tullio De Piscopo. Faithful reproduction of the original edition, including the additional lyrics booklet.
    Schulze, Klaus: Midi Klassik. Vinyl Lovers (901301). 180 gr. 2LP. 31/05/12. Released briefly on CD in 1994 and never before released on vinyl, electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze gives here a new reading of well-known compositions by Smetana, Schubert, Brahms, Beethoven, among others. €20
    Schulze, Klaus: Mirage. Revisited Records (B0023P7ZW6). 2009 LP reissue. Will include a 16 page booklet in "original design". €19
    Schulze, Klaus: X. Revisited Records. 26-06-2009 2LP reissue of the album from 78. Will include an impressive booklet in the "original design". €24
    Scorch Trio with Mars Williams: Made in Norway. Rune Grammofon (RLP 2119). 09/11/11. Vinyl only release in a numbered, limited edition of only 500. White vinyl. Classic double live album from this free spirited international trio, this time expanded with Chicago sax player Mars Williams. Recorded at Oslo´s Café Mono and at the Nattjazz festival in Bergen, both in May 2011, this fully shows how new drummer Frank Rosaly now is a perfect partner to founders Raoul Björkenheim (guitar) and bass player Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, not to mention Williams who fits in perfectly with only a minimum of rehearsals before these concerts. The interplay is simply stunning and the sound is of studio quality. Sporting a beautiful gatefold sleeve this is simply a great package all around.
    Semiramis: Dedicato a Frazz (1973). TRI 1004 LP. New reissue in 180 gr. vinyl LP for collectors of the unique Semiramis Italian progresive album from 1973. Now available in limited edition LP with green vinyl. Only 200 copies available!
    Senogul: S/T. PAT Records (PAT-001 LP). 2008. 2LP release of the debut album by a Spanish instrumental band hailing from Asturias. Mediterranean flavored prog rock crossed with jazz-rock. €22
    Sensation's Fix: Fragments of light. Ltd. Edition. Superior Viaduct (SV027 LP). Dec. 2013. Reissue of this stellar proggy krautrock debut album, originally released on Polydor in 1974. Fluid, meditative guitar leads and innovative use of synthesizers, combined with a noted lack of percussion (and vocals) on all but a few songs, have drawn comparisons to Kosmische legends Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh.
    Seven That Spells: Black Om Rising. 28/11/14. More heavy stoner-psych from the highly regarded Croatian unit! Edition on black vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Also availavle on red vinyl
    Siena Root: Different Realities. Headspin Records (HSLP314). 17/10/09. Limited 180 gram vinyl issue of the 4th album from this Swedish quartet, housed in a deluxe gatefold 'embossed' sleeve! We get here 2 long tracks, divided into 10 pieces, whereof the first section is a classic Siena Root sounding experience, recalling bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, but with a more psychedelic edge. The 2nd part is an Indian inspired piece filled with stoned moments, sitars, tablas and of course electric instruments.
    Simmons, Sonny: Music From The Spheres. €12 Simone, Nina: At Carnegie Hall. Doxy ACV 2LP(ACV4002). Feb. 2014. Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV) (scroll and check definition at Doxy Audiophile). This concert held on May 12th 1963 was her first at the famous venue. Side 3 & 4 consist in exceptional bonus tracks!! €16
    Simone, Nina: Nina At Town Hall. 4 Men With Beards 4m129 180 Gr. LP. One of Nina Simone's finest recordings, this 1959 Colpix LP features the unique singer/pianist performing classic versions of "Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair," "The Other Woman," and "Wild Is the Wind." with supportive work from bassist Jimmy Bond and drummer Al "Tootie" Heath. €17,5
    Simone, Nina: The Amazing Nina Simone. 4 Men With Beards 4m126 180 Gr. Nina's second LP, originally released in 1959.€17,5
    Slits, The: Cut. 4 Men With Beards 180 gram LP (4M506). Originally released in 1979, the debut from British all-girl post-punk band The Slits is available on 180 gram vinyl for the first time. Mixing a punk attitude and D.I.Y style with reggae rhythms and dub recording techniques, The Slits made some of the most avant pop of the period, which still sounds fresh and innovative today. €18
    Soft Machine: Live at Het Turfschip, Netherlands, 31 January 1970. Vinyl Lovers 180 gr. 2LP (901240). 12/01/12. Especially interesting if only because this double LP represents the only existing recording of a very rare and short-lived quintet version of the band. Sax/ flute player Lyn Dobson was the fifth member here, left over from the band's days as a septet. Just three months later Dobson would move on, leaving the classic Ratledge-Dean-Hopper-Wyatt line-up in place. €20
    Soft Machine: Live at Royal Albert Hall in London on 13th August 1970. B 13 (B218). Green vinyl, red lettering, limited edition of 500 copies. July 2014.
    Soft Machine: The Earliest Recordings. B13 (B159). Format: 140 gram LP on clear vinyl in PVC sleeve with blue lettering & red label (limited edition 500 copies). This is actually a selection of tracks taken from OOP Voiceprint releases: Canterburied Sounds Vol. 1 & 3 + Daevid Allen Trio live in 1963 (at London's Marquee club). €16
    Solal, Martial: Breathless (À Bout de Souffle) - Original Soundtrack. Doxy DOY665LP. Gatefold 180 gr. 45 rpm LP with inside pocket. 31/05/12. Don't miss this deluxe vinyl edition of the original soundtrack to Jean Luc Godard's 1960 masterpiece À Bout de Souffle. For the soundtrack, Godard enlisted the talents of Martial Solal, a member of the Parisian jazz scene whose low key approach gave the film exactly the ambience it needed to exude "young, cool and sexy" from every pore ... which it still does with surprising efficacy, more than 50 years later. €16
    Solal, Martial: A Bout De Souffle. Doxy (DOC 111). Sept. 2014. New reissue
    Som Ambiente: S/T. Whatmusic. April 2004. A cool and funky covers album showcasing the anonymous talents of later brazilian supergroup Azymuth!
    Som Imaginario: S/T. Street date: 15/11/08. Sweet Dandelion (SWDDL713). Limited edition (500 copies), with remastered sound and preserving the original artwork. This debut album from 1970 is full of psychedelic effects and pounding beats, all blended with traditional Brazilian styles like Samba and Bossanova, and with that special magic that music out of this country has. Finally reissued in vinyl, this is the key to completing your Brazilian psych collection. €18
    Sorrenti, Jenny: Com'è Grande Enfermidade (PS 054). 180 gr. LP. Street date: 18/05/12. New album by ex Saint Just vocalist. Her voice is better than ever and if you are into Celtic folk like Enya or Clannad, this LP is for you! Sung in italian and in other languages and dialects. Limited signed copy!
    Spalding, Esperanza: Junjo. Ayva Music (AYVALP 036). 18/05/11. Limited Edition vinyl pressing (Audiophile Grade 180 Gram Vinyl). Esperanza Spalding's debut recording project, the nine-track Junjo includes original works by Esperanza, pianist Aruán Ortiz and drummer Francisco Mela in addition to handpicked classics by Brazilian composer Egberto Gismonti , pianist Jimmy Rowles (The Peacocks) and Chick Corea (Humpty Dumpty).
    Special Providence: Soul Alert (HRLP 1303). 2013. LP release of the Hungarian band's third album (2012 as CD).
    Spirits Burning: Alien Injection. Black Widow BWR103. 2LP. A free-will multi-participant association founded by American musician, composer and producer Don Falcone.
    Stalteri, Arturo: Andrè sulla Luna. Sony (88691989001) LP reissue of the debut solo album (79) by the mastermind behind the cult band Pierrot Lunaire. Street date: 13/04/12.
    Stevens, Leith: The War Of The Worlds. Doxy Cinematic (DOC106). June 2014. Limited edition LP with a deluxe 3-panel poster cover. The score is presented here in a unedited version remastered by Roberto Zamori.
    Stork: Bells of Sunday. ILK White Label (ILK219LP). 10/06/14. Limited edition of 100 copies. Toldam's compositions and arrangements consist of carefully tailored sketches which are a perfect ground for urgent collective and individual improvisations. The jazz tradition is regarded as a question instead of an answer, where love for simple and meaningful rituals unfolds itself through edgy contrast between solemn motifs, avant-garde retrieves and hip beats.
    Stormy Six: Un Biglietto Del Tram. Vinyl Magic VM 096 LP. 27/04/12. This classic album from 75 is finally back, here officially reissued for the very first time as a 180 gr. audiophile black vinyl, with a faithful reproduction of the original release artwork.
    Sun Ra: Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra vol.1 + Vol. 2. Picture Discs LP 180 gram Get Back (GET 1004P & 1005P). 65. Considered to be one of Sun Ra's finest mid '60s recordings - moreover his quintessential - The Heliocentric Worlds saw Sun Ra conducting group improvisations of a music that is extraordinary, unique and without precedent. €16
    Sun Ra: Nothing Is. Get Back Picture Disc LP 180 Gr. (GET 1007P). This ESP-Disk' release was recorded during a tour of New York State colleges at the peak of the free-jazz revolution in 1966. €16
    Sun Ra Quartet: The Mystery Of Being: Voice Studio Rome 2, 7, 8, 13 January, 1978. Klimt Records 3LP Boxset (MJJ316TLP). Dec. 2013. Sun Ra's legendary 1978 Italian studio sessions, now available together for the first time ever on vinyl! Long sought-after by collectors, these extremely rare studio sessions were originally released in 1978 as two double LPs (New Steps and Other Voices, Other Blues) on the mysterious Italian jazz label, Horo Records. They have never been reissued on vinyl (and only partially reissued on CD) until now!
    Supertramp: Breakfast In America. €15
    Surman, John & Warren, John: Tales Of The Algonquin. Klimt Records (MJJ374). Street date: 14/04/14. Long sought after by jazz collectors across the globe, this album, originally released in 1971, is one of the finest artifacts of the British modal and free jazz scene of the 1960s/1970s. Johns Surman and Warren, like their contemporary Mike Westbrook, take the big band form and flip it on its head by incorporating elements of modal, free, and progressive jazz. The results are powerful and this album is perhaps the greatest example of that quintessentially British jazz style.
    Swans: The Burning World (IF02). May 2014. LP reissue.
    Szabo, Gabor: In Budapest. Moiras Records (MOIRAS007LP). Street date: 30/12/08. The Hungarian-born jazz guitar legend was at the peak of his career in 1974, when he first visited his abandoned homeland after 18 years of absence. He was invited by the Hungarian Television to record a few tracks with session musicians of his choice.
    Tangerine Dream: The Deep Run To Vegas. Lilith Picture Disc (LR329). Oct. 2014. These rare recordings trace the band in their initial experimental period, from Ultima Thule & Asteroid Agenda in 1972 to Run To Vegas in 1978.
    Taylor, Cecil: Jazz Advance. Doxy ACV audiophile Series (ACV2035). 30/10/14. This was the debut album by pianist Cecil Taylor, recorded for the Transition label on September 14, 1956. The album features performances by Taylor with bass player Buell Neidlinger, drummer Denis Charles and saxophonist Steve Lacy. First edition of 500 numbered copies.
    Taylor, Cecil: Live At The Café Montmartre. Doxy ACV audiophile Series (ACV4004). Sept. 2014. Recorded in Copenhagen, November 23, 1962. A numbered first press of 500 copies pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).
    Taylor, Cecil: Looking Ahead. Doxy ACV audiophile Series (ACV2034). 30/10/14. One of Taylor's earliest recordings! First edition of 500 numbered copies.
    Television: Adventure. 4 Men With Beards 180 gram LP (4M507). Adventure portrays the dreamier side of this groundbreaking 1970s band. €18
    Television: Live at the Old Waldorf, June 29, 1978. B 13 (B190). 140 Gr. clear vinyl in clear PVC sleeve (ltd. ed. 500 copies). Jan. 2013. A professionally recorded live performance, just two months after the release of their second LP, Adventure.€16
    Tennors & Friends: Reggae Girl. Grover (GRSPLP001) 180 gr. LP + bonus CD. Nov. 2014. Long awaited, legit re-issue of one of the most collectible albums in reggae history, originally on the Big Shot label from 1968. Don't sleep on this or it will be gone!
    Teoremi, I: I Teoremi. AMS 45 LP. 07/10/11. Originally released in 1972 on the small Polaris label, this debut album with a sound strongly influenced by hard rock is now reissued as a perfect replica of the original, with a textured gatefold cover and a flap on the right side. The first 300 copies are printed on white vinyl. €25
    The Trio: S/T. Klimt Records (MJJ367DLP). 2LP. Street date: 21/11/13. This is a monster of avant-garde and free jazz, originally released on the Dawn label in 1970. It lined up Barre Phillips on bass, Stu Martin on drums and English saxophonist John Surman! €20
    Three Monks: Neogothic Progressive Toccatas. Black Widow (BWR 132 LP). June 2011. A fantastic mix of 19th century classical romanticism and heavy prog, all centered around magnificent church organs!
    Time Travellers: Chapters III & IV. Presence Records (PRELP-030). This is the 2nd opus released by this Finnish outfit mixing prog, space rock with the energy of a power rock trio
    Tito Puente and His Orchestra : Dance Mania. So Far Out 180 Gr. LP (OUT5010LP). 08/08/13. Originally released in 1958, Dance Mania is amongst a handful of late 50's Latin LPs that took the sounds of mambo, cha cha, and guaguanco, out of Spanish Harlem and Puerto Rico and into the mainstream of America. Featuring conga master Ray Barretto
    Toussaint, Allen: Life, Love and Faith. 4menwithbeards (4M213LP). 180 gr. LP. 29/03/12. 1972's Life, Love And Faith was Toussaint's first album for Reprise. While a soul record through and through, this effort from the multi-talented New Orleans native shares some of the singer/songwriter vibe of his contemporary labelmates, such as Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell, Lowell George and Little Feat. €17
    Toussaint, Allen: Southern Nights. 4menwithbeards (4M214LP). 180 gr. LP. 29/03/12. This was Allen Toussaint's 1975 "swing for the fences" attempt at an all out masterpiece. Somewhat of a concept album, with reoccurring instrumental themes usually based on the title track popping up between songs, this album spawned at least two hits for other artists. €17
    Trees: Live! Klint (MJJ341LP). Street date: 31/05/12. Extremely rare live in studio recordings of one of England's most superlative female-fronted acid folk bands, recorded in 1971 and 1972 with DJ Bob Harris for BBC Radio 1. Formed in London in 1969, Trees have been likened to a more psychedelic Fairport Convention. These are mostly tracks that never appeared on either one of their studio albums (The Garden Of Jane Delawney and On The Shore both released on CBS in 1970), making it an especially significant addition for collectors. €15
    Trettiåriga Kriget: Efter Efter. Mellotronen. 15/08/11. This album concludes the trilogy that began with "The Fire of Years" in 2004, Trettioåriga Kriget's amazingly strong comeback after twenty years. Vinyl edition (MELLOLP10) or multicoloured limited vinyl edition (MELLOLP10COL)
    Tribo Massahi: Estrelando Embaixador. Zaq (zaq125). Nov. 2014. This album is built on some candomblé-inspired psychedelic party music, taking the Afro-Brazilian sound into some wild territory. It's a heady mix of tropicalismo, chimed guitar, conversational chatter, studio fuckery, and heavy percussion with a female chorus.
    Tugs: Europa Minor. AMS 221 LP. 180gr. vinyl LP edition including a maxi 8-page 30x30cm booklet. See under CD for the detailed description of the album
    Turner, Ike & Tina: Dynamite! Rumble Records (RUM2011060LP). Street date: 20/03/2014. The second Ike & Tina Turner LP was comprised of 1961-1962 recordings made in the midst of their rigorous touring schedule along the fabled "chitlin' circuit" and in between club residencies in their home base of St. Louis. €15
    Tyner, McCoy: Inception. Doxy (DOX890LP) 180 gr. vinyl. 11/07/13. This album was the pianist's debut and is essentially the John Coltrane Quartet minus Coltrane as it features Art Davis on bass and Elvin Jones on drums. €16
    Tyner, McCoy: Live at Newport. Doxy Audiophile Clear Vinyl Series (ACV2022). July 2014. Numbered limited edition of 500 copies
    Tømrerclaus: S/T. Transubstans (TRANSV15G) green vinyl. 04/10/14. Legendary 1978 release from Danish guitar guru Tømrerclaus. A massive feast in distorted Jimi Hendrix inspired tracks, performed on both guitars, and distorted cellos!
    Umiliani, Pieri / Baker, Chet: Smog. 2LP Doxy Cinematic (DOC106). June 2014. The long forgotten soundtrack to a hip early 1960s Italian cult movie, with music by Piero Umiliani and the legendary Chet Baker. Helen Merrill's vocal theme is just outstanding, rarely bettered, the jazz is playful, mysterious and charming. Limited edition of 500 copies.
    Uno: S/T (VMLP 109). When Osanna disbanded, two of their members went to form the new group UNO, this was in 1974. That same year, they released their only album, musically quite similar to the late Osanna prog-folk sound. New reissue with the original gatefold cover, replica of the labels and 180 grams vinyl.
    L'Uovo Di Colombo: S/T. AMSLP18. street date: 20/10/2010. Never reissued on vinyl before, here's a great sounding 180g high quality vinyl of the sole album released in 1973 by this Italian super group, with the very good voice of Toni Gionta , later singer in Cherry Five. He is backed by a keyboard/bass/drums trio in perfect Le Orme style, with occasional use of acoustic and electric guitar. €20
    Ut New Trolls: Do Ut Des. AMS/IMM 1012LP. 2013. See the CD section for the description
    V/A: Slop 'N' Mash Vol. 1: Early Jamaican Classics 1958-62. (SLOP63001). July 2014. Pressed on 140-gram black vinyl, this is the first volume in a great rocksteady/ska/reggae compilation series.
    V/A: Slop 'N' Mash Vol. 2: Early Jamaican Classics 1958-62. (SLOP63002). July 2014. Pressed on 140-gram black vinyl, this is the second volume in a great rocksteady/ska/reggae compilation series.
    V/A: Slop 'N' Mash Vol. 2: Early Jamaican Classics 1958-62. (SLOP63003). July 2014. Pressed on 140-gram black vinyl, this is the third volume in a great rocksteady/ska/reggae compilation series.
    Van Der Graaf Generator: H To He, Who Am The Only One. Four Men with Beards (4M217LP). Dec. 2011. 180 gram gatefold LP reissue. Originally released on Charisma in 1970, this is the 3rd album from Peter Hammill's legendary British prog group. €17
    Van Der Graaf Generator: Pawn Hearts. Four Men with Beards (4M218LP). Dec. 2011. 180 gram gatefold LP reissue. Released in 1971 and 4th album from the band, Pawn Hearts is an absolute classic of British progressive and cosmic space rock. €17
    Van Der Graaf Generator: The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other. Four Men with Beards (4M216LP). Dec. 2011. 180 gram gatefold LP reissue. Released in 1970, it is technically the 2nd Van Der Graaf Generator album, but is the first with the full band. Recorded in late 1969 at the cutting edge Trident Studios. €17
    Van Der Graaf Generator : Aerosol Grey Machine. LP. €15,00
    Veloso, Caetano: Caetano Veloso. Lilith Dig-A-Log LR337. 23/02/12. 180 gr. LP + free CD of the album. Originally released in 1968, Caetano Veloso's debut album did for Brazilian music what the Beatles: Sgt. Peppers did for rock & roll, giving birth to the soon-to-be Tropicalia movement, which fused Brazilian music with pop, psychedelia and social awareness. €16
    Velvet Underground: Live in Dallas, TX: 28 October 1969. B13 (B158). 03/05/12. 140 gr. clear purple vinyl in transparent PVC sleeve with yellow lettering; limited edition of 500 copies. Some of the material included here was once released on the Velvet Underground Live album, but with a bad audio quality, due to Mercury's use of third or fourth generation tapes. However, the first generation tapes have since resurfaced and the difference in sound quality (heard here) is a welcome one! €16
    Venetian Power: The Arid Land. Vinyl Magic (VMLP159). 21/03/14. First reissue ever by Vinyl Magic, a faithful reproduction of the 1971 original LP: an item which is practically impossible to find in any way!!! This 15-piece group from Venezia can hardly be described as a prog band and was in fact a theatre group formed by composer Claudio Ambrosini to represent his "The Arid Land" play in Northern Italy.
    Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come: Journey in Time. Black Widow (BWR 157). Street date: 09-04-14. See the CD section for description of the content.
    Waits, Tom: Live At Ivanhoe Theater, Chicago, IL - November 21st, 1976. B 13 (B206). Street date: 14/11/13. This Chicago live date is one of the finest sessions (both in terms of performance and recording quality) from the 76-77 world tour. Featuring his classic backing group of the time, The Nocturnal Emissions, this is Waits' at his drunken, pessimistic best. Limited edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl.
    Walrus: S/T. The Electricity Recording Company (ELPS-201). LP release! Not to be confused with the British band from the 70's, this one comes from Sweden. While early German Electronic Kraut Rock seems to be in the band's collective DNA, that's just a small part of it. The roots of their music may be firmly planted in age old Psychedelic and Progressive Rock, but their branches reach well into the future to a new kind of Post-Rock perhaps. And theirs is a sound that changes constantly. Going from pastoral and emotional to jugular aggression in mere seconds, the band ebbs and flows, back and forth, creating spectacular atmospheres and moods. Building tension and tearing it down, telling stories and painting pictures. There is nothing quite like it.
    Waterloo: First Battle. Guerssen (GUESS 061). Street date: 02/09/09. Originally released in 1970, this is the sole output by the Belgian band, blending progressive rock and heavy prog, with an obvious Jethro Tull influence. This first ever official vinyl reissue offers high quality standards including an insert with extensive liners and photos.
    Web: I Spider. Klimt Records (MJJ354LP). Gatefold LP with inside pocket. Jan. 2013. Third and last album from 1970 before the name changed to Samurai. €16
    Wicked Minds: Visioni, Deliri e Illusioni. Black Widow BWR 136 LP. June 2011. See description for the CD edition at the top of this page!
    Williamson, Harry / Smyth, Gilli / Allen, Daevid: Stroking The Tail Of The Bird. Vinyl Lovers (901462). 180 Gr. vinyl + 7" Bonus! 25/07/13. Previously released under the Mother Gong moniker, this album compiled recordings that span from the 70's to the 90's. Glissando guitars and meditative synths combine to make timeless and ethereal psychedelia on par with Allen's best work in Gong. €16
    Wilson, Steven: Catalogue / Preserve / Amass. May 2012. Strictly limited to 2000 copies, here's an album of live recordings made during Wilson's solo tour in October 2011. Side two of the album is filled by one track, the 23 minutes long "Raider II"
    Wilson, Steven: Unreleased Electronic Music. Burning Shed. Second black vinyl edition of this deluxe 2 LP reissue of the long out of print CDR, including one 9 minute bonus track. Comes in a full-colour gatefold sleeve designed by Lasse Hoile, featuring an SW self-portrait photograph on the front. A collection of music recorded by SW between 1990-2003 in an electronic vein that did not find a home in any of his other projects.
    Wisdoom, The: Hypothalamus. Heavy Psych Sounds (HPS015). Street date: 13/02/14. The Wisdoom is a doom/sludge/heavy psych band based in Rome (Italy) and formed at the end of 2010. This is their first full length album, with 4 brand new songs for 45 minutes of pure ecstatic violence through a desperate and lysergic trip over sleep phases. Hypothalamus will be released in a limited edition of 600 copies (200 with white cover and white marbled vinyl, 200 copies with black cover and pink vinyl, 200 copies with black cover and clear vinyl).
    Wonder, Stevie: Live At The Regal Theater, Chicago, June 1962. Mr. Suit (SUITABLE1331). 15/01/15. Included here is the hit performance along with the rest of Wonder's show that evening, a night during which he and the backing Motortown band were absolutely ON FIRE. Limited numbered edition of 300 copies on yellow vinyl with red splatter.
    Nate Wooley, Hugo Antunes, Chris Corsano: Malus. NoBusiness Records (NBLP 73). 2014. Limited edition of 300 copies!
    Wyatt, Robert: The End of an Ear. Cherry Red Phonograph (CRP201). 09/09/13. Featuring significant contributions from his Soft Machine bandmate Elton Dean, amongst others, The End Of An Ear is the first solo and one of the more adventurous titles in Robert Wyatt's catalog. It's an album much more in line with the electronic jazz experimentation of Miles Davis and the avant-garde than the singer-songwriter material Wyatt would later be known for.
    Yes: Heaven & Earth. Soulfood (PRELP 086C-2). 17/10/14. 2LP limited edition (500 copies) on 180gr. white vinyl, with plastic cover
    Yes: Time And A Word. MOV (MOVLP988). 180 Gr. vinyl. Release date: 17/01/14. LP reissue of the 2nd album, with insert
    Yes: Union. 3LP Hard Cover limited sleeve edition! Oct. 2014
    Zao: Z = 7L. 180 gram gatefold LP reissue on the label Replica (RPC07). 30/10/14. Debut album (73) by the French band founded by ex-Magma members "Jeff" Seffer (saxophone, clarinet) and François "Faton" Cahen (pianos).
    Zem: S/T. PAT Records (PAT-004 LP). 2008. Newer Spanish prog outfit, offering here a music with a strong jazz-rock flavour, sustained by a very efficient rhythm section; the originality comes from the choice of vibraphone as main solo instrument, battling with sax and flute or guitars (including synth guitar), performed by the band's leader. €18
    Zushi, Naoki : III. Klimt Records (MJJ371LP). 28/11/13. Japanese guitarist Naoki Zushi was a founding member of 80s noise rock legends Hijokaidan, and has played on many albums with psychedelic folk group Nagisa Ni Te, as well as recording under his own name since the late 80s. His third solo album, appropriately titled III, was originally released only on CD in 2005. A beautiful piece of meditative and progressive folk-rock that harkens back to the best albums of the 70's, III is issued here on LP for the first time. €15
    Zzebra: S/T. Sireena Records (SIR4017). Street date: 20/08/12. 180 gr. LP reissue of this album from 1974, between jazz-rock and art rock, added a decent shot of Nigerian folk music; with ex members of brassy band If!
    Øresund Space Collective: Entering into the Space Country. Kommun 216. 15/06/11. This is the 3rd vinyl and 10th proper release by the Øresund Space Collective, the first to feature guitarist Claus Bøhling (Hurdy Gurdy, Secret Oyster, Elektrum) who joined them in the studio. A huge jam party with 4 to 5 guitarists present plus other instruments too. There are a lot of guitar interactions and great melodic lines and solos by all.
    Øresund Space Collective: Live at Roadburn 2010. Space Rock Productions (SRP03). 2LP. This is the 9th release by the space rock band from the Øresund region in Scandinavia, featuring members of Copenhagen and Malmö. Opening the Roadburn Festival on April 15th 2010, they delivered a totally improvised music for a packed audience of fans and enthusiastic lovers of psychedelic rock.
    Øresund Space Collective: West, Space And Love. Street date: 03/08/12. LP limited edition (500 copies) of an album recorded on October 10-11th, 2009 at the Space Station Studio CPH, Copenhagen.

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